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5 Genius Cooking Hacks

Here are the 5 best cooking hacks that will be really useful for you.
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Interested in smart cooking hacks that will help you cook better and save you time and energy?

Cooking hacks can serve you well, irrespective of how much time you spend in the kitchen. As a result, you will find plenty of YouTube videos and posts on cooking hacks where smart cooks are sharing some of their best cooking tips and tricks.

Here are the 5 top cooking hacks that will make you look smarter.

1. Lettuce to the Rescue

You may not realize it, but you can use that lettuce in a very smart and functional way. Wrap the lettuce around ingredients on one side of the sandwich to prevent them from falling out.

There must have been times when you were exasperated with your sandwich ingredients falling out from the other side while eating it. You can stop this now simply by wrapping lettuce around ingredients at this end.

2. Ice Cool Coffee Trick

This is literally a cool trick. If you want to keep your iced coffee cold, you do not need to use normal ice cubes made of plain water. Instead, you can use iced coffee cubes to prevent your coffee from getting watered down.


Simply pour coffee into the ice molds and then start using them for your iced coffee.

3. Bake Salmon in a Better Way

When baking or grilling salmon, you may have been irritated to see bits of the fish stick to the grill.

You can now avoid salmon from sticking to the grill with one very simple trick. Simply place the salmon on a layer of sliced lemons. Since the salmon is not touching the grill, it won’t stick to it.

4. Reuse Ketchup Bottles

Instead of throwing ketchup bottles away, you can reuse them. Once the ketchup bottle is empty, you can use it as a dispenser for the batter. These bottles can be used to hold the batter and dispense it while you are cooking.

5. Use Oil While Making Meatballs or Burgers

When making burgers or meatballs, you should use a bit of oil on your hands to stop the meat from sticking to your hands. With oil, the meatballs also take on a better shape and texture. The exterior will become perfectly crisp when you cook meatballs and burgers made this way.

There are many more cooking hacks that you can make good use of. For example, mason jars can be used to make perfectly shaped burger patties by using the jar or its lid as your mold.


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