Teen Shocks Mom By Cutting Off His Dreadlocks After Nine Years


Dreadlocks take a lot of work and effort to maintain. Jordan Reynolds had been maintaining his locks since childhood, and our story starts at a time when he had been living with them for nine years. Growing up, he didn’t really care about them because they were just a fact of life. However, as most teenagers do, Jordan decided that he wanted to change his appearance and have a fresh start.

Thankfully, he had a supportive dad who decided to help him every step of the way. Jordan’s mom, however, had a different take on the situation. When she came home after work and saw her son without dreadlocks for the first time in nine years, she was left in tears.

Though this may sound silly, there’s a fascinating story behind this reaction.

Maxbeatbox’s YouTube

The whole process was captured and immortalized in a video, thanks to Jordan’s dad, who is a YouTuber named Maxbeatbox. The clip was uploaded in February 2016. However, unknown to the father and son team, Melanie, Jordan’s mom, was not going to give them the reaction they expected.

Around halfway through the haircut, Melanie arrived home from work and saw what was happening. It was a good thing dad had the camera rolling as he was able to capture mom’s reactions as they unfolded.


Melanie’s Reaction

We’re not sure whether Melanie knew that her son was going to get a haircut. Perhaps she just didn’t realize it was going to be such a thorough haircut. Whatever the case, no one was ready for her genuine, heartfelt reaction.

Melanie opened the door, and she was surprised to see the upgraded version of her son. Her shock quickly turned into tears. They may have been happy tears, but either way, around eight and a half million people saw them streaming down her face.

There was a reason why she was so emotional.


Jordan’s Father

Some of you might recognize Jordan’s dad as he is a well-known YouTuber, Maxbeatbox. Maximilian Reynolds is a musician and producer by profession. He creates materials for TV, commercials, film, and even social media advertisements.

You can find his work on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, and more! He has quite the following on YouTube, with a growing crew of loyal fans. According to his website, “We intend to keep producing music that generates some type of response, and now we offer this social place for you to hang out. Bass and rich chords will be involved.” How is this not enticing, right?


A Talented Beatboxer

Aside from being a YouTuber, musician, and producer, he is also talented in the world of beatboxing. On his YouTube channel, you can find a lot of videos of him showing off his skills in this department.

Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion that involves mimicking the sounds of drums (and other instruments) using the mouth, tongue, lips, and other organs of articulation. Beatboxing is connected with hip-hop culture, and it’s amazing to hear the soundscape some people can create with their mouths.


First Viral Video

Before entering the world of entertainment, Max was a flight attendant. A viral video of him shocked the internet more than a decade ago. You may remember it. The video showed him beatboxing during a flight with Southwest Airlines.

Max surprised and delighted passengers as he delivered the safety procedures in his own unique way. In 2014, he was filmed again. This time, he teamed up with a passenger during one of his flights. This is proof that Max is indeed a born musician!


Talent is in Their Blood

More than being a hard worker on his chosen path, the most important role Max felt he had was to be a supportive husband to Melanie and a great dad to his children, Jordan, Josiah, and Eliana. He encouraged them to be as creative as possible and let them know he would support them in whatever path they chose.

This attitude must have inspired the children because all of them already have a clear direction in their lives. Their eldest child, Josiah is already on the artsy side – he was only two years old when he started to create his own toys. It must be amazing to grow up in an artistic family.


Combining Math and Art

Jordan’s big brother, Josiah, never played with other people’s toys. What he wanted was to create his own toys. We wonder if he watched Toy Story and decided that he wanted to create toys that had more life in them.

Max proudly spoke about Josiah’s dreams and accomplishments in a talk at Envision in March 2019. A teacher of Josiah’s had noticed that he had the talent and skill to match his big ambitions. With an artistic soul and a love for math and engineering, Josiah has a bright future ahead of him.


Deal or No Deal

The kids may have had a clear path laid out for their future. However, the reality of life is not always as we expect it to be. Everyone has dreams, but sometimes, family troubles and financial issues make them difficult to achieve.

