A 96 Year-Old Woman Reveals Shocking Secrets She Hid In Her Home For Decades

Published: Oct 01, 2023

Gladys and Carla Spizzirri are a sister team of realtors. This home was not the first or last one that they would sell but they did feel it had a sinister energy that they couldn’t quite explain. What could be hidden behind those doors?

When they first stepped foot into the house they were so taken aback and dumbfounded that they couldn’t even speak. They had heard rumors about the house but never could have imagined that they were true. They were the first to see the secrets hidden within the walls of the 148 Jane Street house.

Everything Appears Normal on the Outside

When you look at the 148 Jane Street property from the outside, you wouldn’t think there is anything out of the ordinary about the home. It looks like most of the other homes in Toronto Ontario.


But, the inside of this home tells a completely different story. And only a few people have been allowed inside to see the secrets that this home really holds. The realtor sisters were thrilled to get the opportunity to step inside.


What Secrets Does the House Hold?

It had started as an ordinary day for the Spizzirri sisters. They co-owned a real estate agency and the two women along with all their employees were enjoying another regular day at the office.


Source: Basher Eyre/ wikimedia commons

Gladys and Carla had decided to start working together in 2009. They made an excellent pair because one was talented in identifying ideal listings while the other was great at closing the deal with clients. The team was unbeatable!

A Phone Call That Would Change Everything

They had combined real estate experience that made them a winning team in the industry. They had seen a lot in their experience and didn’t think they could possibly be surprised by any home anymore.


However, they were about to be proven wrong. They were about to come across something they had never seen in their lives, let alone their careers in real estate. A life-changing phone call came into the office.

Joyce's Home

The office received calls all the time, but no one could have predicted that this particular call would be one that none of them would forget. The person on the line was Joyce, a homeowner looking to sell her house.


Joyce seemed hesitant to sell her property but was convinced that it was time to sell the home. During her conversation with the sisters, she let a secret slip that shocked Gladys and Carla.

What Was Hiding Behind the Walls?

Usually, when people are selling their home, it comes with negative and positive feelings. It’s exciting to move on to the next adventure but it is also sad to say goodbye to the memories you shared in the home. This was true for Joyce as well.

It seemed she was selling the home out of necessity, not because she really wanted to. The sisters knew that Joyce’s little secret would make selling the home more difficult than a typical property.


The Sisters Accept the Challenge... For Better or For Worse

It wasn’t as if Joyce was hiding the fact that there was a little mildew in the home or that there was some damage to the flooring. What she was hiding was a much bigger deal. And uncovering this secret would have implications for the community at large.

Gladys and Carla weren’t afraid of a challenge. They had sold homes before that other realtors had rejected. They accepted the job. And they were about to discover something extraordinary.


It Was Time to See What They Were In For

The sisters had been in the industry for many years and had seen and sold many houses. They were ready to step foot into the 148 Jane Street property, confident that they would be able to sell any home.

But, they couldn’t help but wonder what waited behind the doors of the home. To be honest, nothing could have prepared them for what lay inside. The only thing to do was see for themselves.


The Moment Has Arrived

Together, the sisters had covered the real estate industry for three years, and they knew the city better than just about anyone. They were particularly renowned for buying and selling homes in the most popular neighborhoods in Toronto. Not only were they experts, but they also had the experience to go with their knowledge.


On occasions, the realtor sisters came across homes that required little preparation for sale. Would Joyce’shouse be one of them? They had no clue but were doubtful since Joyce did not seem excited about selling her home.


Time Has Come To Move On

When Joyce spoke with the women, something surprising was brought up in the conversation that would influence how they viewed the property. It hinted at the surprise they were about to find as they walked in that front door. The woman interested in selling her home was 96-years-old.


Joyce was quite rational for her age and could hear a pin drop. Carla Spizzirri found it interesting because she was raised by her grandmother, who she had to shout for.


The Amazing Thing Awaiting Them

The real estate agents were still not sure what was about to happen. It looked like every other house on the block, and it was nothing special. They were shocked by what was inside the house, and there was no hiding the reality.


Joyce said she has lived in this modest house for over 70 years now. The house had never been touched apart from a single kitchen remodel. The real estate agents anticipated a tough sell when they learned the news. Would the house be in such a bad condition that it would never sell?


Bracing For Any Possibility

As Gladys and Carla reached the landing, they were worried about what they would discover. At her age, Joyce couldn’t care for a house. They prepared for the worst.


They were getting more and more nervous the closer the inspection day came. They were anxious about the cleanliness of the house and what they might find. Their worst fear was to be inside a hoarder’s home.


At Least There's An Upside

The real estate agents were pleased with the property’s location, regardless of what they found on the inside. Properties we’re appreciating in the area. Location is an essential factor in real estate.


