The Most Hilarious Mannequins We’ve Seen and Their Crazy Poses

By: Calla Conway | Published: Apr 25, 2022

For some, shopping is great fun, while for others it is something that can be truly exhausting and is more of a chore more than anything else. Mannequins are there to show us what we might look like in certain clothes or give us an idea about what we can pair together to look fabulous.

But some stores go the extra mile and add some whimsy to their mannequins. Some are hysterical, some are downright trashy, and some are just a complete question mark. Scroll below to see the compilation of the most hilarious mannequins.

Strike a Pose

Sometimes mannequins set unrealistic beauty standards, and sometimes they just hit the nail on the head. In this case, it seems the mannequin hit the nail on the head. This man was walking by when he saw something that resonated with him.


The man struck a similar pose down to the spread hands and protruding tummy. He did such a good job imitating the mannequin we like to think that the outfit would look great on him too.


The Work of a Prankster?

It is hard to imagine employees posing the mannequins in such a way, but hey, anything is possible. What is more likely is that some customer prankster came along and posed the life size doll to look as though it was picking its wedgie.


But that is not to say retail employees can’t be pranksters too. Whoever the culprit is, it made for a good photo op. 

Kids Will Be Kids

This picture is hilarious mainly because kids do not try to be funny, they just are. Such is the case with this little fellow, who apparently felt hungry and in need of some milk and mistook the legless mannequins as something that could feed him.


Never mind the fact that the mannequin has no head, arms, or legs, the kid saw the main source of nutrients and went for the gold.

American Beauty Standards

America isn’t internationally well known as exactly fit and in shape. This mannequin represents more realistic beauty standards in this day and age and showed what the shirt would actually look like on someone’s body.


Jokes aside, it is a pretty silly mannequin that we got a kick out of. We wonder if the staff stuffed this dude or if he came that way?

Blending In

Imagine walking through the mall when you stumble upon a group of life size dolls that all look exactly like you! That would be pretty fun and hilarious. But it would also be practical, as you can see what you’d look like in every outfit.

No need to try any food on or go through all of that hassle, just size up the closest doll and take your pick! Shopping made easy for this guy. 


Like One of Your French Girls

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “french.” Is it a baguette? How about the phrase “Bon Jour”? Well, whoever arranged these mannequins let their culture show when they dressed these things up.

Nothing says “fashion” like some bread on your head and a striking pose to make it work, girl. Style icons of the next generation.


Don’t Get Lost, Son

Either this kid is incredibly unaware of his surroundings or he’s just one seriously silly goose. It has been a long time since we were that small, so maybe it is a lot of work to look up and check your surroundings and whose hand you have on your own.

On the flip side of this coin, isn’t a human hand a bit different feeling than a mannequin? I mean one is flesh, and the other is plastic. So many questions…


Proportionally Incorrect

This mannequin seems more like something out of a horror movie than a real mannequin meant to sell a product. We are not sure exactly what is being sold here, the wig? The underwear? The giant rose headband?

Or was this more an idea for an ensemble if you are missing a middle body? Yet again, unrealistic beauty standards are put onto women. Shaking our heads…


Is That Obama?

Is it just us or does this mannequin look a lot like the former United States president, Barack Obama? If we didn’t know any better…we’d say that this mannequin is definitely modeled after him!

Although to be fair, we’ve never seen Obama dressed like this mannequin. Obama is usually in a suit, or something a bit more fancy for his outings. But hey, maybe in his retirement he’s found a new style.


Get Saucy

This mannequin was either posed to show off the stretchy abilities of these pants or to put the customer in the mind of a saucy dancing queen. This has some serious vibes to it and we are here for it.

To be fair, that mannequin does look like he is having the time of his life, and looks darn good doing it too. Right?