Because of this, Max gathered his courage to join the show Deal or No Deal in 2019. Though he did not scoop the grand prize of $1 million, he took home a cash prize of $211,000. Aside from the take-home prize, the show also gifted the family something extraordinary.


The Perfect Gift

It was Jordan’s lifelong dream to go to an Envision Experience. This is a company that offers students the opportunity to explore their chosen career paths while providing them with the materials and experiences they need to succeed.

The Deal or No Deal producers made this little boy’s dream come true. Max said, “I remember the day that Jordan looked at his invitation. You know how you can get something in the mail and look at it and then forget it because you don’t have the money to do it? That’s what I did.”  It was also a wonderful moment for Max.


Jordan’s Envision Experience

As we said, Envision Experience enables children to try out the career of their dreams. Whatever they want to be  – a doctor, a nurse, an attorney, or a scientist  – Envision will help them get there.

The courses can be taken while a young person is still in school. However, the price range is high, especially considering they only go for two to three weeks. This became a hindrance to the Reynolds family, and they struggled to support Jordan in his dream.


Dreams Do Come True

Of course, as a father, Max had so many things he needed to take care of for his family. They certainly were sad that they wouldn’t be able to afford the Envision Experience, but Max also knew his children would understand.

The good news is, Jordan never forgot his dream and was able to hold onto his hope that someday, he would make it. Just imagine Jordan’s excitement when his dad’s win on Deal or No Deal made it possible for him to go to an Envision course. Max and Melanie were ecstatic, knowing that they could make some of their kids’ dreams come true.


Separate Ways

They may have shared the same dream of attending a prestigious course at Envision, but the three siblings each had different paths in mind. While they all supported each other’s goals, they wanted different things for themselves.

Jordan took the National Youth Leadership Forum in Engineering course, and his heart was set on developing his own products. Josiah pushed through with Envision’s International Scholar Laureate Program in China. Meanwhile, Eliana was invited to the Envision Game & Technology Academy. Nice one, kids!


Work Hard and Have Fun!

Max and Melanie were (and still are) extremely proud of their kids. “I was blessed to have three kids who know what they want to do when they grow up,” Max said. Though he feels blessed, a big part of the drive each kid has comes from the support and love their parents gave to them.

The three of them are focused on what they want to achieve. However, their dad is always reminding them not to forget to have fun. Work is essential, but having fun makes the work less stressful, right?


Parenting Style

Max and Melanie take a modern approach to parenting their three children. Aside from being their number one cheerleaders in all the things that they want to achieve, they don’t forget to tell their children to stay true to themselves.

One example of this came when Jordan decided what he wanted to do with his hair. They fully supported him on his decision, which at that time was to get dreadlocks. They were equally supportive through every one of the nine years in which Jordan was rocking the hairstyle.

Why dreadlocks? Let’s dive in!


Dreadlocks: Some Fascinating Facts

Jordan put a lot of thought into his decision to get dreadlocks. After all, it would take a lot of time and dedication to maintain that kind of hair. He started when his hair was very short, sectioning it out so he could coax it into long and beautiful locks. 

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about dreadlocks. One of the major ones is that people believe it’s dirty. Well, their impressions are wrong because a person who has this hairstyle requires a massive amount of care and routine, so for sure, they are washing their locks meticulously.


The History of Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks have an interesting history. According to researchers, this hairstyle has been worn for at least 3,600 years. Murals show Minoans with rope-like braids in their hair. These people lived during the Bronze age.

Mummified ancient Egyptians wore headpieces that look like dreadlocks as well. These are not rumors – dreadlock-style artifacts have been found at some archaeological digs in Egypt. There is even evidence that early Christians wore dreadlocks too. Samson, a biblical character, had seven locks of hair that gave him strength.


Historical Figures Who Wore Dreadlocks

This hairstyle has historical and cultural significance all over the world. It has been said that the earliest evidence of it is from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. However, there is recent proof that points to Central America as to where the dreadlocks were born.

