The Unexpected Adoption Story Of The Growing Justice Family

Living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Sarah and Andy Justice had been trying for a baby for a long time. After years of attempting to conceive on their own, they opted to adopt instead. A long and stressful adoption process eventually allowed them to welcome children into their family after years of difficulties and challenges.

The events that unfolded after the adoption of their children seem more like something out of a dramatic work of fiction than a real-life story. After children came to the Justices, their lives changed dramatically. Read on to learn all the details of a story that will trigger tears, smiles, laughter, and surprise with all its twists and turns.

The Tedious Adoption Process 

Andy and Sarah Justice wished for nothing more than to start a family of their own. They tried everything to achieve this dream. From consulting experts to meeting doctors, Sarah was just unable to conceive. After a lot of thinking, they considered adoption instead. The only problem was that the process wouldn’t be easy.

The adoption process is a long and demanding one. Before being placed on the waiting list for a child, a potential adoptive parent must first have their case assessed and accepted by an adoption agency.


Starting A Family

As a couple, both Sarah and Andy Justice were inseparable and became devoted to each other. They didn’t need or want anyone else, but as time went by, they sensed that gap of wanting to take their relationship to the next level.

They had always talked about having kids. They both wanted to bring another person into their family and share the unique experience of raising a child together. Sarah and Andy felt like it was the perfect time for them to start their own family.


Finding A Doctor

Not knowing what to do with their fertility issues was one thing, but it was even more complicated trying to figure out who to turn to for help. The two lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although Tulsa is quite a large city, they had difficulty finding a fertility expert who could handle their case.

The couple had to travel for hours to get to St. Louis, where they were told they would find the best fertility doctor. The couple was so eager to have children that the long journey did not discourage them.


The Road To St. Louis

Sarah and Andy Justice went for a long drive from their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to St. Louis, Missouri. This is where they hoped to meet with a doctor who might assist them in becoming parents.

Six hours of travel later, they arrived at the fertility doctor’s office. They underwent a series of tests to make sure that there were no complications. However, shortly after, they were greeted by devastating news. Unfortunately, the results revealed that Sarah’s chances of becoming pregnant were slim to none.


The Possibility of In-Vitro Fertilization

Sarah and Andy were deemed suitable candidates for IVF therapy. However, their odds of actually becoming pregnant were only around 10%. Additionally, the doctor informed them of how expensive and invasive the treatment would be before performing the surgery.

Hearing the risks and downsides of the procedure, the in-vitro fertilization process appeared to be out of the question, at least at that time. Still, the Justices were determined to start their family. So, they started working on a different plan.


The Cost of IVF

In-vitro fertilization is not a low-cost procedure. An IVF cycle may cost around $12,000 to $15,000, and most insurance plans do not cover the treatments. One IVF cycle is hardly ever enough. So, in an attempt to get pregnant, the Justices would be looking at spending somewhere between $30,000 and $60,000. 

Even in that price range, there’s still not 100% assurance that IVF will be successful. Considering the cost and minimal chance of success, they opted to look for alternative options instead. It seemed like the most logical thing to do next was to consider adoption. 


The Justices Were Committed

Bringing a child into their family was all the Justices ever wanted. However, they soon discovered that adoption is a tedious and demanding process. All they wanted was to give a child a good home, but in practice, adoption is not so simple. 

Despite everything they went through, their passion and commitment were unwavering. They were aware that the adoption process may take years. Still, they were determined to reach their goal of becoming parents, and nothing would discourage them. So, Sarah and Andy persisted through every setback and delay. 


The Interview Process

An adoption agency conducted a home visit with Andy and Sarah before arranging interviews with potential birth mothers. Being a parent is definitely one of the most valued dreams in the world. So, these interviews can be emotional, challenging, and exhausting for hopeful parents.

The interview was indeed a draining experience for the Justices. It went on for hours since the agency wanted to ensure that the birth mother under consideration would be a good match for them. Even after it was finally complete, the interview was just the beginning of a long journey. 


Light At The End Of The Tunnel

After the grueling interview process, the Justices finally saw some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. The adoption center had linked them with a birth mother who was willing to give them her child for adoption. Andy and Sarah were overjoyed, and they couldn’t wait to finally be able to welcome their kid into the world.

