Funny Airport Photos That Remind Us How Entertaining Traveling Can Be

Published: Jan 26, 2022

Airport terminals are home to interminable queues, random pat-downs, and the injustice of overpriced airport food. Even if you’re not a frequent flier, you’ve undoubtedly experienced the craziness of air travel at some point in your life. It is often a stressful experience involving strict weight restrictions for luggage and time restrictions for your journey. The flight can be delayed by hours and you just have to wait, but if you’re a few minutes late, no one will be waiting for you.

There’s bound to be some conflict with a setup like that, but there’s sure to be some laughter as well. Traveling through airports can offer some of life’s most memorable experiences because of the unexpected and humorous things you might encounter. What’s the harm in finding a chuckle here and there?

1. No Bed? No Problem

Airports are strange places at the best of times, and if you’re searching for a good laugh, you’ll be sure to get one in this unusual environment. Take, for example, this individual. In most airports, it’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep.


However, after you’ve already been traveling all day and are stuck with a ridiculously long layover, you’ll do whatever it takes to get a few hours of sleep. This guy was desperate to get a good night’s sleep, so he improvised a pillow out of his luggage. It looks surprisingly comfortable, and no one can take his bag without him knowing!


2. Getting Picked Up By A Dinosaur

The experience of getting off an aircraft and knowing that your friends or family members are waiting for you in arrivals is unrivaled, especially if you’re traveling home to celebrate a special occasion.


This particular gentleman was at the airport, waiting to collect his best mate for his bachelor celebration when he came up with a novel way to make the greeting more entertaining. And what shouts “fun” more than donning a dinosaur onesie to celebrate the occasion? That bachelor party was off to a fantastic start, no doubt.

3. The Mechanic

Do you have any clue what this man is up to beneath the conveyor belt? Or perhaps he is attempting to test if it will result in his body x-ray being taken? At the very least, it appears to be one method of getting past security.



It’s most likely that the conveyor belt is being serviced and that this individual is a mechanical technician. Either that, or he’s stumbled across the most excellent airport ride anyone has ever had!

4. You Never Know Who You'll Meet

How often do you anticipate running into a familiar face or being recognized when traveling? Imagine running into the doppelgänger of your favorite film character on the street. The same thing happened to one man on the airport tramway. 


It was impossible to miss the striking resemblance between this man on the tram and Forrest Gump! Airports are fun places because you never know who you’re going to run into. If only this Forrest Gump clone could run fast and quote the film, this moment would be perfect.

5. Working The Old-fashioned Way

There is no doubt that people these days are busier than they have ever been, and it is not uncommon to find individuals working in airport terminals. We’ve seen everything from laptops and iPads to physical spreadsheets and piles of paperwork making an appearance.

This woman brought things back to the ’70s by arriving at the airport with a typewriter in hand. It’s unquestionably the most unusual way to get some work done while on the road. What a trip down memory lane!


6. A Good Snap

Leaving the airport to travel back home can be a bittersweet moment. You’ll be playing your trip back in your head and thinking about all the things you wish you could have seen or visited. With all of the great architectural structures out in Germany, it would be a shame not to have at least one last photograph of the gorgeous country.


Luckily, that problem is solved! You won’t even have to leave the Frankfurt airport to get one last good photo. It takes only a few minutes to snap this brief photo before continuing with the rest of your travels. No one will ever find out.


7. Go With The Flow

Consider the following scenario: you have just arrived at your final destination after a hard day of traveling. You’re ready to be done with the airport, so you head to the baggage area to get your belongings, but your luggage doesn’t appear.

We’ve all been there, and we sympathize with this young woman’s angst. Sometimes you’re so done and exhausted that you give up and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by everything. This may not be the best location for you to have a breakdown, but we’re with you.


8. Being Slim Surely Has Its Advantages

Nothing is worse than being exhausted and having to catch long-haul connections without a nice, comforting bed in which to sleep off your jet lag. We’re all aware that finding a comfortable place to nap at the airport may be difficult, especially given the fact that most terminals have armrests between each seat.

This woman chose to make use of her petite stature. She squished between the armrests and stretched out completely before settling up for a nap. The only issue she would have is getting out of the seats fast enough to jump on a plane.


9. Don’t Take Too Long

Airports are well-known for being sites where people say emotional goodbyes and hellos to one another. Couples who are parting ways or reconnecting with their significant others may find it appropriate to exchange a kiss or warm embrace to convey their feelings for one another.


That being said, this airport wants to ensure that those kisses don’t take too long; after all, people have somewhere to be, and things need to move along. Consequently, when you’re saying goodbye to your significant other at the airport, make sure to limit your kissing time to three minutes or less!


