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Walmart is Selling Tiny Homes for $10,000 and You Can Be an Owner With a One Time Payment

Source: Reddit

The tiny house movement has gained popularity in recent times, and more and more people are making the deliberate choice to downsize their living spaces, simplify their lifestyles, and adopt a minimalistic approach. 

People want the freedom and flexibility of living in a small house, and execs at Walmart are taking advantage of it.

The bargain giant is making waves with its latest initiative, offering customers the opportunity to own a tiny home for the small price of $10,000, accompanied by a mandatory one-time payment. 

This ‘new and exciting’ venture has garnered significant attention from loyal Walmart customers, many of whom are thrilled by the idea. Of course, as made clear by the tiny house movement, the appeal of the almighty tiny home extends beyond the obvious financial benefits. Many people tout the lifestyle for its sustainability.

As of now, Walmart customers have the option to personalize their tiny homes based on their stylistic preferences. The tiny home kit itself is attractively priced, starting as low as $3,300. 

Plus, Walmart goes the extra mile by providing free delivery. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal in this housing market, huh?


And while these homes may lack size, they offer immense potential to become modern works of art with the right eye for interior design. Just about anyone can add their own touch of creative flair to the provided kits.

Walmart’s online description highlights the style and features of the Arlington 12 x 20 kit, which is designed to meet a myriad of storage needs. The kit includes six feet of headroom and a second-floor loft, providing ample space. The first floor has high side walls, too, allowing for extra shelves or a greater storage capacity.

In addition to the timber structure, the kit supplies all the essential hardware, including hurricane hangers, latches, nails, and door hinges. The owner, however, is responsible for providing the roof edge, shingles, and floor to complete it.

Executive editor Judy Dutton highlights the importance of prioritizing safety when considering the option of going tiny for a home. While there are certainly plenty of appealing aspects of buying a budget-friendly abode, she emphasizes the need for caution. 

The safety of tiny homeowners living in these compact structures is one of my biggest concerns.

Dutton also mentions how important it is to verify essential safety features before considering a tiny home as your permanent residence. She highlights how crucial it is to have a solid foundation during the construction process. And while she acknowledges the potential costliness of building a sturdy foundation for these small yet luxurious abodes, she also offers another budget-friendly alternative — a trailer.


It’s hard to deny the practicality and affordability of trailers as tiny home foundations. With an estimated cost of around $2,500, trailers leave plenty of room for customization. 

When you construct a tiny home on a trailer, you can build it according to your specific preferences.

However, she also cautions that when opting for the trailer alternative, it is crucial to consider safety standards, specifically, the ‘ANSI A119.5 safety standard,’ which helps mitigate potential electrical fire risks. In fact, this standard is often a requirement in many RV parks and tiny home communities. So yes, these safety standards are applicable to RVs as well.

The importance of not compromising on essential resources if you want to own a tiny home is the main takeaway, even if you can save a few bucks by doing so. Factors such as waste disposal, recycling, food access, water, and power, should not be ignored, and many tiny homes don’t come equipped with these facilities. 

Finding the right location with access to these resources has to be a number one priority. On a positive note, one advantage of these new Walmart tiny homes is how versatile they are. In terms of where you can place them, the world is your oyster. From beaches to parks to Walmart parking lots, you can set up shop where you please.


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