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Viral TikTok Highlights Excessive HOA Demands as Homeowner Refuses to Pay

Source: @shecrazytho2/ TikTok

The idea of a Homeowners Association (HOA) isn’t a bad one. With the different responsibilities associated with owning a home, having an association like HOA take all that stress off you seems like a fantastic idea. Add that to the fact that they help to enhance property value, and you’re inclined to say “yes, please!” 

For buyers, these high-value and well-maintained homes guarantee their enjoyment of the new property. They’re also likely to have a higher resale value should you ever decide to sell. As such, HOA appears to be a win-win for everyone.

Sadly, not everything in life functions precisely how they were made to, and the HOA is no exception. From exorbitant fees to countless rules and confusing politics, homeowners are becoming fed up with the system. So much so that they have taken to various social media platforms to vent their anger on the unfair situations they have been subjected to. 

In a now-viral video, TikToker @shecrazytho2 shared how a woman from her local HOA could be seen making an attempt to get a share from the proceeds of her house sale. A text overlay on the video reads, “Just when you think you’re done with the HOA and they try to get money from the sale of your house.”

According to @shecrazytho2, the woman was asking her for a “clean” separation from the neighborhood and tried to “waive” an outstanding $500 as an incentive for her to comply. She explained that the $500 fee was served 2 months prior because she parked a trailer in front of her home. However, after moving it to her neighbor’s driveway, no one mentioned the fee to her anymore. That’s until she decided to sell her home and move.

“I took it and I parked it outside my neighbor’s house, in her driveway, and it sat there for two months, and they never once contacted her. That’s discrimination,” she complained. Her viewers agreed with her and took to the comment section to register their disapproval of the Homeowners Association’s actions. Many were of the opinion that the HOA representative was just looking for a way to benefit from her home sale.


“HOA is the biggest scam ever,” someone said. Another wrote, “I feel like HOA is just made up by a bunch of karens who have nothing better to do.” In the words of a third commenter, “You could not GIVE me a house in an HOA.”

For another set of people, there was no point in setting up homeowners associations in the first place. Someone in this school of thought said, “I don’t get why HOAs exist, if you’re paying the mortgage why should someone else ever get to have a say in how the house is kept?” This is what happens when constituted authority loses sight of their formative values and vision.

What do you think about HOA? Are they still relevant, or do you think they have overstayed their welcome? Most importantly, have you had any nasty experience with your local HOA? Be sure to share!


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