10. The Wrong Time and Place

Do you ever dress in a way that corresponds to the environment in which you’ll be? Have you ever worn something by accident that turned out to be a massive joke to your friends?

That’s exactly what happened to this one guy who went up to airport security wearing a shirt that read, “I am the king of metal.” There’s a time and place for everything, and this was neither the time nor the place for such a shirt. It was, however, the right time to snap a photo capturing the funny side of the situation as he prepares for the metal detector.


11. What's The Point Of Having A Stroller?

Strollers are commonly used by parents while traveling with children. Still, as your child grows older, it is not unusual to decide to avoid the inconvenience of checking your stroller at the airport. Unfortunately for one family, the poor kid had worn herself out to the point that she could not walk.

Because she didn’t have a stroller to fall asleep in, she improvised by collapsing over a bag. Why bother with a stroller when your rolling bag can solve your problems? We all get it, and we’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives.


12. It's That Time Of Year Again

If you’re someone who gets irritated by strollers and other bulky carry-on luggage holding up the boarding procedure, you’d lose your mind if you saw this man trying to bring this baggage onto the plane.


Huge suitcases and shopping bags full of Christmas gifts are one thing, but imagine boarding an airplane with a man who is carrying an entire Christmas tree. Keep in mind that this is not a miniature Christmas tree, but a full-sized tree with ornaments. Here’s hoping they’re just in the process of decorating the airport!


13. The Baby Is On The Move

Every mother has experienced this at some point in her life. In the blink of an eye, you see that your kid has vanished from sight. Taking into account all of the tension and craziness that comes with traveling through an airport, it’s challenging to maintain your composure.

While putting her shoes in the bin at airport security, this mother put her baby into the container and left him there as a temporary solution to holding hi,. We hope she picked up her child before the little cutie went through the x-ray machine!


14. What A Dummy

If you ever find yourself getting bored while waiting for your plane to board, you may use this machine to sharpen up your CPR capabilities. You’ll just have to deal with the unsettling presence of the dummy’s torso within it. All we ask is that you assure us that you will not attempt mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


At these kiosks, you can learn the principles of CPR, practice it, and then take a 30-second exam to see how well you did. You can practice on a mannequin or rubber torso, and you’ll get feedback on how well you did during the test.


15. Temper Tantrums

To any parent of small kids, taking a weary child somewhere is a surefire way to end up in a meltdown. Traveling is exhausting for adults, so we can only imagine how draining it must be for children accustomed to sleeping in their favorite places, with all their soft toys.

Get ready for the temper tantrums! This poor child has certainly had enough, as seen by the full-on faceplant resulting from her hysterics. It’s impossible not to sympathize with her and her parents – we’ve all felt the same at some point in our lives.


16. What a Leg you Have!

Even though she was walking beside a moving walkway, this woman had no trouble showing off her legs in a lovely skirt and some playful high heels. Even the guy standing next to her on the sidewalk appears to be taken with her appearance.

The photographer for this photograph definitely had impeccable timing because they caught the guy on the right in the middle of a comical optical illusion that positioned her legs on his body. We’re really enjoying his new look, and that’s all we have to say.


17. Traveling On A Tight Budget

If you happen to see someone carrying this suitcase through an airport, you’re likely to do a double-take and wonder what they’re thinking. In most cases, you’ll be caught between laughing and running away or wanting to know more about the clever advertising on this bag.

They have clearly outdone themselves in terms of cleverness and creativity, and we have to give them credit for their efforts. We would like to insist that they unzip the bag, though, in order to ensure that there isn’t a person trying to escape from it.


18. What An Unusual Scenario

Nuns are often thought to be beyond reproach, and no one would ever accuse them of misconduct unless they were Sister Jane from the television show Orange Is the New Black. However, this particular nun clearly drew the attention of airport security.

Something about her stood out, and she was patted down. It’s an odd picture, and we’re left to wonder what caused her to be pulled aside and searched so thoroughly. We must acknowledge the amusing sight of a nun getting patted down by airport security.


19. Free Eye Mask

Even if you’re trying to get some shut-eye before a long flight, the bright fluorescent lighting in airports might make it challenging to do so. While most people wear their eye masks to shut out the light, there is still hope for those without one.

You can create a quick and easy eye mask using some old newspapers, just like this guy did. Even if it isn’t as comfortable or as dark as you would like, you do what you have to do when you’re stuck.


20. Priority Seating

You can find priority seats for pregnant women, people with disabilities, and the elderly on almost any mode of public transit. These are the most comfortable seats, built to provide extra legroom, as are the seats towards the front of the airline’s cabin.


