Real Estate Expert Says These Are the Worst Things to Install in Your Home From Home Depot

By: Ben Campbell | Last updated: Mar 21, 2024

Whether you’re in the process of a major renovation or simply updating the decor of your bedroom, Home Depot generally has everything you’ll need. Yet, there are plenty of in-store items that are of poor quality.

One real estate agent has gone out of their way to inform online viewers of the worst things to install in your home from Home Depot.

Doors Won't Function After Six Months

The company American Standard produces a wide array of shower doors for Home Depot. However, the realtor would advise any homeowner from purchasing them.

Alt - Open shower door in a simple bathroom

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He claims, “These shower doors come on wheels, and the wheels will clog, and they won’t function after six months. Replacing them, of course, costs a pretty penny.


Avoid These Door Accessories

The doors in any home generally see a fair amount of wear and tear, so it’s essential the accessories you pair it with can withstand the test of time.

Wooden door with double bronze handles

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According to the real estate agent, you should never buy Home Depot’s levered door handles. He says, “These will break immediately.”

Doorstops Are Certain to Break

Home Depot offers various add-ons when you buy certain items. For instance, if you buy a door, they’ll offer you a doorstop. However, the realtor advises against buying a particular kind from Home Depot.

Doorstop under a door in a domestic home

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He said, “Try to avoid the spring doorstops. Try to get the metal doorstops those things are indestructible.”

Shower Heads Are a No-Go

The realtor also advised customers to avoid the rain shower heads sourced from the company Glacier Bay.

Rain showerheads in a domestic home

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He said, “You’re going to spend more time replacing the showerhead than it is going to work,” he says. “Because these rubber spouts where the water comes out dry up, and they end up not working.”

Spend Money on a Quality Tap

In the kitchen department, he recommends you avoid all the cheaper branded faucets with a pull-out-spout.

Fresh water pouring from a silver kitchen faucet

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He explains, “[Over time] they may not recoil,” he says. “If you buy nicer, more expensive ones, you won’t have that issue, but if you buy cheaper ones, they’ll hang down.”


Mixed Reviews From Viewers

Many people who watched the realtor’s TikTok video took to the comments section to voice their opinions.

TikTok app on a user’s phone

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One user commented, “Bought a house with all lever handles. 1 by 1 they all broke over 2 years, 1 time trapping my 3-year-old in his room.”


Not Everyone Agrees With the Realtor

Other viewers were more cautious regarding the realtor’s advice, with some even claiming the advice was wrong.

Selection of doors in a modern apartment

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One viewer commented, “I’ve had lever handles on every door in my house for 10 years, and none have broken.”


A Topic of Contention

Another topic of contention was the doorstops, which the realtor had previously advised against.

TikTok user opens the app on his smartphone

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Yet, one TikTok user wrote the following, “I have had my spring door stopper for 5+ yrs already, and it looks like brand new.”


Can’t Agree With it All

One TikTok user claims that they have every product the realtor mentioned installed in her home.

The interior of a home that utilizes modern accessories

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However, she only agrees with one thing the realtor said. She wrote, “I literally have all of the above in my house, and the only one I agree with is the showerhead.”


Is That My House?

One TikTok user, @asianreligiousboy, shared a hilarious video in which he also claims to have everything mentioned by the realtor in his home.

Traditional wooden American home near Cockle Cove, New England

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He and various TikTok users saw the comedic side to it, however. One viewer even wrote, “It’s like he took a tour through your home.”


Make Up Your Own Mind

When buying items from Home Depot and other similar stores, you should always remember that not everything you hear online is to be taken as fact.

Aerial view of Home Depot store in El Cerrito, California

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If you decide to opt for a product someone else advised against, it doesn’t mean that the said item will be faulty in your home. Sometimes, it’s best to try it out for yourself.