The Justices promised to provide assistance to the birth mother during her pregnancy and help her deliver their baby safely and healthily. Despite this, things weren’t as easy as they first seemed.


Sudden Change of Mind

Both Sarah and Andy were feeling over the moon with the news, but that happiness didn’t last long. Unfortunately, at the last minute, the birth mother decided to keep the baby instead. She no longer wanted to give up her child for adoption.

Although the couple was devastated by the decision, they totally understood where the birth mother was coming from. While the Justices were saddened and disheartened, they refused to back down. They were determined to make it happen. 


Trying Again

The Justices chose to move forward, despite their sadness, disappointment, and frustration. They got back in touch with the adoption agency in hopes of getting the long and difficult process started afresh with a new birth mother. 

Following numerous additional interviews, they were able to find another possible birth mother. However, in a devastating moment of Deja Vu, the new birth mother decided to back out at the last minute too. Sarah and Andy were at a loss for words.


A Phone Call

For a while, Sarah and Andy gave up hope after this challenging time. Despite these harsh emotional blows, however, they found the will to keep going. Remembering the reasons why they wanted to become parents, they were able to find the courage to get through the seemingly endless adoption process.

While they were suffering during each of these setbacks, they knew they would never give up on their dream. After all, life has a way of working itself out. It wasn’t long before they received a phone call that would transform their lives.


A Call From The Agency

Sarah and Andy felt as if they had reached rock bottom at this time. Conceiving naturally was impossible, and they were given false hope twice while in the process of adopting a child. They had been through a long and arduous journey just to get nowhere. 

These tragic thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. It was the agency, and they were calling to inform the Justices that a pregnant woman had picked them to be the parents of her unborn child. Something special about this young mother brought Sarah and Andy hope.


Something Strange?

When the third potential birth mother asked Sarah and Andy to join her in an ultrasound visit, they took the chance to meet with her immediately. Sarah, Andy, and the birth mother saw something strange in the scan in the doctor’s office.

Initially, they were all worried, but they quickly realized that this was a lovely surprise after all. The baby was perfectly healthy. In fact, all of the babies were totally healthy – each of them had strong heartbeats.


Perfect Match

After a few seconds of careful observation of the ultrasound scan, they discovered that there were not one, not two, but three separate heartbeats on display. The couple and the birth mother were all taken by surprise. 

The Justices had gone through so much hardship expecting to adopt only one child. So, learning that they would be adopting three children simultaneously was like a dream come true. They agreed to continue the adoption process for all three of these children because they believed they were destined to be together.


Blessings In Disguise

When three babies arrived at once, the Justices had no idea what to expect. Considering triplets are so unusual, they had to do everything they could to have the nursery ready in time for the arrival of their new bundles of joy. 

Though it was not exactly what they were planning to do, having three children at once was still a blessing. It meant they wouldn’t have to go through the tedious adoption process all over again, which was good news for them.


Preparing For Triplets

Prioritizing the preparation of their home for three new members of their family was an essential matter for Sarah and Andy. They raced to the shops, where they purchased a crib, strollers, and other essentials such as diapers, pacifiers, and bottles.

Furthermore, they scurried to babyproof the entire house, ensuring that nothing harmful would be within reach of the babies once they began crawling. The Justices were thrilled! They couldn’t wait for the birth of their three children.


Three Bundles Of Joy

They may have had their adoption plans put on hold numerous times, but they were eight weeks ahead of schedule when the triplets were delivered. The biological mother had gone into labor prematurely, but thankfully, it was still considered safe. After several hours, the Justices welcomed into the world their three bundles of joy, each weighing three pounds.

The time finally came for Sarah and Andy to welcome Hannah, Joel, and Elizabeth into their family. Each day, the triplets grew stronger, and in no time, they were well enough to leave the hospital and move to their new, lovely home.


A Series Of Twists And Turns

Sarah began to feel sick a week after the birth of the triplets. They assumed that she was feeling a bit under the weather due to stress and exhaustion. Just to be on the safe side, they booked an appointment with their doctor. 

