Ways to Utilize Tennis Balls Beyond just Playing Tennis

By: Kate Row | Last updated: Nov 15, 2023

Tennis balls always seem to be laying around the house, especially if you have kids or dogs. When you’re not playing fetch with the dog or hitting the tennis courts, you can actually put these to work in other ways.

These fuzzy green objects actually have many more functions than just hitting them with a racket. Check out these different uses for tennis balls that might be a huge help around the house.

DIY Dryer Balls

If you just ran out of dryer sheets and you want to avoid that static that often comes along with pulling your clothing out of the dryer, try this out. Wrap a couple tennis balls in foil and throw one or two in with your load of laundry.


I’m a Lazy Mom

These little homemade dryer balls will reduce the amount of static electricity. Also, they will help the laundry dry faster and be fluffier when they come out of the machine. These dryer balls are most useful when drying bulky items like comforters and pillows. No static sheets here!



Tennis balls are a great way to stop your door from scuffing the wall or slamming loudly. You don’t have to buy a doorstop or screw one into the wall behind every door in your home. Instead, take a tennis ball and cut it in half. 



Also, you can use the tennis ball to keep the door open and let in a breeze as well. No more doors slamming into walls and no need to make an extra stop at the store to buy a doorstop. It may not be the prettiest option, but it is functional.

Erase Scuff Marks

Tennis balls just so happen to be magic erasers. The soft fuzzy outer layer is helpful when trying to rub out scuffs and scratches. A great way to do this is use a broom and tennis ball.


apartment theory

Cut a hole in the tennis ball and place it on the end of a broom or a mop. Flip the broom or mop over and start scrubbing any scuffed floors, walls, or other surfaces with the tennis ball. Watch the marks disappear.

Make A Massager

If you just hit the tennis courts and have some sore muscles, make a second use of those green fuzzy balls and give yourself a massage. Massaging the lower back with tennis balls can help loosen soft tissues, release muscle tension, and improve flexibility.


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This kind of massage will also improve blood flow and relieve pain. If you want, put a few tennis balls in a sock and lay it on the ground. Lay on top of the massager and use it like you would a foam roller.

Soften A Hammer

If you’re doing some work around the house and you’re worried about hammering too hard and causing damage, we have a perfect solution for you. A tennis ball can help to soften the blow of a hammer.


Use an Exacto knife to cut an “X” into the tennis ball. Stick the hammer inside the “X” cut and hammer away. The tennis ball will reduce some of the impact so you don’t cause any damage.


Protect From Rust

Using a lock outside in the winter months can be tricky because snow and rain can cause the lock to rust. You don’t want to go to unlock your bike and find a rusty lock. We can’t control the weather but we can definitely minimize the damage.


Cut a hole in the tennis ball big enough to fit the lock inside. Your lock will be safe and sound from rust! Obviously, this hack will only work if your padlock is small enough to fit within a tennis ball.


Jar Opener

A stubborn jar that refuses to open can be so frustrating! Luckily, your tennis ball comes in handy once again. The rubber interior of the tennis ball gives it a perfect grip to help open a jar. All you have to do is cut the ball in half with a utility knife.


Wrap the tennis ball over the lid of the jar and simply twist. This will help the lid release and will protect your hands from strain. Keep this handy opener in your kitchen for the next time you have a jar to open.


Protect Your Floors

Tennis balls can protect your floors for the same reason they can get scuff marks out of your surfaces. Cut some small holes into tennis balls and simply stick them on the ends of your furniture legs.


You can move the furniture without worrying about damaging your floors. This is one of the reasons you might have seen tennis balls on the legs of walkers. It also makes the furniture easier to push along so it’s great if you’re moving heavy things around the house. 


Park In the Right Spot

If your garage has tight quarters and you can never seem to park in just the right spot, we have just the trick that’s going to make your life much easier. Your grandma might have had this little tool in her garage!


Take a tennis ball and hang it from a string in your garage. Be sure to hang it in the right spot so the ball will land just in front of your windshield when you pull in. You’ll be in just the right spot without ever having to readjust. And if you happen to hit the tennis ball, it’s not going to hurt your car.


