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5 Essential Gardening Tools

Gardening tools every beginner should have in their shed.

Starting your very first garden may seem a little overwhelming, and you might end up buying tools that you really don’t need. Gardening tools can be very expensive, and they also take up a lot of space in storage. When you are just beginning, stick to the basics, buy good quality items and maintain them to get the most out of your money!

Depending on what kind of garden you are thinking of starting and how elaborate you are planning it to be, you will need different tools. This article will tell you about some essential gardening tools for beginners!

Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners


Pulling out weeds, pruning your roses, sowing seeds, and thinning seedlings all can turn into a thorn and splinter-full task. This is why you need a good, durable pair of gloves to protect your hands while you work in your garden.

Try and look for gloves that fit correctly on your hands, are not too bulky, and are not too tight either. Gloves should be durable but also breathable and comfortable. Water-resistant gloves are also a great idea. Gloves that are longer and cover a bigger part of your forearm are also recommended to protect your forearms from scratches and to stop dirt and soil from getting into the gloves.


A trowel is basically a small, handheld shovel that can help you dig, mix fertilizer in the soil, remove and dislodge weeds, and a lot more. It is one of the most used tools for basic beginner gardens.

Make sure the handle of the trowel you purchase fits comfortably in your hand, as you will be using this tool a lot. There are trowels with broad blades and trowels with long narrow blades. Choose the type you think you will need the most!



Secateurs, or clippers, pruners, or shears, are basically the same. They are used like scissors for regular plant maintenance and upkeep. You will have to prune and tidy up your plants regularly to run a good garden. Secateurs are great for cutting small branches, twigs, leaves, and much more.

Purchase a secateur of good quality that also fits in your hand comfortably. Also, make sure you can operate and handle the secateur with one hand only to make it a useful investment.


Leaves, branches, and random debris will fall and fill up your garden. A rake is what you need to whisk this debris away and keep your garden clean and free from pests. Rakes are also useful for some gardening tasks other than just gathering and cleaning up leaves. It can be used for light tilling, weeding, digging and leveling the soil, and more.


A spade is a tool that every gardener should have! It is crucial to help you dig and plant trees. They can be a little pricey, but good quality and durable spade can last you for your whole gardening life. There are spades with long handles and short handles, depending on your needs and requirements. Try and look for a spade with a stainless-steel blade and a good quality wooden handle to ensure it lasts long.


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