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5 Ways To Get Rid Of Garden Pests

Enjoy working together as a family in your family garden with these tips on getting rid of garden pests
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Garden pests are a nuisance that every gardener has to face at some point. Many different kinds of pests can ruin your plants, like Aphids, Beetles, Mites, and Slugs. Strong healthy plants are less susceptible to pests, but even the healthiest plants can get infected with bugs and pests.

Here are the best 5 ways you can get rid of garden pests.

1. Clean Soil

At the beginning of planting season, it is advisable to use natural and organic matter like composts in your garden. Clean and healthy soil acts as a deterrent to garden pests and bugs. You should avoid disturbing the soil too much as it might result in erosion.

2. Water Plants

The best time of day to water your plants is early in the morning. In order to help the process of photosynthesis, plants need watering routinely and regularly. Giving water to the plants later in the day causes the leaves to remain damp during the night time which can cause fungus, other diseases, and pests. Make sure you water the roots too instead of just getting the foliage wet.

3. Removing Weeds

Wild weeds compete with your growing plants for sustenance, taking away water, nutrients, and light. Weeds are home to garden insects and parasites. Weeds will electively and aggressively thin out your plants. Pruning away dead chutes and branches that restrict airflow will help your plants’ proper growth. Make sure you are pulling the weeds out entirely from their roots.

4. Remedies from the Kitchen

Rummage through your kitchen to find the simplest and cheapest solutions to get rid of pests. Lots of safe household chemicals in your kitchen can help eliminate bugs and pests from your plants. The most well-known among them are vinegar and baking soda which helps in repelling ants and fruit flies. You can use boiled garlic and ginger water to spray upon the plants for the same purpose. Dishwashing soap and shampoos are also used.


5. Keep Your Garden Clean

One of the most essential factors in keeping your garden pest-free is a clean, healthy garden. Regular removal of fallen leaves, dead branches, and weeds is extremely crucial. These provide an ideal ground for these pests and bugs to breed in. Every time you go into your garden, make sure you pick up and dispose of the garden litter appropriately.

The above-mentioned points will effectively help you tackle and resolve any pest issues you might be facing in your garden. After implementing these measures, you will definitely be blessed with a pest-free, healthy and happy garden. Happy gardening to you!


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