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Late Parent Picking Up Their Child Charged $116 By School – The Money Goes Directly To The Teacher

Source - @mrs.evans / TikTok

One teacher recently found herself in a difficult situation when a parent demanded that she stay back and look after their child until they could arrive to pick them up. Unfortunately, this was a recurring issue and one that several educators had experienced beyond this teacher. 

In response to the persistent problem of unpunctual parents, the school took a proactive step and decided to implement a $2 fee for every minute of lateness.

In a now-viral TikTok video, preschool teacher Kristin Evans spoke about when the school director approached her and handed her $116, explaining that it was because one of her half-day students had been picked up nearly an hour late. That $2 per minute for their tardiness went straight to the teachers, so, in this case, the parent’s late arrival resulted in Kristin getting some extra compensation. In many cases, that’s cheaper than daycare!

Obviously, Evans is at a school that genuinely values its employees. They understand that if a parent is late in picking up their child, the teacher is responsible for staying back, even after their regular working hours. And, in fairness, they should be appropriately compensated for doing so. 

Video viewers shared their own similar stories in the comments section, revealing different rates their schools charge for late pick-ups. For instance, one TikTok user mentioned that their son’s school charges a hefty $20 per minute, while another person joked about their daycare charging a dollar per minute, adding that they might soon find themselves in a similar situation. 

Several other TikTok users shared their perspectives on the importance of parents picking up their children on time and their thoughts on the late pick-up charges. 

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One person noted they had strong support for the policy, and, as a single parent, they always prioritized being on time to pick up their child from school. Another user, who had worked at a school while pregnant, shared the same sentiment.

On the other hand, some users felt that the charges might be too harsh. User @NMI shared a personal memory of being stuck in traffic and having to pay a fine that she couldn’t afford.

However, the general consensus is that implementing a late pick-up rule benefits not only the teachers, who can finally head home on time but also the children, who can avoid witnessing their parents’ habitual lateness.

Consistently late parents set a negative example for their kids. For many young children, this can be humiliating and anxiety-inducing. Some experts say that such behavior can erode the child’s trust in their parents and leave them feeling unappreciated and abandoned.

According to the Home Cleaning Family, constant tardiness can leave the child feeling overlooked and ignored.

Educators and school administration hope that the implementation of a late fee makes everyone’s jobs easier and potentially motivates parents to be more punctual. In turn, they hope to foster a more supportive and nurturing environment for the children.

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Kate Row
Written By Kate Row

Kate is a writer from San Diego. She studied English and Psychology at Northern Arizona University. Since graduating, she has discovered her passion for writing engaging and topical content. In her free time, she enjoys spending time at the beach, going to concerts, reading, and traveling as much as possible.

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