After Joyce hung up with them, the sisters started crunching numbers and calculating the potential sale price. It was over a large figure, and they realized they might have an ample money-making opportunity. They decided to check inside, so they could make it presentable.


It Exceeded Their Expectation

Located in a secluded area of Toronto, Joyce’s home was ideal. In that neighborhood, the Spizzirri sisters had sold all their houses for high prices, but no one knew just how valuable Joyce’s family would be when put on the market.

Map of Toronto

By examining the numbers, the sisters had estimated the cost at just under a million dollars. It all banked, however, on what the interior entailed. Plus, Joyce had been quite hesitant on the phone. What if she changed her mind about selling her home?


Will The House Be Sold or Not?

When Joyce had called, she seemed unsure about selling the house, which had Carla and Gladys worried. The older woman told them she intended to sell her house despite living there for 72 years, creating beautiful memories.


The way Joyce spoke sounded weird. Was the senior hiding a secret about her home, or was she mad about leaving her home? That would be a big issue for their firm.


Now It's Time For The Big Reveal

The sisters had to go to 148 Jane Street and inspect the home before any big decision could be made. Homes often need extensive repairs before they can be sold, and inspections will determine how long it will take.


After setting up a tour of the house, they went over, but the sisters never expected to find what they did, and it was a scene that would have amazed anyone who entered that door.


Making A Final Decision

At this point, the only information Carla and Gladys had to go off of was the address of the house and a photo of the exterior. It looked just like all the other houses on the street.


Joyce had made up her mind, for sure. She was selling the home, and only Gladys and Carla needed to come to see it in person. Finally, the day had come. When Joyce opened the front door, the pair were stunned to see the existence that had been hiding behind the door.


The Interior Was Quite Spectacular

When the front door opened, the real estate agents were unprepared for what they found inside the house. The interior of the house was far from a hoarder’s lifestyle. Joyce took pride in her home and family.


The house was beautiful inside, but the detailed care was surprising. Everything in the home was perfect, including the decor and furniture, and there was more to come.


A Ride Back in Time

Gladys and Carla were astonished to see how gorgeous the house was. The duo were in shock when they saw the condition of the house. They’d be able to get more money than they ever expected. There were even more surprises.


The home was a mid 20th century decor. The owners moved to the home at a time when the styles and designs were newly emerging.


The Home Is Beyond Special

As the women moved through the house, they found each room even more extravagant than the last. The house was the cleanest and best maintained they had seen in their careers. It was a tribute to the past. no wonder Joyce was reluctant to leave.


Once the house was checked out, it was found that there was one huge problem, but they hoped it wouldn’t be a big deal.


A Problem In The Midst

The entire home was decorated in a feminine design and color. Despite its incredible beauty, that one fact would influence the ones who wouldn’t be pleased with that pink and floral design.


Renovating would be expensive and would take a long time. That could change the high prices that the real estate agents had calculated. The purple, pink, and gold of each room would impact men walking through the door.


There's An Outstanding Space

The most unusual room was in the basement, a design typically found in a man’s home, complete with a wet bar and elegant wood paneling. All it required was a few small improvements. It was apparent he spent some time there.


If Joyce’s husband had his own space to hang out, it was probably out of sight from the floral and pastel color scheme of the rooms upstairs. It was a place with few girlifying features.


At The Back Of The House

The house was clean, but the backyard was unkempt. Someone had placed AstroTurf in the backyard, but there was no landscaping or care taken.


Despite one area of concern, Gladys and Carla were sure of a deal on the property. The only issue now was ensuring everything was in proper working order and ready to go for sale.


Now Time For The Inspection

Even a charming house can have some severe problems. There might be mold and mildew or even rotting wood, but Clara and Gladys were confident the new listing would do well, seeing how well Joyce maintained it.


Despite their confidence and Joyce’s too, the patient’s outcome is always uncertain. We suspect there may be an issue that was not noticed for years. It was like a huge surprise when the inspectors showed up to check the house.


What is Beneath It All

The inspectors began their work immediately, digging through every inch of the house. They checked everywhere, looking for surprises in the walls and under the house. It took them a long time, as they were so thorough. These findings surprised everyone.


The house was cleaner than expected. The house was in better repair than it had been when the original owners arrived. Joyce had cleaned and tidied her home so well, along with her husband, that she had made sure that all there was to do was to put her family on the market. This was a rare find.


The Battle For The Purchase Begins

After Gladys and Carla returned to the office, they priced Joyce’s house for $699,000. Despite the high price, something exciting happened. A bidding war broke out as people went nuts over the well-maintained home. As soon as people saw the interior, they wanted to buy the house, which raised the price.


