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Fun Cooking Activities for Children

These are a few activities for children in the kitchen!

Cooking activities for kids can be fun, educational, and engaging. It can be about so much more than just preparing and cooking food. It should be taken as an activity to spend quality time with your kids as it helps them learn a bunch of skills like counting, measuring, and reading if you let them follow recipes.

Remember, you need to be patient with your kids in the kitchen. They will need a lot of time to measure ingredients and mix them. And, there will be a lot of spilling and messiness involved! Just keep calm and try to have fun in the kitchen while doing these fun cooking activities for children.

Fun Cooking Activities for Children

Make a Gingerbread House

Making a gingerbread house is very easy! You could make use of gingerbread house kits, which makes things even easier. Or, you could make your very own gingerbread house from scratch.

If you think your kids are too young to construct a full, upright gingerbread house, you can make a simple 2D one! Making a gingerbread house that stands upright can get a little tricky for your kids with tiny, little hands. Flat gingerbread houses can be a lot of fun to design and decorate with your preschoolers in the kitchen.

To make it as simple as possible, you could make use of this Pop-tart gingerbread recipe from The Spruce Eats.

Make Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is a fun and simple dish popular in Australia and New Zealand. You only need sliced white bread, butter, and a whole lot of sprinkles! You just have to spread butter on one side of sliced bread and then completely cover it in sprinkles.


Decorating the bread with all the multi-colored sprinkles is a fun time for young kids. Even though it’s just buttered bread, your children will love playing with and using the sprinkles to decorate it.

Paint Bread

Another fun activity for children in the kitchen is painting bread! You can make edible paint using milk and food coloring. Milk paint is the easiest edible paint you can make at home. Grab a few paintbrushes, mix up a few colors and let your kids go wild painting and coloring bread!

You could also use this edible paint to decorate cakes, brownies, and lots more if you want to add a little variety to your fun with the kids.

Fizzing Lemonade

Fizzy lemonade can be a fun little edible science experiment for your kids. To make the fizz you see in carbonated drinks, you have to mix a base with an acid to get a chemical reaction.

For this activity, in particular, you just have to squeeze a few lemons into a glass. Then add a teaspoon of bicarbonate or baking soda and give it a good stir. Once you stir it, the chemical reaction should start happening, and your lemonade should start getting fizzy! You can let your kids experiment by adding less than a teaspoon or adding the baking soda in different quantities. Add sugar to the lemonade and let your kids drink it down after!

Written By Riley Brown

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