Pre-colonial Aztec literature describes the priests as wearing dreadlocks. There are even Roman studies that suggest that Celts had snake-like hair. Germanic and Vikings tribes had dreadlocks as well. In the end, it doesn’t matter where dreadlocks originated because the style has been found in cultures all over the world. 


Modern Dreadlocks

In this era, a lot of people have been using dreadlocks as a form of self-expression. However, for many cultures, it’s still part of their cultural and spiritual lives. One example is the way this style is used by Maasai warriors, who wear their dreads thin and red.

Other cultures believe that the person who wears dreadlocks is powerful. This is seen in the Rastafari civilization. The Abrahamic religion of Rastafarianism grew in the 1930s in the country of Jamaica. Wearing dreadlocks has been categorized as a social and religious movement. Hence, we can see that dreadlocks are more than just fashion statements. 


Rastafari Culture

It has been mentioned that dreadlocks are connected to the Rastafari movement. To Rastafarians, the hairdo embodies the Lion of Judah – an important figure in the Rastafari Movement. It signifies pride, strength, kingship, and sovereignty.

According to their beliefs, once you wear dreads, it shows that you have a connection to Rastafarianism. They believe in Leviticus 21:5 that says, “They shall not make baldness upon their head.” Moreover, the adoption of dreads helped Rastafarians reach a wider audience with their religion.


Bob Marley and His Recognitions

In the 70s, the Rastafarian movement was given a massive boost by Bob Marley. The famous musician had a huge focus on Rastafarian beliefs and concepts, and this came out with abundant clarity in his reggae music.

So, as Marley rose to fame, so did Rastafarianism. Everything about Marley was recognized by the whole world, even his dreadlocks. Now, dreadlocks are seen by many as a purely Rastafarianism symbol, despite their long history. From here, it wasn’t long before they shifted again to become more of a fashion statement.


The Famous Hairstyle

This famous hairstyle connects a lot of people in many ways. In some cultures, it has religious and cultural importance. For example, in Rastafarianism, this hairdo is used to indicate a closer bond between people.

Of course, not everyone sees it like this. In this modern, secular world, dreadlocks are seen as little more than a hairstyle by which someone can express themselves. Dreadlocks are also considered a low-maintenance hairdo because you can keep them for years without ever having to see a hairdresser. 

But do you actually know how to create and maintain dreadlocks?


Making Dreadlocks on Your Own

If you decide to make dreadlocks, it’s best to start with freshly washed hair. Do not use conditioners and serums as they will make your hair too soft, and it will be difficult to get the strands to lock together.

It is advisable to use a purifying shampoo to lather your hair. This is a nice way to remove oils from your hair and be ready for the dreadlock process. You’ll also need to be prepared to put in a few hours of your time!


Work Section by Section

Divide your hair into uniform sections that measure about one inch in width. This is achievable with the use of a wide-toothed comb. Next, tie every portion with elastic bands to separate it from the rest.

These sections will be the basis of the dreadlocks. In this step, the size is going to affect the size of the locks. If you want thinner locks, make the sections small. Fatter locks require more hair, so you’ll need either bigger sections, a lot of length to work with, or a combination of the two.


Comb and Roll

The dreading process can get dreadfully tedious, but once you see the results, it’s worth it. Once you’re done with sectioning the locks, it’s time to backcomb and roll them. It’s important to get each section nice and even, starting with the inch from the base of the head.

Each section of each dreadlock must be tightly packed before moving further down. If you have straight hair, it might take longer than expected. To secure the sections, use elastic bands once again. This will hold the dreadlocks into place.


Finishing Touches 

After going through the tedious process, many people want a solution that will help them lock dreads fully, with no more work needed. This can be accomplished by applying a wax product, but keep in mind that this will not just wash out of your hair. Wax buildup can be problematic in dreadlocks. 

