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The Proper Way to Ventilate your Bathroom

Here is how you can ventilate your bathroom

Steamy hot showers, laying in the bath, flushing your toilet, and running sinks all can cause your bathroom to have an excess of moisture and a high level of humidity.

Excess moisture and high humidity can cause a range of issues to the structure of your house and the health of the residents too, which is why you need to ventilate your bathroom properly.

Issues caused by excess moisture and humidity range from growing mold and mildew, to peeling wallpaper and paint. Excess humidity can also cause wooden panels in floors or walls to warp, lift and crack, which causes structural issues. Besides creating funky aromas, mold and mildew can cause several health issues in residents, especially in indoor places where mold spores can easily enter people’s bodies. A few ways and tips to ventilate your bathroom properly are listed below:

Exhaust Fan

A wall exhaust fan is the best way to ventilate a bathroom properly and effectively. This is especially true if your bathroom has no windows open to the outside air. Exhaust fans move the indoor moist air outside and help keep humidity low.

Just installing an exhaust fan isn’t enough. You need to make sure the exhaust fan is running properly and you are using it the right way too. Don’t just switch your exhaust fan on while the bathroom is in use. You need to keep the fan running for at least half an hour after a shower and bath to ensure it completely removes all the excess moisture out of the bathroom. Just turning it on while showering or while using the bathroom and switching it off when you are done does not give the exhaust fan enough time to ventilate the steam and humidity properly.


If you don’t have a wall or ceiling where the installation of exhaust fans is possible, a dehumidifier is a good alternative. The good thing about dehumidifiers is that they don’t require extra construction work or piping and wiring for them to work. They just need to be connected to an electrical outlet or a battery, and they start dehumidifying your bathroom.

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Dehumidifiers extract and draw moisture out of the air that passes through it and stores the excess moisture in storage tanks later emptied. Just like exhaust fans, you need to keep the dehumidifier running even after using the bathroom. Switch it on when you get in the shower and leave it running until the bathroom is completely clear of steam, vapors, and moisture.

Keep Your Windows Open

Even if you have an exhaust fan or a dehumidifier, nothing ventilates your bathroom better than having a window open. While or after getting out of the shower (if you have privacy issues or concerns), open your window for at least 30 minutes to let the outside, low humid air in, and the excess moisture out of your bathroom. Allow the fresh air to circulate in your bathroom and let the moisture escape out.

Regular Maintenance

If the vents are covered in thick dust and filth, your exhaust fan and dehumidifier are of no use. Make sure you clean your fans and dehumidifier at least a few times a year. Other than taking care of these appliances, keep your bathroom maintained too!

Moreover, ensure not to leave puddles and moisture on the floor; use a wiper or a mop to dry the floors after showering. Fix any leaks and dripping faucets as soon as you spot them. Regular maintenance and upkeep are important to keep your bathroom clean from mold and keep it as low in humidity as possible!

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