Clean Cobwebs

Unless you’re really into Halloween or spiders, you probably don’t want cobwebs littering your home. They always happen to accumulate in those really high hard-to-reach corners of the home. Try this hack to get them cleared away in no time.


Try putting a tennis ball in a long sock or pantyhose (the longer the better). Swing the ball towards the webs to clean out your home easily. The webs like to stick to the fabric so you’ll soon have a cobweb-free home!


Hang Your Shoes

Finding space for shoes is a constant struggle. There never seems to be enough floor space to line up all your kicks. One way to store them is by hanging them with tennis balls! Let us explain.


Glue two tennis balls next to each other on the inside of a door or on the side of a closet wall. Hang your shoes by these little makeshift hooks to save some space and keep your shoes together. This is great for letting your shoes dry in the winter months as well.


Remove A Light Bulb

If you find yourself staring at a burnt out light bulb in your light fixture long after its gone out, try this genius tennis ball hack. If you’re removing it right away and it’s still a little hot, or it’s a bit stuck and you need some leverage to pull it out, try this out.

real simple

Cut a tennis ball in half and stick it on the end of the light bulb. The rubbery inside gives a great grip for you to easily twist off the bulb. Voila!


Clean Your Pool

Who would have thought that the best pool cleaner would be a tennis ball? Over time, pools will accumulate oils and grease on the surface of the water from sunscreen. These can be hard to clean but you have the key sitting right in your garage!

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Throw a couple tennis balls into the pool and your job is done! The tennis balls will float along the surface of the water and their fabric exterior will soak up oils. No work necessary and your pool is ready for you to take a dive.


Make A Dog Toy

Puppies have a lot of energy! If you’re struggling to run your pup’s energy out and they’re giving you grief, try out this hack that will keep them satisfied for hours.

dogington post

Cut a small slit in the tennis ball and fill it with your furry friend’s favorite treats. Toss them the ball and let them sniff out the treats and try to get at them. They’ll be happy and distracted and you can take a much needed break!


Keep Money Safe

Stop keeping your money under your pillows already! If you’ve been looking for more innovative ways to hide your cash, the tennis ball has come to your rescue.

Source: Pinterest

Simply slit your dingy tennis ball and save your money and other valuables in the space you’ve created. We’ve even heard of someone getting creative by turning hers into a coin bank with a Monsters Inc theme. Nobody’s gonna know!


Make A Swing

No, we aren’t kidding. You can turn your tennis balls into a swing, just like you can see below. Danny Seo, an eco-expert and author of “Upcycling: Create Beautiful Things with the Stuff You Already Have,” details how he pulled this off in his book.

Source: Pinterest

With a nylon rope and 50 old tennis balls, you can make yours too. What do you think about this idea? Genius or nah?


Organize Your Cords

The knot of cords by the side of your table or floor that you’ve decided to turn a blind eye to won’t organize themselves. We aren’t judging, but instead, are happy to let you know that your tennis balls can get the job done.

Source: ThisIsEngineering/ Pexels

Here’s how — cut a slit in a few balls and thread one or two cords through them. The balls will weigh the cords down and ensure that they don’t tangle. Tada, problem solved!


Smart Flushing

In the spirit of saving the environment, did you know that a tennis ball can help you save water when flushing your toilet? Well, now you do. Tennis balls have the ability to take up volume, and that’s precisely what they’ll do if you toss them in your toilet tank. By occupying space, they’ll also reduce the quantity of water you’ll use on each flush.

Source: Miriam Alonso/ Pexels

Not only does doing this make you a worthy ambassador for water conservation, it also saves you money on water bills. You can thank us later.


Childproof Your Home

Who would ever have thought that “tennis balls” and “childproof” could be in the same sentence? But here we are! You know how you’ve always had to protect your toddlers from sharp furniture corners by covering them with bubble wraps? You don’t have to do that anymore.

Source: Tatiana Syrikova/ Unsplash

Now, you can achieve the same effect by cutting two slits into individual tennis balls and wedging them into your furniture’s sharp edges. You’re welcome.