Optical Illusions That Reveal A Lot About Your Character

Last updated: Jul 08, 2021

Researchers in Canada have discovered that the human brain is capable of processing one thought every fourteen seconds. The way each person carries out analysis and uses that information can reveal unique features about their personality.

The optical illusions in this article will help you discover more about your personality and unlock your hidden strengths that could lead you to achieve more in your work and relationships.

A Cat in the trees?

If you first saw a sunset and trees in the foreground, you are highly perceptive. Also, this can mean you can be content with doing very little in a long time.  


Image: BrightSide

On the other hand, if you saw the furry friend lurking among the branches, then this means you are decision-oriented. It can also mean that you can come off as single-minded and tend to stick to your decisions no matter what. Just like the cat likes to stalk their prey, you tend to stick to your guns.


Music or Art?

Are you still not sure if you are an introvert or an extrovert? The image below should help clear the clouds a bit. If, at first, you see a saxophonist, then you are an extrovert. You love the crowds and thrive in a situation with many people. You are easy to interact with and find making friends very easy.

With all that said, you need to take time to relax and rejuvenate as you will give a lot of yourself.


Image: BrightSide

If you first spot the outline of a face, then you are most likely an introvert. Crowds, parties, and large gatherings are not for you. They may exhaust and take a toll on you. You would rather stay home and watch re-runs of your favorite shows.

Portrait or Potion

If you are sympathetic and people find it easy to share their worries with you, you will likely first see the face. People like you because you genuinely understand their troubles.


Image: BrightSide

On the other hand, if you spotted the two witches casting a spell, one kneeling and the other brooding over with a wand in hand, this means you are ambitious. You make sure that you are the best at your role and have really high expectations for yourself. 

Are the Bubbles Moving

Some people who look at the image below can swear that the bubbles are moving. If you are one of them, I can assure you that they are not. You are not going insane. That is just your brain tricking you into thinking that the bubbles are in motion.


Image: Op-Art.co.uk

Most of the people that notice the motion of the bubbles is musically gifted. You may not play an instrument or sing, but you can have a good ear for music and cut the rug well.

A Jungle Puzzle

If the first thing you see when you look at this image is the tree, you have excellent organizational skills. Leadership and problem solving come naturally to you. Occasionally, you would benefit from handing the reigns to someone else.

Image: Dazzling News

Suppose you saw the gorilla; you might want to take it a little easier on yourself as you criticize yourself harshly. If you saw the lion first when you looked at the image, you are a strong person who goes with your instincts.

If you first saw the fishes, you thrive at the moment.


Bay, Baby, and Bushes

The illusion is composed of three distinct features. There is a baby, a couple looking at the bay, and some trees. If you were immediately drawn to the baby, this means that you from time to time prefer to be alone.

If the couple caught your eye, then one of your qualities is loyalty to your close friends, and you tend to avoid big crowds and large parties.

Image: BrightSide

If the trees capture your attention the first time you look at this image, then you are lively and active, taking life’s challenges with strength and vigor.


Guess which ball is bigger

This optical illusion will trick you into thinking that reality is fake. It appears that one of the checkered balls is larger than the other. If the ball in the background seems more prominent than the one in the foreground, you are a natural leader and thrive under the limelight. Also, you pay close attention to detail.

Image: Furilia

If the ball in the front appears more prominent on the other hand, you’d instead take a back seat, but you give great advice when asked for it.


The face of nature?

If all you see is the nature scene in the image, then you live for now. You enjoy spontaneous adventures and loathe routine. You like it when things don’t follow a specific plan and never do the same thing more than once.

Image: BrightSide

If you saw a face when you looked at the image, then you love organization in your life. You thrive in well-planned situations. You are the type that loves to know what they’ll be doing the next day and the day after that. The knowledge of your itinerary gives a sense of security.


Lion or Zebra?

When you look at the following image, what is it that hits your eye? Did you first see the zebra? Then you love the company many people. You may come off as someone who talks a lot. You also live life an hour at a time and dislike routine. You love parties and making new friends comes easily.

Image: ŠibenikIN

If the first thing you noticed in the image is the lion, you prefer the laid-back approach to life. For you, one on one company is better than crowds. You are chilling at home watching a movie while eating snacks is a description of a perfect day for you. Groups and new people tend to exhaust you, and so you tend to avoid them. You love routine and well-coordinated situations.


