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Doctor Was Caught Watching an Ankle Wrapping Video: TikToker Says She Didn’t Look Too Confident

Source: JoshuaBulman/TikTok

There is a popular conception that healthcare professionals have unlimited knowledge about every condition, regardless of the ailment. People think doctors in their respective fields have all the answers to all medical issues. This notion is, however, not realistic.

Doctors and other medical practitioners are humans like everyone else, and refreshing their brains is necessary. A TikToker, Joshua Bulman, recorded a video that showed his doctor watching an ankle-wrapping tutorial before attending to his injured ankle. He put the video up on the media platform, which went viral.

Joshua Bulman felt uneasy about the situation, and other TikTok creators commented on his post, putting their opinion on the issue there for him and others to see.

In the viral video, he showed footage of himself at his physician’s office waiting for his ankle to be examined. 

While he was patiently waiting, sitting in a chair, he noticed something that he felt was odd. The door was left slightly open, and Joshua could see the doctor and what she was doing. Joshua watched his doctor sit in front of a computer, watching a tutorial on how a broken ankle was being wrapped.

The funny but not-so-funny part of the scene was how she looked extremely stressed as she watched the tutorial.


After recording the doctor and how she watched the ankle-wrapping lecture for a few seconds, the TikToker flipped the camera to record himself. He wearily sighed and said, “Okay.” He put the video up on the media platform with a caption that reads, “POV: My doctor watching a tutorial on how to wrap an ankle before she wraps my injured ankle.”

His video caught a lot of attention from other content creators. Some people that commented on the post defended the doctor. While Joshua was disturbed by the doctor’s actions, other TikTok users encouraged him to look at the situation from another perspective.

“I’m in medicine, and trust me, you want them looking up the reminder,” one creator said. Another TikTok user said, “Being a professional in any field does not mean having the answers; it means knowing where to find the answers.” 

Someone in the comment section pointed out the different wrapping methods and how they vary depending on the strain type and how serious it is. “Different breaks have different wrapping methods and trust me, they should refresh unless you want it to heal wrong,” the user wrote.

While some people supported the doctor, other creators criticised the situation. With a few crying-laughing emojis, one user typed, “She didn’t look too confident about it either.” 

Many other medical practitioners admitted to doing the same thing. One of them wrote, “Considering how much doctors have to learn and know and how tricky human bodies are, Yeah, I’m okay with this”. 


In the end, the unanimous agreement was that the doctor did the right thing.


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