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Homeowners Rave About the Safety and Money-Saving Benefits of Living in a “Dome Home”

Source: CabinHomes

Homes constructed with a unique dome shape, also known as “dome homes,” are rising in popularity – and for good reason. Dome homes are built to endure extreme weather, which makes them an excellent housing option in areas that are prone to natural disasters. These properties are also energy efficient, and homeowners who reside in dome homes save a notable amount of money on bills each month. Not only that, but the cost of buying a dome home is about the same as any traditional home, except these dwellings are truly one of a kind.

When Pamela Voss and her husband were house hunting in Texas, they were enamored by a stunning dome home that was on the market at the time. “I’d never really considered a dome home, but when we looked at the house, I said: ‘This is so cool — wow, what I can do with this house,” she said. Fixated on the sheer originality of the property, Voss and her husband immediately put in an offer. Now that they have experienced a new way of life as dome home owners, they will never settle for anything ordinary again.

Beyond their captivating curb appeal, dome homes come with a whole lot of perks. Mike South, president of the Monolithic Dome company located in Texas, explained how people are switching to dome homes due to extreme weather conditions. “We actually had a father and son come to us — the son built a dome home and the dad made fun of him the whole time,” he said. South went on to recount how the men encountered a tornado that cut the dad’s house right in half. The son’s dome home, however, was unscathed even after a tree fell on top of it. That was enough to convince the dad that dome homes were the way to go.

Severe weather conditions can be a cause for concern for homeowners for a number of reasons. Of course, natural disasters can wreak havoc on a home, but the issue of safety also comes into play when selecting the right home. The dome home’s structure has been proven to do well in harsh weather, prompting plenty of people to show interest in becoming dome home owners. According to reports, weather events have “displaced nearly 3.4 million adults” in the U.S. in 2022. That statistic was a significant factor for Pamela Voss, who feels much safer living in her domed abode. “We live in Texas, and dome homes can withstand tornadoes very well. They’re super safe,” she said.

There are two types of dome homes – geodesic and monolithic. Geodesic dome homes consist of small triangular sections that look like an intricate geometric design, while monolithic dome homes are built with a single piece of material, creating a smooth look on the exterior as well as the interior. As energy efficient properties, homeowners regularly save money on heating and cooling the domes. Dome homes really do stand out above traditional houses. Between their sale price, the amount of money they save homeowners, and their incredible safety benefits, dome homes are well on their way to becoming more mainstream.

Written By Carissa

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