Dance, Rest, and Clean

What do you see first when you look at the image? Is it the lady cleaning? Is it the two dancers? Is it the face with the fancy collar? Is it the skulls? Or is it the knights? Or the man on the bed?

Image: Henry007

If, at first, you saw the cleaning lady, then you are great at solving problems. If you saw the dancers, you are a romantic person. If you saw the knights, it means you rely on a solid support system. If you saw the skulls, it means you love to take risks and are fearless.

If you saw the man on the bed, it means you worry too much.


A Flowered Face?

If the first thing you see when you look at this image is the face of a beautiful woman, do not worry that you have a wandering eye. It means that you are in tune with your surroundings. Being in tune with your surroundings makes it possible for you to make quick and accurate decisions.

Image: YouTube/GENIAL

What if all you see are flowers? This means that you dislike the fast lane and prefer a relaxed life. By no means does this mean that you let life pass you by. You know when and how to act when the situation demands it.


Feline or Rodent

If you tell people that the first thing you see in the image is the big blue cat, they’d not believe you. Most people, when they look at this image, first see the mouse. If you are one of those that see the mouse first, you have a propensity to see the light in any situation. You find the best in people at all times, and though it may not be evident to most, you are in tune with your surroundings.

Source: YouTube/GENIAL

If you see a big blue cat, it means that you are a realist. You like situations where you can see the bigger picture. You are also capable of seeing people for who they are.


The woman at the Window or Skull?

If initially, you see the woman at the window, you are unaware of looming dangers. Some of these dangers might be deadly. You also tend to be impulsive in your decision-making and tend to trust easily, even to your detriment.

Source: YouTube/GENIAL

But if the skull jumped out to you when you saw the image, it means that you have a more realistic approach to life’s situations. Most people you interact with may judge you as cynical. This is not true as you are very pragmatic and do not hold any pessimism. You tend to move on quickly as you accept the view that nothing lasts eternally.


Cliff, cat, or face?

If you noticed the cliff first when you looked at the image, then you most likely have a general outlook on life. You are one to make lemonade out of life’s many lemons.

If you saw the cat curled up on the cliff first, it means that you always dislike change and prefer to keep your emotions controlled. You can be trusted to deliver on every promise you make. 

Source: Мотика

If you are one of those who saw a face, you are more likely to have a strong creative side. You ask multiple questions and see opportunities around you where others do not. You find contentment in understanding the world around you. You are happy with literature, music, and poetry.


Defined by Color?

Not all illusions are about finding hidden images. Some help tell your personality based on the composition of the picture. The color you see first reveals a lot about your personality. 

Source: domorefice7786

If you see turquoise, you tend to be a risk-taker who has a beautiful imagination that helps fuel your creativity. If you noticed blue, you have some perfectionist tendencies.

If yellow was the color you saw first, then you are highly adaptable and easygoing.


Explosion or lovers

If you are yet to find out your personality from these illusions, then perhaps this next one will help. If you see the mushroom cloud explosion, you tend to be easily scared and most especially of the unknown.

Image: Мотика

If you look closely into the mushroom cloud, you can see a couple in an embrace. If the couple is the first thing you notice, relationships, family, and friends are essential.


Duck, Duck Squirrel?

This illusion helps identify which part of your brain is dominant. If you saw the duck first, then your right hemisphere is the dominant side of your brain. This means that you might exhibit a lot of creativity and artistry in your talents. Although this might look like you are not methodical or scientific, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you are disconnected from your left brain.

Image: YouTube/GENIAL

If you spotted the squirrel first, then your left hemisphere is more dominant. This means that you are more analytical and methodical. The left hemisphere of the brain does most of the conscious work.


Neigh or Croak?

The frog leaps out of the image for many people. Those who see the frog first love to communicate directly and are self-assured.

Image: Boredom Therapy

Those that see the horse first are known to be contemplative and are very intellectual. In terms of communication, they prefer beating around the bush. They also tend to stick to their own opinions and are hard to sway.


Bear Mountains

If you see a snowy mountain, you are generally very perceptive and are known to trust your instincts.

Image: YouTube/GENIAL

If, on the other hand, all you see are the bears, then you are very methodical in your decision-making. You like understanding both sides of a divide before weighing in with a solution.


