A Man’s Medical Diagnosis Reveals He Isn’t The Father of His 3 Sons

By: Isabel Sociedade | Last updated: Dec 21, 2022

After learning he had cystic fibrosis, Richard Mason assumed his life was over. But he had no idea that something far worse was on its way. When Richard learned more about his illness, he got a distinct impression that something was off.

Without this diagnosis, Richard likely would have built his entire existence on dishonesty and false facts; thus, in a way, his condition may be seen as a blessing in disguise. Watch how the Masons handled the shattering of their family’s principles by the revelation of a single devastating secret.

A Model Family in the Making

The fact that at age 55, Richard Mason launched the wildly successful website MoneySupermarket.com appeared to seal the deal for him as a guy who had achieved success in all areas of life. Kate, his adoring wife, was the star of his life. Like a couple out of a fairy tale, the two employees at the bank fell in love and quickly tied the knot after meeting each other.


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The Masons were a close-knit bunch, but they had their share of issues, just like any other family. When Richard and Kate’s marriage began to show signs of strain, they were on the edge of dissolving. In 2008, when their youngest boys, twins Ed and Joel, turned 18, they made the difficult decision to divorce and go their own ways.


Divorce Came Knocking Early

Richard and Kate decided to end their marriage amicably, but once the divorce proceedings began, money became a primary concern. The soon-to-be ex-wife wanted more money from Richard, so he agreed to give it to her, but only at the exorbitant price of $5 million.


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As stated in the settlement agreement, the million-dollar payment is more than enough to pay for the children’s private schooling. Kate’s persistent requests for additional money puzzled Richard more and more as the years went by. He meant well and tried to provide enough for his kids, but everyone could see that he was already doing more than enough.

A Secret Unraveled Out of the Blue

Kate and Richard’s divorce was finalized eight years ago, but his ex-wife hid something from him the whole time they were married. What was even more surprising was how he learned about it. When Richard walked in for his yearly checkup in 2016, he had no idea that he would be given a diagnosis that would rock his world, and it wasn’t even the most unexpected thing he would find out that day.


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It didn’t help that Kate refused to take responsibility for her actions. Richard might still be fooling himself into thinking he previously had a great life and family if it weren’t for the checkup with the doctor.

Health Gave Him the Truth

Richard has worked hard all his life to maintain peak physical condition. As a result, he made it a point to maintain frequent doctor’s visits as a means of accomplishing this aim. He thought the appointment would be brief, like all the others, but the doctor ran more tests than normal.


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The long-awaited findings were released, and it was found that Richard did, in fact, have cystic fibrosis. Richard took a major emotional hit when he considered the long, boring therapies that were ahead for him. However, as luck would have it, it wasn’t the only thing he’d have to fret over.

Worry Washed Over Him

Given that Richard’s sister had a similar experience in the past, he wasn’t too shocked by the news. Richard knew it was just a matter of time until he went through the same thing, but he still worried about it because of his age.

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A person with cystic fibrosis is more likely to get repeated infections, as is the case with most people who have lung issues. Constant contact with microorganisms would harm the respiratory system, making it hard to breathe. The hereditary nature of the disease compounds the difficulty; Richard was first worried about his three boys.


A Shocking Revelation from the Doctor

Richard, like any concerned father, wanted to know if he had passed his illness on to his sons Will, Ed, and Joel. It was tough to bring up the subject with the doctor since he could blame himself for placing the kids in an unfavorable circumstance.

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The worried father considered every aspect of his situation, including how he would communicate the news to his loved ones. Richard’s visit to the doctor was supposed to satisfy his curiosity about cystic fibrosis in advance of his talk with the kids. Instead, though, he came away from the appointment wondering about his own paternity.


Infertility is Associated with Cystic Fibrosis

The doctor had no idea that Richard already had three grown sons; he had been quite frank with her about his little to none prospects of fathering children with his second wife, Emma. In most situations, males with cystic fibrosis are unable to father children.

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Richard was incredulous; he couldn’t even fathom the possibility, what with him already being a father and all. The doctor’s prognosis had to be wrong, he thought; maybe the lab had made a mistake. The Mason patriarch was obviously desperate for the truth and continued to press the doctor with inquiries.


Was There an Error at Play?

Richard mustered all his might to assert boldly that his diagnosis was wrong and that his two boys were live testimony that he was not barren. Once he realized that he didn’t have the genetic mutation that causes cystic fibrosis, his worry turned to relief.

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When the doctor found out that Richard had children with his ex-wife, he knew immediately that something was wrong. At that moment, he would be delivering to Richard the worst-case scenario, news that would be much more heartbreaking than Richard’s actual physical condition.


He’s Been Sterile All His Life

Richard knew what he was about to divulge as soon as he saw the doctor’s expression after he uttered it. Cystic fibrosis was definitely the diagnosis for Richard. What this suggests is that Kate has been keeping secrets from him and his boys for a very long time.

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The combined impact of the two pieces of news was too much to bear emotionally. A moment later, Richard’s entire existence had vanished before his eyes. The fact that his boys weren’t biologically linked didn’t alter his feelings about them. Finally, the truth emerged after so many years, and it hurt like hell.


