Unveiling The Simple Solutions To History’s Biggest Mysteries

By: Travis Ward | Published: Nov 21, 2023

Ever wondered if extraterrestrials are responsible for crop circles, the construction of the pyramids, the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle, or the transportation of the Easter Island heads?

For many years, even centuries (in some cases), the answers to these questions were shrouded in mystery. The answers for others, though, are shockingly straightforward. Let’s look at some of history and science’s “unsolved mysteries.”

Damp Sand Helped Build The Pyramids

Egypt’s impressive pyramids have inspired numerous stories and speculations about their construction. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam stated in 2014 have finally figured out how the stones used to construct the pyramids were carried.


Source: Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Apparently, scientists discovered that using a sled to take heavy materials over wet sand was likely the method the Egyptians used after observing a man in a tomb artwork pouring water in front of a group of laborers lugging a statue.


The Curious Case Of The Franklin Expedition

In May 1845, British explorer John Franklin set out from London in search of the Northwest Passage aboard the Erebus and the Terror, with 134 crew members. Franklin reportedly disappeared shortly after, and an Inuit revealed that the Erebus sank and the Terror was abandoned.


source: twitter

According to the History Channel, the officials initially didn’t believe these. Yet, when the wreckage was discovered in 2014 and 2016, Canadian officials claimed that Inuit oral history had been instrumental in doing so.

The Easter Island Heads Never Walked

For generations, the massive sculptures on Easter Island have bewitched visitors. How the islanders lifted the sculptures, some of which weighed as much as 80 tons, was one of the greatest questions left unanswered – until now.


Source: Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images

Smithsonian Magazine reports that locals claimed explorers of the moai sculptures “walked” with the assistance of a priest with “mana,” or supernatural power. In reality, it was thanks to the use of rope and a whole lot of patience!

The Roanoke Colony Wasn’t Actually Lost

Off the coast of modern-day North Carolina in August 1587, roughly 115 English immigrants landed on Roanoke Island. John White, the new colony’s governor, returned to London for supplies. A war between England and Spain started while White was overseas and he couldn’t return to the island until 1590.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

When he did, White found out it was deserted. There were many speculations about the settlers’ disappearance, but it turned out the colonists had relocated to the nearby Hatteras Island.

The Gliding Rocks Of Death Valley Really Glide

Also referred to as ‘Sailing Stones,’ the Gliding Rocks of the Death Valley National Park on the Nevada-California border are famous for the strangest reason – they move on their own accord. They were, however, viewed skeptically for some time.

Source: Wikipedia

In 2014, a few researchers placed a camera there to catch them in the act, and boy, did they glide! Quite shocking that thin sheets of floating ice were the ones to move the rocks.


Bermuda Triangle Accidents Happened Due To Weather Conditions

We have all heard of the mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle for ages. It was in 1964 that a magazine first covered the mysterious disappearances of planes in that triangular space in the Atlantic Ocean between Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Florida.

Source: Reddit

Extensive research on the legend has since revealed that the disappearances happening there are more likely because of the weather and are no more common than accidents in other parts of the ocean.


How Did They Transport The Stonehenge Standing Stones?

Stonehenge’s history and presence have always fascinated people. A thorough analysis of its core in 2020, with the help of modern science, revealed that the vertical stones forming the outer ring came from the northern side, 25 km away near Marlborough. 

Source: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Yet, the question remains as to how the members of the neolithic age transported the bluestones forming the inner ring from the Preseli Hills of Wales nearly 320 km away without the help of wheels.


Someone Posed As Grand Duchess Anastasia

During the Russian Revolution in July 1918, the deposed Tsar Nicholas II and his entire family, including his daughter Anastasia were slain by the army. For decades, no one knew where they were buried.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the following decade, six females surfaced in the U.S. as surviving members of the imperial family, but when the royal bodies were found in 1979, they were proven to be frauds. One imposter of the Grand Duchess Anastasia was Franziska Schanzkowska, a German-Polish factory worker.


Chemtrails From Flying Planes

Want to know what causes the white trails left behind in the sky by planes? There are several conspiracy theories claiming the government sprayed chemicals for nefarious purposes such as weather modification and mind control. 

Source: Wikipedia

It turns out that the trails are nothing but regular airplane condensation trails, commonly referred to as contrails or chemtrails, which are water vapors that freeze in contact with the particles from the plane exhaust.


