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Tips for Using Mirrors in Home Décor

Mirrors are some of the best decorative tools to use in your home.

Apart from obviously checking yourself out before you leave your home, mirrors can be used to change the appearance of a room massively. They are some of the most versatile design features and can add glamor, light, and space to almost any room.

But don’t just place random mirrors in random places; there are a few things you should keep in mind when using mirrors in home décor.

Keep in Mind the Reflection

Before hanging up your mirror, think about what is across from it. Most people place mirrors depending on the wall space available, but what gets reflected on the mirror is an important factor in the appearance of your room.

Consider hanging mirrors opposite prominent features like paintings, fireplaces, statement pieces, or windows. Reflecting on these features brings focus and importance towards those pieces, and also, hanging them opposite windows is a great way to get some extra natural light and add ‘space’ into your room. If your mirror is hung across and reflects something plain or just plain ugly, it will either be pointless or will just make your room look unattractive.

Shapes and Symmetry

There are so many different shapes and sizes you can play around with when using mirrors. Don’t stick to the plain and traditional rectangular mirror, but try to play around with less conventional mirror shapes. Experiment and try circles, squares, squiggly, and more irregular mirrors and see what fits best. Your décor should reflect your personality and taste.

Try framing your mirrors in different ways and positions, showing off different views and reflections. Also, try and play around with the positioning and placement of your mirrors too. A horizontal mirror doesn’t have to be hung up horizontally. Don’t just think about the practicality of your mirror and use it as an aesthetic addition to your home.


Use in Hallways

Mirrors are great in hallways. Apart from being practical for checking on yourself before you go out, they add so much space and light in small areas. Play around with adding lamps or candles in front of the mirror to literally double the amount of light in your hallway! You can add a foyer mirror or a mirror that covers a whole section of your hallway.

Mirrored Furniture

Yes, usually mirrored furniture can look tacky and out of place. But you can use them to add a lot to your décor without complicating your room too much. Using mirrors in your furniture, like a mirror on your dining table, can look beautiful and add light and different reflections to your room. Just make sure it compliments well with other furniture in your room, as mirrored furniture does tend to look out of place.

Use Mirrors Outdoors

Mirrors aren’t just for the indoors, and you shouldn’t be afraid to add some reflections on the outside of your home. Adding mirrors to your shady garden or patio can bring so much to your home. Reflecting a beautiful patch of greenery can make your garden look more spacious and, if placed right, can get natural light into the darker corners of your garden.


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