These Fashion Trends Will Age You

By: Kate Row | Published: Sep 06, 2023

Fashion trends come and go. Some stick around longer than others and some remind us of a very specific time. Experimenting with new styles is fun and exciting but not every fleeting trend is one you want to try.

We love that everyone has their own taste and style. To each his own! But some of us are more interested in a youthful appearance, so here are some fashion faux pas that will age you.

Skirts Over Pants

The early 2000s were a wild time for fashion. Bright colors, mismatched patterns, and lots of layers. One of the trends you might have noticed was the skirt over jeans trend. 


Source: Pinterest

Despite the fact that it’s just not that attractive, it’s a really bizarre way to restrict your movement. This is a trend we don’t hope to see again. But then again, we aren’t fashion designers so what do we know?


Harsh Lip Liner

Some trends are better left in the past. They had their moment in the sun but no one is too sad to see them go. Harsh lip liner is one of them! The 90s were chalk-full of this dark liner/light lip combo.


Source: Elizabeth Williams/ Pinterest

There was no blending in sight! It makes your lips appear much thinner than they actually are and ages you as well. Choosing a liner that is closer to the color of your lipstick is far more flattering.

Too Much Black

We all know that black is the slimming color so it can be tempting to throw on an all-black outfit all the time! It’s easy to accessorize and matches with almost anything. But, there is such a thing as wearing too much black.


Source: Pinterest

The color black might not do everyone favors depending on your skin tone. The dark color can wash some people out, which doesn’t do anyone favors. Try adding a pop of color to your black wardrobe!

Unnatural Hair Color

Your natural hair color is beautiful and what’s better is that it’s so uniquely you! As we age, we might feel pressured to cover up our gray with unnatural colors, but this isn’t necessary.


Source: Stylecaster/ Pinterest

Generally, lighter hair color makes you look young, so don’t be ashamed of those white and gray hairs. You can rock them!

Cakey Foundation

The late 2010s came with a whirlwind of different makeup trends. 2016 in particular, was a year of dark eyebrows, intense contour, and full coverage foundation. For those of us who aren’t makeup artists by trade, it can be difficult to keep up with all the new trends!

Source: Ranker/ Pinterest

What we do know is that the more foundation you add, the more cakey it looks. It adds texture to your skin and doesn’t look natural. A lighter layer of foundation will cover blemishes but leave your skin with a natural glow.


Over-Styled Hair

The big poofy hair was all the rage in the 70s and 80s so when we see this style, it reminds us of that time. So naturally, when someone rocks this style today, it ages them.

Source: Tropicblonde/ Pinterest

We recommend setting the hairspray and teasing comb aside and trying a new hair style. Sleek, healthy hair is always in. Those sprays aren’t good for your hair anyways.


Baggy Clothes

There’s a really important distinction here between clothes that are styled to be loose and clothes that are just too big. Loose-fitted clothing can be cool, edgy, and youthful. But wearing a shirt that is 2 sizes too big looks frumpy.

Source: Tumblr

Have fun with your style and feel free to try some things that are meant to be worn baggy, but you aren’t doing yourself any favors if you buy things that are clearly not your size.



We all know the real enemy to our skin is the sun. Laying out in the sun will have more impact on your skin than maybe anything else. Sunscreen is key! 

Source: Freshhairandfalselashes/ Pinterest

While it’s important that we all get our Vitamin D, protect your skin while you do so, especially your face because this is the most sensitive part. SPF is your best friend.


Dark Eye Makeup

In the 90s, dark eye makeup was hugely popular. Big lashes, thick eyeliner, and dark brown eyeshadow were everywhere! As we age, this kind of eye makeup can look heavy and pull down our eyes.

Source: Deborah Morais/ Pinterest

A lighter, bright-eyed look gives a more youthful appearance. It also makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Who doesn’t want that?


Floral Print Everywhere!

Flowers are beautiful and we can’t blame anyone for wanting to wear them. We get it! But floral prints are one of the trends that will age you, so you might want to forego this print if you’re looking to have a more youthful appearance. 

Simple colors and denim can be dressed up or down and accessorized in lots of fun ways. You don’t have to completely discard floral from your closet, but be careful not to get too carried away with the print.


A Frown

The best accessory you can wear is a smile! Frowning is not only a bad way to meet new people but it is also a surefire way to get frown lines. Smile lines are far more attractive and let people know you had a joyful life full of fun experiences!

Source: Pinterest

A study on models revealed that models who smiled appeared younger while ones who frowned looked older. Smiling is good for you inside and out, so turn that frown upside down.



Brooches were THE accessory back in the day, but they’ve gained a reputation for being somewhat gaudy and something of an eye sore. Some brooches do have sentimental value and we understand wearing them as a badge of honor on special occasions.

Source: Cdn10/ Pinterest

But in terms of trends that age you, this is certainly one of them. Plus, if you keep them safe, they might be really valuable one day!


Over Plucking Eyebrows

Overplucked eyebrows is a sad fate that so many women have fallen victim to. When the super thin eyebrow trend of the 90s and 2000s blew through, so many women plucked their eyebrows so thin that they never recovered.

Source: Stylebistro/ Pinterest

Be careful with those tweezers because if you damage the hair follicles, the hair can’t grow back. Full eyebrows are natural-looking and make you appear younger so use the tweezers sparingly.


Flashy Jewelry

It might be tempting to wear big flashy jewelry on a fancy occasion, but this kind of jewelry might not be the best option for those of us who refer a young look. The big jewels can weigh you down.

Source: Manoj Kadel/ Pinterest

Modest simple accessories can still add something extra to your look. Thin gold chains and small bracelets or earrings will elevate your outfit and keep a youthful glow about you.