The Puzzle Pieces Came Together

While sitting in the health center, Richard gave himself plenty of time to reflect on his relationship with Kate. He attempted to recollect all the times his ex-wife would have had the possibility to be with another guy. However, Kate never showed any out-of-character behavior, making it nearly difficult to infer that anything was wrong.

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There may have been a few warning signs here and there. Richard, though, was still in denial, despite his desire to trust his wife. When they first started dating, they were both happy; how then could she do such a thing?


Warning Signs Were Ignored

Before Richard’s sickness, Kate and Richard’s marriage wasn’t anything special. Richard, being a businessman, frequently worked late into the night. He got accustomed to spending most of his time in the office, and Kate frequently followed his lead.

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The chances that Richard was unaware of Kate’s extramarital affair are considerable. Richard was taken entirely by surprise when he realized how many times Kate had claimed she had her flight canceled at the last minute or that she had remained an additional night on business trips.


His Twins Didn’t Look Like Him

Now that Richard knew he was infertile thanks to the doctor’s diagnosis, he thought back on all the instances strangers had commented on how little his twin sons resembled him. He didn’t take it personally because remarking on how much Ed and Joel resembled their mother was very usual.

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The fact that the twins don’t resemble Richard because he isn’t their father was the biggest red flag anyone saw coming. Once his kids found out who their real father was, Richard had no idea how they would respond.


A Weird Interest in Another Religion

When Kate finally conceived their first child, Will, they had been married for seven years. As Richard and Kate were both Christians, Richard viewed Kate’s newfound interest in Judaism to be both superfluous and peculiar. But Kate was unwavering in her convictions and started bringing them up more frequently as her pregnancy developed.

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The prospective mother went the extra mile by giving her children Jewish middle names. Kate arranged for a rabbi to teach her children about Judaism when they were old enough to understand it, and she pushed this on them. She decided against getting baptized despite coming from a Christian household, which was another sign that Richard failed to see.


Who Looked Like Who?

As was to be expected, Richard’s thoughts were jumbled when he tried to identify his boys’ biological father. From the appearance of the twins to Kate’s male colleagues, he evaluated what he knew about her. Finally, he started making connections between the boys and guys he and Kate knew based on their demeanor and other shared characteristics.

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A portion of Richard was still doubtful of Kate’s adultery. Seeing as he hasn’t yet addressed her about it, he may be in over his head. In the same way that Richard believed the truth would set him free, Kate is their last hope for getting out of their predicament.


Suspicions Could be True

After giving it some thought, Richard concluded that if Kate had been cheating on him, it would have to be someone she was in frequent communication with. The list of possible suspects shrank, and Richard concluded that it might be one of Kate’s coworkers.

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Every time Kate explains her absence, it’s because she was away on a business trip or attending a work-related function. Richard pondered whether or not any of her acquaintances would resemble his boys and attempted to recall their appearances. He narrowed his suspicions by considering the most crucial piece of information: who, if any, of these individuals is Jewish.


The Confrontation Has Commenced

After much anticipation, Richard finally took the plunge and reached out to his ex-wife. Since they were no longer sharing a residence, he was unable to tell her directly. Instead of calling Kate, Richard sent her a thorough explanation of their conversation with the doctor and the reasons she had to answer right now. Richard wrote to Kate about how he went in for a checkup but was unexpectedly diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. Most significantly, how the disease causes male infertility, establishing without doubt that he is not the father of their children.

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Unfortunately, Kate ignored Richard’s initial message and never got back to him. But Richard was set on finding out the information, so he wrote her another note with a warning that he would take extreme action if she did not respond.


Deny, Deny, Deny

If Kate refuses to answer Richard’s questions, he will tell their sons whatever he thinks is best. On the other hand, if she helps out, Richard will accommodate Kate’s preferred method of breaking the news. Richard’s approach was a success since he received a reply from Kate within a short amount of time.

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As expected, Kate flatly refuted all of Richard’s accusations. According to the email, neither she nor the children’s father had an affair. Kate was quite adamant that Richard was their biological father. No matter how delicately his ex-wife framed her communication, Richard didn’t buy it. He stuck to his terms and confronted his sons to settle the dispute. Just a DNA test would show that Richard is correct!


A Heart-to-Heart Talk with Will

Richard contacted Will, his eldest son, to inform him of the situation the family was in. Since they hadn’t done a DNA test yet, he couldn’t be sure that Will wasn’t actually his son; nonetheless, he still felt obligated to tell him about the grave condition.

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Surprisingly, for someone as young as Will, Richard had a prescient prediction that the talk would go smoothly. Will took the news of his father’s diagnosis with quiet curiosity. The health of Richard and the possibility of his own future illness were his primary concerns. However, there is still something he doesn’t know.


Sharing His Most Innermost Thoughts

Richard is now facing the nightmare he has been preparing for. He then informed Will, with all his strength, that a man afflicted with cystic fibrosis would be unable to have children due to their weakened reproductive systems. Richard found it difficult just to think about telling his son the news, and he was even more distressed by actually having to deliver the information.