Some people may take advantage of this seat, even if they are not entitled to do so. In this airport, there is a helpful translation here spelling out that these seats are reserved for the “old weak and pregnant.” Without any commas, this phrase is rather funny, but it’s not referring to someone who is all three at once.


21. The Broken Massage Chair

Some people are skeptical about the massage chairs at the mall, believing they are a little too good to be true. Let’s face it – how much can you actually rest in a public setting? Isn’t it a little awkward getting a massage in front of so many passers by?


More importantly, what happened here? Did someone have the most relaxing experience of the life leading the chair to break or was it intentionally broken? In order for this broken airport massage chair to be in this condition, it appears that something enormous must have crashed down on it. Imagine how the culprit must have felt when it happened.


22. Warning: Severe Weather

As with many signs, the placement of directions can get you into trouble if you’re not careful. This one still manages to be funny. Is there severe weather in the women’s restroom? Now, that’s a bad sign.

Tornados in the toilets? That’s not the kind of restroom we’d want to use. While it’s true that the airport didn’t necessarily indicate they were in the same location, we can’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation.


23. A Sneak Peek

If you’re honest with yourself, you’ve always wondered what it’s like inside the scanners at airport security. Everyone has. The conveyor belt into the scanner goes beyond our wildest imagination. And what would the scan of ourselves show up as on the monitor?

Well, one man made his wish come true by stepping on the machine and riding the conveyor belt for a few minutes. We hope he acquired TSA approval before obtaining that long-awaited sneak peek because if he didn’t, he might be in serious trouble!


24. Airport Knight Coming Through

When we wish to make our luggage as light as possible, we may dress in as many layers as feasible before heading to the airport. On the other hand, this individual took his travel attire to an entirely new level by arriving completely dressed in knight’s attire.

Given that a knight’s uniform typically contains a significant amount of metal, we can only imagine the challenges associated with passing through airport security and metal detectors in this costume. Possibly, he’s there to offer his own security services to the TSA as part of his mission. 


25. Can You Bear It?

This 20-ton bronze monument of a big teddy bear stuck within a lamp, which can be found inside Qatar’s Hamad International Airport, is a sight to behold. Urs Fischer, the artist who created the monument known as “Lamp Bear,” wanted it to serve as a reminder to visitors of their favorite childhood possessions.


Alternatively, it could be their biggest fear. Some individuals may find this bear creepy rather than nostalgic or entertaining, and this is understandable. It may bring back some of your worst nightmares from your childhood. Honestly, we’re not sure what the bear is supposed to be doing in the first place.


26. Flying Dogs

According to the United States Department of Transportation, if you observe your neighbor’s luggage beside you wagging its tail, odds are it’s one of the 2 million dogs who fly air each year. Instead of becoming irritated, simply smile at the owner of the luggage – there’s a reason they have their dog with them, and it’s none of your business.


If your dog is tiny enough to fit in a carrier under the seat in front of you, they may be allowed to fly in the cabin with you as a carry-on, though airline policies vary. Your dog may be forced to travel in the cargo hold if its size exceeds that limit.


27. Welcome To Montana

Summers in Montana are mild, with cool nights and few instances of high or low temperatures. In the land of glaciers, mountains, log cabins, frosty winter evenings, and infinite forests, you’ll find many natural wonders. 


Unless you’re anticipating anything exceptional, don’t show up on its front porch. You may have to put up a battle to get to an electrical outlet. Montana is known as Big Sky Country for a reason. With Flathead Lake and the Bitterroot Mountains, Montana has more expansive vistas to explore than most of the other states.


28. The Recombobulation Area

In the “Recombobulation Area,” passengers who have just gone through security checkpoints can put their clothes and possessions back in their proper places. Many of Milwaukee’s visitors don’t care, despite the fact that “recombobulation” isn’t a legitimate term.


If this is indeed the recombobulation zone, we have a few questions to address. First and foremost, where exactly is the discombobulation area located? And secondly, how many times must one be discombobulated and then recombobulated before catching one’s plane?


29. False Advertising Is Becoming More Prevalent

Colorado is well-known for many things, including its breathtaking landscapes, diverse animals, and wide range of recreational opportunities. However, sunny palm-tree-lined beaches are not among the attractions of this land-locked region. Instead, it is known for its woods, mountains, snowy peaks, and hot springs.


As a matter of fact, the cattle slaughterhouse town of Greeley, Colorado, which is located an hour north of Denver International Airport, was dubbed “The Exact Opposite of Hawaii” in the South Park comedy series.


30. Ma Hallow!

Mahalo is Hawaiian for “thank you.” It appears on a large number of trash can doors, leading many tourists to believe it refers to garbage, which it does not! Mahalo is also a greeting that expresses respect, appreciation, and thankfulness. However, we’re not sure what “Ma Hollow” is supposed to represent in this context.