The Faces of Trees

It goes without saying that there is a tree in the image. If that is all you see then, you are likely to be someone who enjoys spending time alone. Even though this is true, you still want intimate time with people who value your company. You tend to avoid conflicts at all costs, especially with those closest to you.

Image: YouTube/GENIAL

If you first see the faces on the tree staring back at each other, then you are the type that is sentimental. You are known to help people struggling with anxiety to compose themselves.


Rorschach or Sax?

The illusion may just appear like an inkblot, but if you look closely, you can see a saxophone player or a beautiful face. If you initially saw the saxophonist, then your left side of the brain is your most dominant hemisphere. This means that you thrive in situations that require great perception and wisdom.

Image: YouTube/GENIAL

If the first thing you saw when you looked at the image was the face, then your brain’s dominant hemisphere is the right hemisphere. This means that tasks that require a lot of creativity will be a lot of fun for you. You can solve life’s issues with relative ease and can be enterprising.


Seal or donkey?

If a baby seal is the first animal you see when you look at the image, you are very good at math and logic. Your mind allows you to learn new languages quickly.

Image: YouTube/GENIAL

If you saw a donkey first, that means that you can predict situations quickly. You also tend to love working alone without supervision. You evaluate all the evidence before making your choice, even when the problem is tricky.


The Girl, The Skull and The Woods

If you were drawn directly to the girl, you tend to be imaginative and mysterious. You are very good at relationships but keep the mystery by revealing yourself gradually to your partner.

Image: Večernji.hr

If you saw the outdoors first, then you are a reliable person. You also have a great sense of humor and can influence a lot of people. You are known to be fair in situations that require someone without bias.


The Lion and The Bird

The image below appears as different things to everyone who looks at it. This is because all of us have a subconscious that informs our perception. Some see a lion. If you see a lion, you are courageous even when facing your deepest insecurities. 

Image: BrightSide

If you saw a bird when you looked at the image, you could be a little carefree and absent-minded. You are an idealist who wants to make the world a better place.


The Village or the elephant

When you look at the image below, what do you see? Do you see a village? If you did then you love routine and thrive in well-organized situations. 

Image: BrightSide

If you pay close attention, you can make out the outline of an elephant in the image. If that stood out for you, then you are very devoted to your friends and family, and you listen intently to their problems.


Woof going, Woof coming.

In the image, you might see the dog just getting out of the frame. If you see that, then you are a creative problem solver. Solving problems creatively is second nature to you.

Image: BrightSide

If you can spot the dog coming in from the left, you are an organized problem solver. You love to take a practical approach to solve problems.


Crocodiles or Bird

If you first see the two crocodiles touching snouts, then you are someone who excels in environments where you are in control. You are better at giving instructions, but this does not mean you rule with an iron fist.

Image: BrightSide

If you saw the silhouette of a bird, then you are better at following instructions and serve others well. This does not mean that you can be pushed around, it is just a role that best brings out your personality.


Squirrels or a face

If the squirrels are prominent when you look at the image then you are loved by your leaders for your propensity to solve problems quickly.

Image: Mighty Optical Illusions

On the other hand, if you first saw a face that some people struggle to do, you have excellent attention to detail. This might come in handy in social situations and in the workplace.


Boat or Croc?

Do you see the outline of a crocodile, or do you see a boat rocking in the (teeth) waves? If you see the silhouette of a crocodile, then you are more wary and pragmatic and reduce taking chances to an absolute minimum.

Image: The Powerful Mind

If you see the figures in a boat rocking in the waves, you have excellent attention to detail. You might come off as inventive, distinctive, and unique. The challenge that you face most is that you might pay too much attention to detail and might get lost in the works. Also, you might refrain from taking chances.


Pillars or People?

In this illusion, you can either focus on the dark elements or the lighter elements. If, at first, you notice the shadowy figures in the image, then you must be unpredictable. You have great curiosity and do not enjoy staying at one place for a long time.

Image: The Powerful Mind

If you noticed the pillars first, you prefer safety and calm over a hectic and chaotic lifestyle. You tend to think things through and might spend a lot of time planning rather than executing. You dislike taking risks.


The older man and the Damsel.