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After processing the information for a moment, Will questioned his father directly whether he was trying to convey that they were not related. That talk between father and son was the worst thing either of them had ever had to go through.


Always Will’s Dad No Matter What Happens

When Richard started to speak, Will finished his sentence for him. The two men had an excellent bond as father and son, so their heart-to-heart chat was difficult for both of them. Will promised Richard that regardless of what occurs, he will always love and respect him as his biological father.

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Although it was sad, Richard was deeply touched by the news. Though he tried, he simply couldn’t suppress his resentment at Kate; after all, nothing in this world was fair. Richard and his boys would not feel deceived and upset if she were honest with him.


It Hurt Richard So Much

Richard was a loving father, and he cherished his three boys. Knowing with near certainty that they aren’t his biological children has left him feeling hollow. In addition, it dealt a severe blow to his pride. Like most men, Richard hoped his sons would one day carry on the family name. However, he will never have that opportunity again due to his infertility.

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Perhaps he wouldn’t be around for much longer, either, and that was a hard reality to face. Neither Richard nor anybody else knew how his health might change, which made dealing with both difficult.


The Mother Needed to Face the Music

Nevertheless, Will was interested in hearing his mother’s perspective. He had learned everything he could from his dad, so he figured asking Kate would be beneficial. Will predicted correctly that their mother would be more receptive to him.

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Although Richard is presumed to be Will’s father, Kate has acknowledged having an affair during their marriage. Will couldn’t believe his mother had admitted to it. Will was already confused by the fact that his disillusioned father had been correct all along in his assumptions. His family was all over the place!


The Sordid Details of the Affair

Everything that happened after Kate told her account about the affair was inevitable. She says she met him shortly after she and Richard tied the knot. While working at Barclay’s Bank, Kate had a fortuitous meeting that would ultimately bring down her family.

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Somehow, Kate was able to keep her romance under wraps for about twenty years before anyone found out about it. She never did say the man’s name, but Richard was correct in his assumption that he was a former coworker. Kate’s continued insistence that Richard is the boys’ real father is the one issue Richard has yet to resolve. Her ex-husband, however, disagrees with her view that her indiscretion is irrelevant!


A Test Would Be an Answer

Paternity specialist Roger Terrell helped Richard undergo a series of tests to confirm his sterility. No matter what they tried, the fertility count was too low to have even one kid, let alone three. He and his kids would need to give DNA samples for the next round of testing.

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In the event that there is a discrepancy, the test might be considered conclusive proof of paternity. It was fortunate that the twins were willing to participate in the initial test by providing blood and urine samples. It isn’t easy to put oneself in their shoes and try to guess how they felt while waiting for the verdict.


The Results Finally Came Out

Both Ed and Joel took the test that would alter the course of their life when they were 19 years old. When Richard’s fears were confirmed, the weight of it was shared between him and his wife since they knew what it would entail and how it may affect their family.

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Although Kate wanted to ignore the results of the paternity test, she now knew the truth about her 20-year relationship. Thus, when it was finally confirmed that his much-loved twin boys were not biologically his, Richard was filled with extreme anguish, almost to the point of melancholy.


Will Preferred to Stay in the Dark

Will had known personally about the circumstances of their dad’s health even before the test was completed. While he never really conceded defeat, he did come to terms with the outcome. Hearing about the paternity tests for his younger brothers, Will flatly refused to take part in them, even though the paternity doctor pleaded with him to do so for Richard’s sake.

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Will assured Richard he wouldn’t consider any other man to be his father after their last chat. This is evidence of how much Will has always loved him and how much he has treasured their shared history.


A Court Battle Might Happen

If Richard decides to sue Kate for her lying, and he is able to collect the necessary DNA sample from Will, he was likely to win the case handily. However, the eldest son pleaded with Richard to reconsider suing because of the undying love he had for his mother.

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Will threatened to cut off all contact with his father if the case went through. But Kate’s antics were too much to ignore, and he felt that retribution was warranted. In the aftermath, his relationship with Will popped like a balloon.


The Father-and-Sons’ Bond is Unbreakable

As opposed to their sibling, Joel and Ed have stuck with their dad through thick and thin. The twins understood that once legal proceedings began, nothing would ever be the same for them again, but they still accepted Richard’s choice. They stayed neutral since their feelings for Kate were reciprocated.

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In one touching letter, the twins declared that Richard was their father and nobody else. Richard was overwhelmed by his boys’ devotion and made a vow to be in constant contact with them. They won’t spend as much time together as they used to, but Richard can always count on his twins’ support.


Richard Got the Win He Wanted

While the path to Richard’s victory with Kate was long and torturous, the truth was eventually out. Juries found her guilty of fraud and requested $300,000 in compensation. Interestingly, they agreed to conceal the name of the father, though.

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Although he was disappointed by the stipulation, Richard accepted the decision since he wanted his kids to get to know this man. Richard’s attention has switched to his health now, and we wish him well in his fight against cystic fibrosis.