Interest in Joyce’s neighborhood built up quickly and then spread to people who weren’t looking to buy a house. These were folks who didn’t even plan to buy a property. But the house had them intrigued.


A Place In History

The story of the fantastic house soon appeared on the news and all over the internet. Everyone became fascinated by the story. How a 96-year-old woman managed to maintain the beautiful spaces caught people’s eye.


The posters would appear to the casual observer preserved in museum status rather than an actual home. Inside, the house was perfectly reflecting the 1940’s. Joyce’s life in Ireland was boring, so she used “Ulysses” to escape.


A Spanking New Kitchen

No major changes took place, except for one in the 1960s when kitchens were modernized. Joyce created a kitchen any chef would be proud of. Its original design did not allow it to work well in modern times.


Despite the last kitchen update occurring in the 1960s, all the appliances still functioned well. It makes sense that this section would be as well-preserved as the rest of the estate.


So Where Would Joyce Go?

Her extensive house decorations indicated that she thought of herself as an interior designer. When Joyce left the beautiful space she had beautified for decades, where would she retire to?


The media learned that Joyce was selling her home so she could move to a retirement home. She wanted to be free of the work that came with maintaining and caring for a house. Before the surgery, she’d worked as a seamstress, but she had never worked as an interior designer.


Things and Times Have Changed

148 Jane Street was Joyce’s home from 1942 to 2003. Then, the war was on everyone’s mind, and its impact on their lives had long-lasting effects. The couple bought a two-level brick house and renovated it into a home. Everyone wanted to know if the new owners would keep the building or do a massive remodel. It was a shame to destroy Joyce’s hard work, but it was the right choice for renovating.


Nobody knows what the new homeowners have done. The building is likely sold as the original listing no longer exists. The buyer doesn’t have to be restricted from doing whatever they want with the house. But everyone wants to keep the time capsule intact.


Here Comes The Bad News

Unfortunately, there was bad news for whoever purchased the house that Joyce created. The interior is perfect, but not without the furniture. If they pass that law, it will change the design of the home a lot.


Joyce’s daughter inherited and took all the furniture as her inheritance, which is understandable, since most of it was memorabilia. While it made the house look a little less attractive, it will always have historic value.


Standing The Test Of Time

Joyce first moved into 148 Jane Street in 1942 and lived there for 72 years. Despite all that living and having a child, she managed to keep her home looking so tidy. With her skills and imagination, the outside looked like a simple brick house but inside was transformed into a fantastic home.


The master bedroom still looks pristine, even though the room hasn’t been cleaned in years. The chairs look well taken care of and so does the bed, even though it has been around for a long time.


The Very Pleasing Aesthetics

Joyce said her décor style was with a soft color palette and designs that matched. She seemed to enjoy pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, and aqua.


Everything in the house was selected with such a clear attention to detail, that nothing is unexpectedly placed. Towels, photo frames, and even the toilet seat covers in a room are chosen carefully to match the room’s design. Joyce had a passion for pink.


All The Meticulous details

This house features wall-to-wall carpets and wallpaper covering all the decades of the post-war era. Ornate details and elements are just a few of the aspects that make this space unique. Then there are the furnaces, which keep the house warm in the cold Toronto winters.


Each room was carefully designed and decorated to blend well. It looks like something out of a museum, with custom cupboards and made-to-order hardware throughout the space. The master bedroom featured purple and lilac colors, with touches of aqua.


Downstairs Is Just As Stunning

The house is stunning from the outside, but even the basement is beautiful. The laundry room is filled with wooden cabinets that look as though they were just put in. There is a full complement of laundry machines here. These machines are likely not from the same timeline as the rest of the house.


Joyce cared for her home, which made it stand out from others and required good maintenance to achieve. Just look at the images here, and you will see that this couple kept their things in good order.


A Beautiful Bar and Lounge

Aside from appliances kept down in the basement, the beautiful wooden underground space features a lovely bar and lounge as well. This charming room offers owners with a great opportunity to relax after a long day of work or even host social gatherings.

Source: Little Things

This quaint home has a variety of amazing features, each more captivating and curious than the last. With the beautiful coloring, theming, and meticulous interior design found in each room, this charming home is full of personality.


Might Make You Think Twice About Your Interior Design

While some might consider this home to be outdated or overly feminine, the overall interior design definitely deserves praise and admiration. The attention was fully in the details and perhaps these incredible pictures have even inspired you to rethink your own home’s design. 

Source: Finance 101

If you’re looking for a unique, cozy, and vibrant feel to your home’s interior, then Joyce’s lovely room designs may be exactly what you need to consider. The style of these rooms may not be for everyone, but they are without a doubt charming to view.