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How to Transform Your Bathroom Youself

A few tips to help you in setting up your bathroom.
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Inexpensive and straightforward creative ideas can turn your bathroom into your favorite room of the house. Tiles, wallpapers, cabinets, shower cubicles, and tubs can be used in so many different ways to complement each other in the room. There are so many different ways you can set up your bathroom to make it more pleasing to be in.

Some things that you can do yourself to decorate the bathroom and turn it into a more welcoming room in your home are listed below:

Ways to Set Up Your Bathroom

Color of the Bathroom

Your aim is to create a room that gives you a calm, soothing, relaxed, and restful feeling. Select a cool and refreshing color to help you unwind nicely after a long hard day’s work.

Use Curtains, Wallpapers, and Mirrors

Shower curtains can give your bathroom a classy and glamorous look. Change your plain mirror over the countertop, and instead find one that is sleek and stylish in design. Adding several mirrors of different shapes and sizes can also give a luxurious feel to the bathroom.

Wallpapers can be picked to show off your personal style. They are very easy to put up too and can change up the moods of your bathroom.

Add a Little Greenery

Indoor plants in attractive pots in the corner of the bathroom bring you closer to nature. Window sills can also be used to grow these plants. Take a bolder step and train vines or climbers to grow on one particular wall of the bathroom.


Hanging branches of scented eucalyptus will give off a fragrant smell when you take hot baths in your tub. Bamboo shades on the windows and green plants work well together to give a relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom.


The lights in the bathroom are really important to how your bathroom looks and feels. The lighting choices you make will change the mood of your bathroom. Go for bright white lights or make use of muted lighting to have an intimate, snug feeling whenever you visit the bathroom. Lighting that is focused will give an accent to the contours of the bathroom.

Use Space Efficiently

When you use floating vanities, wall cabinets, and shelves, you are leaving the bathroom floor from being cramped. The bathroom looks bigger, and the wall-hung essentials become a part of the bathroom.

Go for stylish and elegant pieces that will go best with your bathroom theme. Remember, you want to utilize every inch of space in the bathroom to create and give your bathroom a spacious look.

Stop Cluttering

It is a good idea to keep all your toiletries out of sight. If you are putting them on open shelves, make sure they are kept neatly and in order so they can be easily found and still look good. Another storage option is to make use of attractive baskets or bins.

Bathroom Accessories

Bold, bright, and attractive accessories, like soap dispensers or toothpaste and toothbrush holders will definitely look fabulous on floating shelves. Throw in some non-slip bathroom mats or rugs to stand on for that extra special feel under your bare feet.


Final Thoughts

We all spend quite a lot of time in our bathrooms, so why not give your bathroom an uplift? You can do so much yourself to set up your bathroom in a good-looking and organized way.

Follow the tips mentioned above and turn your bathroom space into one that most suits your needs and tastes! Your choice of vanity units, lights, mirrors, tubs, and other bathroom essentials can turn your bathroom into a retreat that will wash off all your worries and tensions as soon as you step into it.


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