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94-Year-Old Man’s Morning Routine Leaves People in Tears

Source: kimberlyhanberry/TikTok

When Kimberly Hanberry Shelton shared a sweet video of her 94-year-old neighbor’s morning ritual, she hardly expected to get such an overwhelming response. Shelton took to TikTok under the handle @kimberlyhanberry to share a clip of her elderly neighbor peering over their fence to greet her two golden retrievers, Charlie and Doug. The South Carolina woman kept her camera rolling from afar as she observed the man patiently wait for the dogs to come over to him, just as he does every morning. In the video’s caption, she fondly refers to her kind neighbor as “Mr. Bill.”

Mr. Bill has made a habit out of visiting the two pups every day and gleefully gives them dog treats. Of course, the canines are just as excited to see Mr. Bill as he is happy to see them. In the brief clip, both dogs scurry right over to Mr. Bill as he gently tosses treats into their mouths.
“This is Mr. Bill. He is our 94-year-old backyard neighbor,” Shelton wrote in the video’s text overlay. She described how Mr. Bill and her dogs have a unique bond, saying, “He loves the boys and the boys love him.” The TikToker explained that Mr. Bill normally visits the pups daily, but the recent weather had put a damper on their meetups. “He hasn’t gotten to see them for the past two days because it’s been pouring rain,” she wrote, before adding, “But as soon as the sun came out today…he made sure to bring them some crackers as a treat.”

Shelton loves having the 94-year-old as a neighbor and welcomes his morning visits with open arms. “The world needs more Mr. Bills,” she said in the clip’s caption. As the dogs wag their tails with joy, Mr. Bill waves goodbye to them and continues on his way. To Shelton’s surprise, the recording of Mr. Bill’s morning routine managed to capture the attention of more people than she could ever imagine. The video has already gotten more than 685,000 views and hundreds of comments.

Interestingly, one commenter noted that Mr. Bill was her grandfather and she thanked Shelton for sharing his interaction with her pets. “We are so lucky and blessed to have moved right behind him,” Shelton replied. Other commenters revealed that they got emotional after watching the clip, with one writing, “This made me smile and tear up!!” and another adding, “Sobbing over this.” Another separate commenter was quick to write, “This is the most beautiful, wholesome thing I’ve ever seen.” “You simply have to invite him over on the rainy days,” suggested one user, while another was impressed with the 94-year-old’s dapper demeanor. “Look at how he’s all dressed from cardigan, to belt and freshly combed hair. This is the greatest generation,” she wrote.

It’s clear to see that Charlie and Doug love Mr. Bill, and he loves them. But what became even more apparent is that the world adores Mr. Bill and his endearing ritual of greeting the two pups and feeding them a delicious breakfast treat.


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