They couldn’t afford to be careless now that they were taking care of babies. The new parents wanted to ensure that they were both healthy enough to bring the newborns home. The doctor examined Sarah and quickly determined that her condition was not related to stress at all. It was something even more shocking.


A Twist Of Fate

The doctor went back to the waiting room with some surprising news. Sarah was not sick at all. On the contrary, she was actually expecting her first child. This was the last thing they expected the doctor to tell them.

After years of natural infertility, the Justices resorted to adoption. Now that the adoption process was over – and they’d welcomed triplets into their home – Sarah would have a biological child as well! This was not the only revelation the Justices were about to receive. It seemed like fate was playing with them. 


The Blessings Kept Flowing

People say that when it rains, it pours. In the case of Sarah and Andy Justice, this was unquestionably true. Sarah appeared to be not only pregnant but carrying twins inside her womb. After believing she was barren for years, the idea of becoming pregnant with twins after adopting triplets seemed unimaginable.

However, this is exactly what happened. Of course, the thought of welcoming two more people into an already-crowded household was a little overwhelming, but Andy and Sarah considered themselves blessed.


The More, The Merrier

Andy and Sarah were able to see the fun in the situation, and the pair from Oklahoma couldn’t have been more pleased with what happened. Nonetheless, they knew that having five children at the same time in one household would be challenging.

The Justices were determined to be the best possible parents, and they knew they needed to be vigilant and prepare ahead of time. Despite the overwhelming thought of looking after five newborns simultaneously, they were looking forward to meeting their biological children.


A New Normal

Soon enough, nine months passed, and Sarah went into labor. Not long after arriving at the hospital, they were blessed by two new angels. After a long, painful labor, Andrew and Abigail were brought into this world. 

Sarah and Andy were overjoyed upon learning that their children had been born without a problem, and that’s when they realized that their family was now complete. It may take a while to get used to having five babies in the house, but the couple figured they would be able to settle into this hectic life sooner or later. 


Loved By The Community

Taking care of five children is a challenging task to do. Most people say it takes a village to raise a single child. So, it seems like parenting five babies would need a city! Sarah and Andy were fortunate to live where they did as they received all the help they could possibly hope for from the community around them.

Their family, friends, and members of the community all chipped in and offered a hand whenever they could. For example, Tulsa’s Eastland Baptist Church members were willing to provide extra food for the new family. Meanwhile, other members of the community prepared meals for the parents and formula for the babies.


An Outpouring Of Donations

It wasn’t only the members of the church who helped out. Their friends even volunteered to look after the children while Sarah and Andy were at work. After hearing the Justices’ story, donations poured in from all over the area, including many from the couple’s hometown. 

Strangers who felt for Sarah and Andy donated diapers, bottles, clothing, and blankets. Luckily, everything they got was useful. With five children in the household, the family went through 300 diapers and 84 bottles every week.


Color Coding System

It takes time for parents to learn how to distinguish between twins and triplets. It’s much more challenging when you’re suddenly blessed with five children. Sarah and Andy were overworked and deprived of sleep. 

They wanted to make sure they didn’t mix up their children, so they developed a system. The new parents painted their children’s toes with differently colored nail polish! They used the color-coding technique to ensure that their children all received the love and attention they needed, especially when it came to their feeding schedules.


Going Viral

By any standards, Andy and Sarah Justice’s story is exceptional. Given the massive influence of social media, it didn’t take long for the news to travel over the internet. Soon enough, the Justices were going viral – first on Facebook, where hundreds of people began to follow them.

The next thing you know, their story was being featured on various news sites and blogs across the world. However, this was only the beginning of the strange events that were to unfold. Fate had more in store for this young family.


A New Addition To The Family

Sarah Justice found out she was pregnant for the second time in 2015. The following year, the twins and triplets welcomed their youngest sibling into the world. “Having these children is such a joy for us,” Sarah explained on Today. Though six children may seem like a lot to handle, Sarah and Andy couldn’t hide their happiness.

For them, each child was a gift from heaven that they had been praying to be blessed with for a long time. After everything the Justices went through, these six little angels gave them all the more reason to work hard for their family. 


