Weird and Wacky Laws That Exist Around The Globe

Published: Apr 08, 2022

In general, laws typically exist to protect the citizens of a given region. Governing powers establish a variety of different laws and rules to keep people safe. However, other laws exist that seemingly make no sense.

There are some wacky laws out there that are so specific and strange, they make us wonder how they came to be. For example, in Georgia it is illegal to keep donkeys in your bathtub. This article will explore some of the most bizarre laws around the world and the backstories behind them.

Is That Ice Cream On Your Pie?

Don’t even think about doing this to your pie if you’re in Kansas! Sure, we all love a good cherry pie, but leaving it plain can be boring. However, in Kansas you might have to think twice about making it “a la mode.”


In Kansas, it is illegal to top your pie with ice cream. It is unclear how this law came to be. However, just to be sure you should probably order the ice cream on the side of your pie instead of on top.


Chewing Gum Ban

A 1992 law made chewing gum illegal in Singapore. It is illegal to use, sell, or even possess chewing gum while in Singapore. The law is justified by lawmakers on the basis that gum is a health risk and causes damage to the environment, mostly because it takes a long time to decompose. The government spent over $150,000 to clean up vandalism caused by chewing gum. The majority of the damage was to the Mass Rapid Transit System.


4to40/ Unsplash

In 2000, the Prime Minister of Singapore was asked about a study that suggested that chewing gum helped promote creativity. He is said to have replied that chewing gum is illegal and if people needed to chew on something to be creative they could, “chew on a banana.”

Don’t Get Caught Lying Down

In the downtown Reno, Nevada area, it is illegal to sit down or lie on the sidewalk. This is not a good area to suddenly need to rest. Pedestrians are restricted from using a chair, blanket, stool, or other items on a public sidewalk in the Regional Center Area.



This law was enacted to allow visitors to the Regional Center area to continue to enjoy the space, without sidewalk obstructions.

Here Comes the Bride…Maybe

Any couple planning a wedding in Nebraska will need to make sure they are free from venereal diseases. This is not just a courtesy between potential life partners, it is illegal to get married in Nebraska if one person has a venereal disease. If the marriage takes place and one partner has a venereal disease that the other partner does know about, the marriage is still valid, but is not eligible to be annulled.


If one partner becomes aware their new spouse has a venereal disease, they can file for an annulment. When a marriage is annulled it is as if it never happened. This is different from a divorce which ends a marriage and is recorded in a court of law.

Illegal Children

In the United States and around the world, the definition of the typical family has changed over the years. For the most part, people do not expect a couple to be married in order to have a baby. However, in the state of Mississippi, it is illegal to have more than one illegitimate child. A child is considered illegitimate if the parents are not married at the time of the child’s birth. The law is written to include not just the mother but the father as well by using the term “natural parent.”

The fine for violating this law is a two-hundred and fifty dollar fine and a possible thirty to ninety days in jail. If convicted of a second violation, the fine increases to five hundred dollars and three to six months in jail.


Don't Run Out Of Gas

The Autobahn Highway in Germany is known for its notoriously high-speed limits and even stretches of no speed limit at all. Just be sure to watch your gas level while you are speeding down the Autobahn. It is illegal to run out of gas on this famous roadway.

There is a hefty fine for running out of gas on the Autobahn, and an even more expensive fine if you leave your car and walk to a gas station. The German viewpoint is that a driver can control the amount of gas in their car. It is their responsibility to make sure they do not run out. So, if you are speeding along the Autobahn in Germany, make sure your gas tank is full.


Watch Your Mouth

Although curse words have become more and more common in modern society, they are still illegal in Rockville, Maryland. It is illegal to “profanely curse and swear or use obscene language within the hearing of persons passing by.”

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This means you have to watch your language especially when on sidewalks or near streets and highways. If road rage gets the best of you and you are caught swearing, you may be cited for a misdemeanor.


Leave the Armor at Home

According to a law dating back to 1313, it is illegal to wear your suit of armor to UK Parliament. During that time it was considered a show of aggression to come to Parliament in armor because armor is what knights wore into battle.

Image Credit: Peter Butler

This law was enacted to keep this kind of threatening behavior from happening in Parliament. Today, the law is still on the books. It could be revoked, but since there are not a lot of people wearing armor these days, why remove it when you can still enforce it? You know, just in case.


No Pooh Around Polish Children

Winnie the Pooh originated in 1926 when the author A.A. Milne created him and based the lovable bear on his son’s stuffed animal. Winnie the Pooh grew in popularity and appeared in color wearing his trademark red shirt in 1933.


Winnie the Pooh may be recognizable in his adorable red shirt, but not every country and culture appreciates Pooh’s wardrobe choices. In Poland, it is illegal to wear Pooh merchandise around school children. The government has decided that since Winnie the Pooh only wears a shirt and no pants, he is inappropriate for young children.