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4 Interior Design Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

Be unique to yourself when designing your home

When choosing the right furniture and placing your decoration pieces in the right spots, there are a bunch of things you should keep in mind. With so much to look out for, there are a few common mistakes many people make when upgrading their home designs. Here are some common interior design mistakes everyone should avoid.

These are 4 of the most common interior designing mistakes.

Common Interior Design Mistakes

1. Not Budgeting Properly

Whenever you are designing a room or your home, the first step should always be to make a plan and budget. Know how much you are comfortable spending on your designs, and then you can start making a list of things you want to buy or do in your home. Make sure you leave some wiggle room in your budget in case of unexpected spendings!

If you don’t budget properly beforehand, you might spend most of your budget on a few items and have no money left over to complete your interior design project. Once you have a budget and a list of things you want in your home, you can plan properly and spend properly.

2. Scaling

According to interior designers, scaling is the most common design mistake people make. Having too many small items in a room could result in your room looking messy or cluttered. Having too many large items in a small room could make the room look and feel even smaller and stuffy.

Having a small room doesn’t mean you have to fill it with small furniture. The trick is to find the right balance with a mixture of different shapes, sizes, and heights. Maybe add a large focal piece in your small room to make it look more ‘together.’


3. Matching Everything

You might like to follow a pattern in certain things, but that doesn’t mean everything has to match or be of ¬†similar color in your home Matching also isn’t just about color; it could be matching styles or patterns. Don’t just copy a layout or design you might have found in a magazine.

Your home or room should be unique to who you are. Find individual pieces to express your tastes and style. Having individual pieces instead of completely matching sets also makes it much easier to redecorate and change things around. Find a few pieces that you really love and start mixing and matching. Having individual pieces will also add depth and more color to your space!

4. Taking in too Many Opinions

This is also another big mistake everyone makes. You might be in love with a particular piece, but you may be swayed away from buying that piece by opinions from people who are close to you. Yes, the opinions of people close to you matter, but if you really do like a piece and think it could work well in your home, buy it!

Designing your home with what you love is really important. If you like something, go for it! Thinking of painting your room orange?

Do it if you think you can make it work and if it will make you happy. Your goal in designing your spaces is to make them look good to you and make you feel comfortable in your own space. Why should you be worried whether or not others likes your design? You’re the one living with in.


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