Life After The Sixth Child

After successfully caring for five babies simultaneously, the Justices welcomed a sixth child into their lives two years later. Having been used to all the hustle and bustle in a house filled with toddlers, it seems like nothing is impossible for the Justices.

In fact, things got easier as the kids always had someone to play with when they were bored! This was also their first baby without any siblings of the same age, so they only had one set of diapers to change. Still, being in a large family has its challenges.


Making Time For Fun

One of the struggles of parents that having many children brings is getting everyone’s names right. Joel, Hannah, and Elizabeth are the triplets, Abigail and Andrew are the twins (who are only nine months younger). Lastly, the newest member of the family is named Caleb. 

After everything that happened, the Justices seem like they are truly enjoying being a big, happy family. Though they are busy with child-rearing, Sarah and Andy never forget to bond and allocate time for fun activities. This is what’s happening in this photo above which was captured during their celebration from Fourth of July weekend. 


A Dream Come True

The unusual events in the lives of Sarah and Andy have enabled them to get frequent interviews around the country. In her interview with Babyology, Sarah mentioned that having many children is a dream come true for her and her husband. 

For the Justices, these kids were definitely worth the wait. In fact, Sarah explained that the difficulties they went through made her appreciate her children even more. Instead of complaining about having to handle a bunch of kids, the Justices are thankful that it happened to them. 


A Challenge For The Family

As a family of six, every stage of development and change is a struggle. For example, instead of just buying one or two new pieces of furniture for the transition from cribs to toddler beds, it was an entire logistical ordeal.

Sarah mentioned how having five children in toddler beds is definitely something extraordinary. But they are slowly on their way to having a separate room for all five kids. The stories you just heard offer only the tiniest glimpse into what happens in the Justice household. Their lives have changed in many more ways.


A Day In The Lives Of The Justices

When you have a lot of kids to manage, staying organized is essential. A family schedule, including details for each child and the parents, will keep a household running smoothly. What does a day in the lives of the Justices look like?

The family begins their day with a morning walk. After that, they spend most days being social, engaging in playdates with toddler friends, and visiting their grandparents’ homes. For the remainder of the day, they engage in household chores together.


Raising Toddlers Together

Those of you who have raised a toddler are well aware that toilet training needs patience, attention, and focus on the part of the kid and the grownups. In a family of eight, there are many bathroom breaks throughout the day.

Because of that, potty training becomes even more of a challenge for the parents. In her interview with Babyology, Sarah explained, “potty breaks are a huge part of our day when you have five children at the same life stage.”


No One Is Left Out

With such a large family, the Justice children will never have to worry about being alone. At school, each of the siblings knows that they can count on having someone to play with at recess and to sit with at lunch.

According to Sarah, they make sure that they impart the importance of loving and caring for their siblings. That’s why they don’t feel anxious or worried about sending them to school. They are confident that their children will stick with each other and never have to feel lonely. 


Responsible Siblings

When the triplets and the twins were babies, both Sarah and Andy had a difficult time raising them. Since they were first-time parents, it was difficult to give the right amount of attention to each of their children. But with baby Caleb, everything seems to be smooth-sailing. 

The proud parents even mentioned how the siblings shower Caleb with love and adoration. They even added that they are already responsible enough to keep an eye on him since they are older. Of course, they mostly just like to play with him and make him feel loved.


A Fairytale Story

Everything that happened in Sarah and Andy’s lives seemed like it was out of a movie. After being told they couldn’t bear a child of their own, they wanted to adopt at least one. But life has a way of turning things upside down.

The Justices were desperately praying to have their own family just a few years ago. Now, they are happily raising six healthy children. They’re truly blessed to see their children getting along well and taking good care of Caleb. 


Justice Is Served

Sarah and Andy’s journey to becoming parents was full of hardships and struggles. Being told that they were barren was one thing, but having their possible adopted children taken away twice was another. We can’t imagine how heartbreaking and depressing it must have been for the two.

However, their story proves that there’s always a rainbow after the rain, so long as you wait long enough to see it. Despite the pain they went through, the couple finally received some well-deserved justice in the form of a lovely and healthy family of eight.