Cracking The Loch Ness Monster Mystery

Blurry photos and grainy videos of the Loch Ness Monster have caused great fascination and controversy over the years – but what if the mystery had a simple explanation?

Source: Keystone/Getty Images

Many of the sightings and stories could be misidentifications of common objects (or animals) and hoaxes perpetrated for attention and profit. The legend of the Loch Ness Monster may live on, but at least we’ve cracked the code.


Ghost Ships And Supernatural Illusions

Both sailors and landsmen have told stories of eerie vessels that appeared out of nowhere. The strange sightings became sea legends and intriguing ghost stories.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Countless incidents and tales, however, are linked to natural phenomena such as mirages, fata morgana, and optical illusions. Some ghost ships are also the result of abandoned vessels that drift aimlessly across the seas. Clearly, all mysteries have an answer.


Man-Made Crop Circles

The story of crop circles has long bewildered people worldwide. Their intricate designs, enigmatic origins, and rumored extraterrestrial connections have birthed many theories and debates.

Source: Youtube

However, new research shows that many crop circles are man-made and created using basic tools and techniques. They are often used as a form of artistic expression, political protest, or even advertising. While some remain unexplained, it’s clear that not all crop circles are extraterrestrial.


The Truth Behind The Shroud Of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is a controversial relic believed to be Jesus’ burial cloth and has ignited heavy debate. Fortunately, recent studies provided some insights into the shroud’s origins.

Source: Getty Images

A discovery showed the shroud was from the medieval period, and the image on it was most likely created using a medieval printing technique. While the shroud is not the relic many believe it to be, it remains a powerful symbol of faith and mystery.


Manna From Heaven: A Biblical Mystery Solved?

Manna, the miraculous food that sustained the Israelites during their journey through the desert, has long been a mystery. Recent archaeological findings have revealed a type of resin called “manna ash” used in incense making and had medicinal properties.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some scholars now believe that the biblical manna was actually a type of resin that the Israelites gathered and ate during their time in the desert. How simple is that?


Tears Of Deception

“Weeping” statues, often depicting the Virgin Mary, have enchanted people everywhere, including Italy and Mexico. These “miracles” are usually easily explained, with condensation or crafty tricks as the real reasons behind the tears.

Source: Pinterest

Hoaxers might inject liquid into porous surfaces or apply oil to the eyes, resulting in “tears” as temperatures rise. In some cases, blood from the weeping statues was actually of the statue owners.


Celestial Snacks And Holy Toast

Have you ever spotted Elvis on a potato chip or Jesus on toast? It’s not as bizarre as it sounds. This phenomenon, known as pareidolia, is our brain’s tendency to recognize faces in random objects, and even newborns display interest in properly placed facial features.

Source: Twitter

Our “face neurons” are so active that they detect faces in the most unexpected places, like tortillas or wood. Research indicates that women and devout individuals are more prone to experiencing pareidolia.


Snapping Specters: The Truth Behind Ghost Photos

Since the 19th century, “ghosts” have haunted photographs, but it turns out there was never anything paranormal after all. Techniques like multiple exposure and composite photography created these spooky images. Some “ghost photos” might simply be the result of shaky hands.

Source: Youtube

With smartphones, unintended “ghost photos” can occur due to slower image capture in low light, resulting in distorted, eerie figures in your shots. Today, photography websites even offer tutorials on achieving these ghostly effects.


The Mystery Of The Odour Of Sanctity

The “Odour of Sanctity” is a sweet scent linked to the decomposing bodies of certain deeply spiritual individuals, like St. Thérèse of Lisieux and St. Padre Pio. One theory behind this heavenly fragrance is ketosis, a natural process triggered by fasting.

Source: theclockworkjules.tumblr.com

Ketosis produces a mildly sweet smell from acetone, which becomes overpowering in advanced stages, known as ketoacidosis. The distinctive aroma has mystified believers for over 1,500 years and is said to have notes of honey, roses, and jasmine.


The Geometric Puzzle Of Wombat Poop

Wombats are speedy Australian marsupials who have puzzled scientists with their unique cube-shaped poop. The University of Tasmania researchers discovered that this shape results from the interaction between the wombat’s intestinal structure and muscular contractions during the drying process.

Source: Wikipedia

With a keen sense of smell, wombats spread their feces around to communicate their boundaries with other animals. The cubic form prevents the poop from rolling away, allowing these fascinating creatures to keep their messages intact.