When looking at this illusion, you might see the back of a young woman’s head or the face of an older man. If you perceive the back of the young girl’s head, then you are charitable and inquisitive. You like to see projects to completion even though you make knee-jerk decisions.

Image: MentalFeed

If you see an older man’s face, then you are loyal, trustworthy, and always keep a level head. You exhibit dependability and can be trusted to lead others. You meticulously plan every action and strive for perfection.


Bombs or Thumbs?

Noma Bar, the Israeli artist, used negative space to create the artwork below. You can either see a mushroom cloud or two thumbs pointing upward. If you see the mushroom cloud, then you have good leadership skills and outstanding organizational skills.

Image: WeHeartIt/Oxigeneric

If you see the thumbs that make up the image, you have compassion and are generous to those less fortunate than yourself.


Binoculars, Car or Letters

Unlike most illusions, this one has three things to look out for. You can either see a man holding a pair of binoculars, a car that is perpendicular to the road, or the letter “A.”

Image: Fubiz

If you saw the man with the binoculars, you understand situations for what they really are. If the car initially caught your attention, you value the freedom to move from place to place. Finally, if you saw the letter “A,” you have a unique way of thinking. 


Candlestick or Faces

If you can see faces staring at each other by looking at the image below, then you are an extrovert who loves parties and the company of others. You thrive in situations that allow you to be the center of attention and love company consisting of like-minded people.

Image: Optical Illusionist

If you saw a candlestick, you can be described as extremely shy and prefer to be alone most times. You hate crowds, and your idea of a good time is sitting home watching movies.


Man, or a Woman

In the next illusion, you can see two faces. Depending on whom you ask, the respondent might say that it is the face of a man or a woman. If women know a man’s face, they might be looking for love, are in love, or are closely bonding with their significant other.

Image: The Powerful Mind

If women spot the face of the woman first, then this means that they are mentally strong and very independent.

If men likewise see a woman’s face, it means that they are looking for love or a long-term partner to settle down with.


Mustache face or birds

If you see the face first in the optical illusion, this means that you are personable and diplomatic and tend to avoid disagreements. 

Image: TheWonderList

If you first saw the birds, you tend to be hospitable and love things to move quickly. You also enjoy the company of strangers.


Mask or figure

The illusion below might be confusing to most people. On the one hand, it looks like Spiderman’s headgear. On the other, it seems like a white bra.

If you saw the superhero costume, then you love tradition and do not enjoy change.

Image: TheWonderList

If you saw the item of clothing, you are open to trying new things and are generally carefree as you live life one day at a time.


The Cat and The Bird

It might not be obvious the first glance, but there are two animals in the illusion below. If you first see the lynx, you look at the bigger picture in life. You thrive in roles that require teamwork, project management, and leadership.

Image: Daily Star

If you first see the hummingbird, then it means that you are entrepreneurial and a go-getter. You can be depended upon to complete projects.


Vase or silhouettes

The image below is known as Rubin’s Face. When people look at it, they either see two faces looking at each other. If, at first, you spot the vase, then you don’t care much for intense detail.

Image: John smithson 2007

 If you spotted the faces right away, then you have excellent attention to detail. You also like to break down tasks into smaller, achievable goals to best complete projects.


Skull or Woman

The illustration below is by Charles Allan Gilbert and is known as All is Vanity. If you first spot the lady looking into the mirror, then you are detail-oriented.

Image: Charles Allan Gilbert

If you spot the skull first, you have a broader view of life and may skimp on the details.

The woman staring at her reflection can come off as vanity that leads to death, thus the skull.


The Dark Knight or Wolverine

Depending on your personality, you may either see two Batmen looking at each other or Wolverine. If you spotted Wolverine, then you are a massive fan of the Marvel Universe.

Image: devnodegree

If the Batmen jumped at you, then you must be a big DC Universe fan.


Open Book or Bouquet

If you look at the image below and notice the roses, you are a virtuous person and look for serenity and calm in everything.

Image: YourTango

If you looked at the image and saw the book, then you are intelligent and very spontaneous. If the balloons stood out to you, then you are of an upbeat disposition. If the lion was the first thing you saw in the illusion, you are fearless and intrepid. If the cross was the first thing your eyes landed on it means you are generous and faithful. If you noticed the tie, then you are full of resolve and are diligent.