Furthermore, we are unsure whether we should worry more about this individual’s writing abilities or the fact that they are currently in control of everyone attempting to board the plane.


31. The Weird Sign

When a sign has been mistranslated in a country where English is not the native language, we can accept any unintentional errors. However, it’s evident that someone wasn’t thinking straight when they put up this unpleasant sign.

It is attempting to lead people to both the male bathrooms and a water fountain at the same time, but the positioning of the text makes it appear as though they are one and the same thing. There needs to be a little more room between those terms so that no one has to cringe while they read this.


32. A Fun Ride

Keeping children engaged in an airport can be a major undertaking, even in the best of circumstances. No matter how many games, toys, or films you bring, your child will almost certainly insist on you finding fresh and innovative ways to keep them entertained at all times.

For example, consider the situation of one particular dad who chose to provide his child with a thrilling experience by allowing her to enjoy a ride on the back of his bag. After all, the bag will still have to travel somewhere, so it’s not a big deal if it takes a few precious minutes to get to where it’s going.


33. Stating The Obvious

Occasionally, signs are so blatantly clear that you have to question why anyone believed they were necessary in the first place. This sign warns visitors that the jet blasts from the airplanes could cause severe injury or death if they are not careful.

We’d like to believe that this is just basic common sense, but the fact that this sign exists makes us wonder why someone felt compelled to place it there in the first place. Who would have thought it wouldn’t be a good idea to hang out near the airplane jets?


34. Putting Them On A Lease

Anyone who has ever had to deal with children – whether as a parent or simply in a job involving kids – knows how easily they can become out of hand and how difficult it can be to bring them back under control. This mother believed that by attaching a leash to her children, she would be able to keep them closer to her.

Unfortunately, the children did not want to cooperate. She may be questioning the leash decision with the kids pulling her in so many directions, but it could also be the only thing keeping them from running around the airport like wild things!


35. Finally, Some Consideration For Elves

A magical kiosk exists in a place that is very far away called Hungary, and only elves are permitted to use it. Unfortunately, the designers of this fantastical kiosk forgot to include one crucial component – a stool to stand on for them to reach the screen.


Naturally, this was intended to be a self-check-in kiosk, but the letter S is missing from the sign. It’s possible that it faded over time, resulting in an instant booth for the elves to utilize. If only there had been a cute little stool for the elves to stand on, this would have been perfect.


36. What Happened To My Luggage?

Everyone must be aware of how exhausting it can be to travel, especially when it involves a lengthy journey. You arrive at the baggage claim with sleepy eyes, and you immediately notice something peculiar – everyone else’s bags are there, but yours is nowhere to be seen. Finally, this spits out onto the conveyor belt.


There’s a piece missing from it. The term “piece” here refers to the entire luggage. What would you do if you just had a handle, especially if all of your belongings were in the bag that went missing? At the very least, you can still get your hands on the handle.


37. The Plane Is Going to Crash

This bizarre airplane advertisement was posted on the escalator of the airport. Isn’t it looking like this aircraft is about to crash? Why would they angle it that way when they can set the plane in a position where it is about to take off, which is much more appealing?


There are numerous directions in which planes can fly. Left, right, horizontal, upwards, downwards – these are all possibilities. Though they need to fly downwards to land, you don’t want them tilted at such an excessive angle like this!


38. The New Red Light District

Amsterdam is well-known for its historical attractions, outstanding art collections, and the distinct colors and flavors found in its historic districts, which have been preserved in such excellent condition. Have you heard the news that Amsterdam has a new red-light district? 


There is a new district in the Netherlands. You won’t be able to drive there, but you can take a plane. Just make a reservation for the nine o’clock flight to A**terdam. It’s amazing what one misplaced letter can do!


39. What A Strange Sign

You can find all kinds of signs in most airports, from logical ones, to misspelled ones, and everything in between. This sign reminds travelers to keep their clothing, body parts, and hair away from the conveyors. However, it has used an unfortunate image to get the message across.


Due to the illustration utilized, some people may think this is the strangest sign they have ever seen. We’re sure the person who took this photo had a good laugh when he saw this sign.


40. Another Weird Sign

Here’s another entry for a sign with an indecipherable meaning. If you saw this sign, don’t you think you’d be a little perplexed as well? This picture raises a slew of questions. It does, at least, make an attempt to answer them. 


How many times did someone attempt to squat on the seat before they were forced to post this sign? And where were people trying to discard the toilet paper before a sign informed them that it should be disposed of in the toilet bowl?