Matchy Matchy

Sometimes outfits that are too “matchy matchy” can be reminiscent of the good old days when pant suits with shoulder pads were all the rage. Matching every piece of clothing you wear can age you for this reason.

Source: Youlookfab/ Pinterest

Don’t be afraid to add some fun combinations into your wardrobe. Color combinations make an outfit brighter and more stylish. Don’t be afraid to experiment!


Chunky Highlights

There have been so many hair trends throughout the years it can be hard to keep up with what’s “in” and what’s “out”. Chunky highlights are decidedly “out”! The alternating brunette and blond stripes are not giving us the youthful look we’re trying to achieve. 

Source: Ruffy Gonzalez/ Pinterest

Rather, they remind us of the 90s and early 2000s. Highlights can still be beautiful but a more blended version can give you a naturally sunkissed look that brightens your whole face.


Capri Pants

Capris are a trend that you will rarely see now-a-days but they certainly had their day in the sun. Since this trend hasn’t been popular for quite some time, this style of pants will really age you.

Opt for an ankle-length pant or a short. Don’t choose something in between! They’re not the most flattering or modern look.


Pastels Everywhere

Don’t get us wrong, pastels can be really beautiful. It’s all about the way you style them. You might not want to wear a pastel pink shirt with a pastel green skirt with a pastel yellow sweater and pastel blue shoes.

Source: Ash/ Twitter

You might wind up looking like an easter egg! Rather, pair your pastel clothes with other shades and colors. That pastel pink top might look beautiful with some denim. Switch it up!



Tweed is one of those trends that goes right along with brooches. It ages you not because of the way it looks, but rather because it is very representative of a specific time period. Some tweed styles can be very beautiful, but too much will age you.

Source: Thrifydreams/ Pinterest

Pair your tweed jacket with some modern shoes and accessories to keep those favorite tweed items that live in your closet. Just don’t overdo it with the matching tweed sets and point kitten heels.


Outdated Shoes

Shoes are some of the most important accessories when putting together an outfit and they somehow manage to be the last thing most of us think about when it comes to our ensemble.

Source:: Alice/ Pinterest

While some shoes do come back into style and vintage can be really beautiful, lots of outdated shoes can pull your outfit down instead of giving it that bright boost it needs.


Stretchy Jeans

While denim might not be the most comfortable pant selection, they can bring a lot of style to an ordinary outfit. The stretchy jeans trend is one we should leave in the past. Throw those jeggings away!

Source: Pinterest

They appear cheaper and less stylish than regular denim. And there are great denim brands that make really comfortable jeans so there’s really no need for this outdated style.


Matte Makeup

One really easy way to give your face a more exuberant glow is to opt for a dewy look. Matte foundations and makeup will dry out your skin and make it appear less lively.

Source: Stylecraze/ Pinterest

Makeup with moisture will make you look bright, young, and natural! The dewey, fresh-faced makeup look looks beautiful on everybody so steer clear of the matte foundations.


Crazy Nails

Funnily enough, the style of your nails can have a real impact on your overall appearance. The crazy nails are a young woman’s game. Natural, simple nails can make your hands have a youthful glow the same way makeup does for your face.

Source: Kiki Le Retraite/ Pinterest

Long, crazy nails are difficult to maintain and can appear gaudy if not done well. Soft and natural colors will not draw too much attention but will look clean and beautiful. Simplicity is key!


Blunt Bangs

Bangs are one of those risky hairstyles that only the bravest among us have tried. Bangs can be truly beautiful and really frame your face if they’re done the right way. Blunt bangs are not the best hairstyle for a youthful look.

Source: Hadviser/ Pinterest

You might consider trying wispy bangs or side-swept bangs. These are more flattering and less harsh. Obviously, the style of bangs best for you depends on your preference and face shape so talk with your stylist about what will look best!



Extensions are a really tricky hair style. Namely, they are very expensive to upkeep if you want them to be done right. Unfortunately, they can often be done really poorly and weigh down your hair.

Source: Sittingprettyhalohair/ Pinterest

Especially if your hair is thinner, extensions can cause hair loss and break those precious hairs on your head. Short hair can also be a beautiful way to frame your face so don’t be afraid to let go of the extensions!


Blue Eyeshadow

We’re not here to cramp anyone’s style, but the blue eyeshadow fad is one we don’t care to see again. The silver and blue tones on your eyelids can make your eyes look smaller and give your overall face an older appearance. 

Source: Fashion Activation/ Pinterest

More natural tones are better for a young overall appearance. It’s wild how much one color can affect your overall look!


Following Fads

Nowadays, fashion trends come and go more quickly than ever before. The internet cycles through one fad and then turns to the next. It’s hard to keep up… so don’t! Find the style you love and stick with it!

Source: Click Americana/ Pinterest

This is not to say you can’t try new things but following from fad to fad is a waste of time because what’s considered “in” today will be “out” tomorrow. Unique style keeps us young so don’t fall victim to every trend that you see.


Choppy Hairstyles

Most of us are probably familiar with the hairstyle that has come to be known as “The Karen”. This blunt bob highlights harsh angles on your face and can be unflattering on the bone structure of your face.

Source: Thetrendsetter/ Pinterest

If this is your style and you love it, so be it! But if you’re looking for something that brings some softness to your face, try a less harsh cut. Soft, flowy layers can frame the face in a more flattering way.


Intense Contour

Over-the-top contouring was a major trend in makeup in the 2010s. People realized they could basically transform the shape of their face by using contour in the shadows of their bone structure.

Source: Hilary Sturtevant/ Pinterest

But this look can really make your makeup appear heavy and your face look less youthful. Some contour can be great to highlight the parts of your face you want to, but use a light hand so make sure you don’t take away from the bright, glowy look most of us want to achieve!