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Simple Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

Here are a few habits to keep your home neat and tidy

We all love coming home to a neat and clean house. But daily housekeeping can be a little tedious and time-consuming. You must wonder how some people always have clean and tidy homes? Well, try and incorporate a few of these simple habits to keep your home clean in your daily routines, and even you can come home to a completely neat and clean house!

Habits to Keep Your Home Clean

Make Your Bed to Start the Day

Take a few minutes to tidy up your bed when you wake up. It doesn’t have to be completely made, but at least try to fold up your blanket and smooth out your sheets. Start your day by being productive and getting yourself ready for the day ahead! Waking up and having a productive start to the day helps a lot mentally, and you also get to get back into a clean- and made-up bed at the end of the day.


The next thing you need to make a habit of is prioritizing. List what needs to be done around the home and figure out the important tasks first. Prioritize a few tasks for the day and stick to completing them on that day before you move on to other tasks or activities. Maybe write the list down to make yourself more accountable for the tasks at hand!

Put Stuff Away When You are Done Using Them

It’s much simpler, faster, and easier to put things away as you are done using them than to pick everything up later. Everything in your home has its own place, doesn’t it? Instead of throwing your clothes on the floor or your ‘designated clothes chair,’ put them in a hamper or basket. Place your laptop back on the desk after you are done using it on the sofa or bed, and place any tools you might have used back into the toolbox and in its place. This habit is a really simple habit of getting used to, and it helps in a big way!

Clean as You Cook

Cooking is what I have noticed makes the most mess in a home. Creating a mess while cooking is very hard to avoid, but it could be very easy to clean as you go. Cleaning up your kitchen after eating seems (and is) like a bigger task. Get into the habit of washing and putting things back into their places as you cook. Clean and wash the cutting boards and bowls you might have used to prepare your ingredients while your food is cooking on the stove.

10-to-15-Minute Power Cleaning

A lot can be done in just 10 to 15 minutes if you get everyone in the house involved. Cleaning up doesn’t feel that bad of a task when everyone in the home is cleaning up with you! Set a timer and get everyone to clean up their own rooms or complete predetermined tasks.


This cleaning doesn’t have to be deep and perfect, but doing this every day or at least a few times every week can make a world of difference!

Written By Mia Williams

Mia loves all things related to entertainment and lifestyle. From analyzing the stock market, to bringing you the latest scoop on your favorite celebrities, to writing up life hacks, Mia does it all. When she's not glued to her keyboard, she's catching some waves on the West Coast and surfs almost every weekend.

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