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Why Walmart Grocery Pickup is a Bad Idea

Source - @dave_mvc55 / TikTok

If you’re an avid Walmart shopper, you may have found yourself contemplating an online order and pickup. As we all know, online shopping is one of the biggest conveniences in modern times. Several other major retail and grocery stores are offering pick-up options at this point, and just about everyone and their mother has ordered something online before.

In fact, with Walmart’s Grocery Pickup, customers can save both time and money picking up the things they need for the week, as they also have access to deals online.

So who would have thought that something so convenient would have disadvantages as well?

Some people genuinely enjoy the experience of physically going to the store, and unfortunately, these shoppers are having their experience ruined by online pick-up orders, according to one TikToker, whose recent video went viral.

The video in question, which was posted by a user named Dave (@dave_mvc55), has gained over 80,000 views since he uploaded it this past week.

In the clip, Dave starts off by recording himself attempting to navigate through an aisle at his local Walmart filled with pickers who were fulfilling online orders. The large blue bins these pickers used to organize items clearly didn’t leave very much room for Dave and other regular shoppers with their own carts to pass through.


The situation was nothing short of frustrating for Dave, prompting him to upload the video with the caption, “We can’t even get through.”

Another piece of text popped up, sarcastically asking whether they could have even more Walmart online shoppers in the same aisle.

He made the video to highlight how inconvenient the increased presence of pickers fulfilling online orders has been and that it’s now beginning to disrupt the shopping experience for in-store customers.

Of course, Walmart isn’t new to the online shopping trend.

In fact, the big-box giant has been actively venturing into the e-commerce realm over the past decade in order to compete with Amazon, which has long dominated the U.S. market share.

CNBC noted that Walmart’s approach involves leveraging its physical store locations to strengthen its online-ordering capabilities. One of the key elements in the retail giant’s strategy is hiring more “pickers,” the company’s term for online personal shoppers.


The efforts to bolster an e-commerce presence seem to be paying off for Walmart, as the chain experienced an impressive 27% growth in its online sales figures during the first quarter of this year.

Walmart is making strides in the online retail space, though at the expense of its own customers.

Sorry to say, Dave, but we don’t see this trend disappearing anytime soon. Online shopping is not only about convenience, for some, it’s a necessity.

For example, for those who face challenges in reaching their local stores due to physical limitations, having an online service like this is a far more suitable option. It’s also very beneficial for those who have health concerns and want to take advantage of a contactless shopping situation.


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