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Woman Finds an Indoor Pool Under Her Floorboards and Does Something Amazing With the Hidden Feature

Source - @funkyglassworks / TikTok

Have you ever stopped to think about what could lie beneath the floorboards of your home?

How about the things that sit between the walls or in the attic? Have you ever explored the depths of your own property to know? Do you know what existed on the land before your home was built?

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Many people live in houses for decades without ever really exploring the foundations that they were built on or trying to get a glimpse into the spaces that aren’t so easily seen.

For one homeowner, Emily Henry, looking beneath the hidden spaces of her home revealed a pretty amazing discovery.


Henry, a glasswork artist from Arkansas, decided that one day it was finally time to renovate the spare room in her family’s home. Beneath the hardwood floors, she never expected to find an entire pool.

Oh yeah, and did we forget to mention there was a hot tub accompanying it?

She shared her experience in a now-viral TikTok, though some of the people in the comments were a bit suspicious of her find. Some people noted that it was probably covered up because something bad happened there many years before she moved in.

Whatever the case was, Henry knew that she had to get creative with this unique and unusual find.

In a more recent update on TikTok, Henry said, “While many of you want to see me restore this back too your standard swimming pool, it doesn’t really make sense to have an indoor pool when our home is already surrounded by clear blue skies and freshwater lakes. Plus, we are outdoorsy people.”

They were many suggestions in the comments, ranging from indoor tennis courts to a bowl for skating. However, the final verdict from Henry and her family was to turn the space into an atrium. Henry has been a glass artist for quite some time, so her hopes to fill the new space with stained glass make sense.


She also noted that she’d like to install a koi pond and tons of plants for the family to enjoy. In her words, the family will get “ tons of use out of the room, and she can’t wait to have a place of reprieve.”

Of course, building an atrium is no simple task, especially one with a pond that can support life.

She began by installing pipes with running water to create a small stream and waterfall. Around the water, she added dirt and soil for planting foliage. As for the future, she noted that she has plans to build a hammock and a live wall, making it the ultimate rest and relaxation room.

Her followers have yet to see the final result of the room, though many say that they are excited to follow her journey and see what she does with this incredible new space.

Written By Tyler Connaghan

Tyler is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He has been featured in numerous publications throughout various industries, including digital marketing, travel, sports, music, lifestyle, and more. When not writing, Tyler enjoys his time spent in nature, whether the beaches of Southern California, the mountain ranges in the Sierra Nevadas, or the deserts of Yucca Valley.

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