It can take a little more work to get your dreadlocks to hold their shape without wax. However, this will only need to be done for a few days before your hair settles into its new locked-up style. Though wax makes life easier in the short term, you can end up with old wax stuck in your dreads, holding onto dust and dirt. Not fun!


Jordan’s Commitment to Dreadlocks

Ask anyone who’s tried it, and they’ll tell you: the dreadlocking process is easier said than done. Thankfully, you can find the whole process laid out visually on video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo. This is exactly what Jordan’s dad did when the kid wanted dreads.

The young man was adamant about trying this new look, and as you can see from the picture, he started them off super short. Isn’t it incredible to see how much commitment Jordan gave to maintain the dreadlock look for nearly a decade?


Hairstyles of the Reynolds Family

Max and Melanie are incredibly supportive of their kids’ decisions when it comes to their careers, their hobbies, and their fashion statements. They believe that giving their kids this freedom will help them develop strength and independence – skills that will help them in the future.

Having control over their hairstyles is part of this freedom. Max posts videos and photos of his kids on YouTube and Facebook whenever they do anything cool. In September 2014, he posted a picture of Jordan, Josiah, and Eliana with a caption saying, I’m really proud that my kids represent the full spectrum of ethnic hairstyles.” At that moment, Jordan had long dreadlocks.


Time for a Change

What motivated Jordan to chop off his long dreadlocks after such a long time? As many of us did when we were teenagers, he felt it was time to make a change to his appearance. He spent years growing his dreads, but for Jordan, it was time to start anew with his hair.

Jordan made up his mind and went to his dad. Max listened to his son, and once he understood the seriousness of the request, he didn’t hesitate to help. He was a little worried about what his wife would have to say, but he knew he had to support the choices his son wanted to make.


The Transformation Begins!

Max gathered his hair tools, and of course, his camera and set up a space in which to carry out Jordan’s makeover. The process included more than just chopping off the 9-year-old dreadlocks. Jordan also needed his remaining hair transformed into a new style.

In one of Max’s YouTube videos, you can see the young man waiting patiently at the family’s kitchen table. He is looking at the camera while his dad does the work. In the moments that followed the image you see above, Max chopped every single dreadlock out of his son’s hair. There was no turning back!


A New Style

If you watch the video, you will see that the father carefully cuts each dreadlock. While it is shown in time-lapse, you can tell that it took him a while to finish chopping the dreadlocks. Unless you’re willing to shave your head entirely, it’s important to move slowly and carefully when removing dreadlocks.

Removing the locks wasn’t easy, but getting Jordan’s hair back to its natural condition was even more difficult. However, Max is a supportive father, so he wanted his son to look good after committing to such a big change.


Another Farewell to Dreadlocks

Staci Linklater, the director of Las Vegas’s famous Globe Salon, once went through the same big change Jordan just made. She reached a point where she wanted to say goodbye to her dreadlocks.

The only issue was that she wanted to keep the length of her hair. Of course, Staci is an expert in this field. Thanks to her years of expertise, she knew exactly what she had to do to remove her locks but keep her long hair.


A Little Trim 

Staci wanted to enhance the state of her hair, which is why she opted to start with a trim. This step is vital since the ends will have a lot of damage, no matter how well you cared for the dreads.

She knew she would have to sacrifice some of her hair, and the ends were a lost cause. However, by starting with a small trim, she learned more about the state of her hair. This tactic also made it easier for her to untangle her locks.


How Hard Is It to Remove Dreadlocks?

After the trim, Staci had to smother the ends of her locks in oil and make sure that they were damp. This helps the locks relax and the knots release, making the untangling part easier to do.

It is indeed a tedious job because it took her around 45 minutes to entangle each lock. She has a total of 105 dreadlocks. Can you imagine how time-consuming this process was? Our guess is that it took her at least a week to do this untangling process (factoring in sleep and breaks). Are our calculations right?


It Took Her Days

As it turns out, this mammoth task took Staci more than a day to complete. Removing all 105 dreadlocks was her full-time job during that time. Imagine spending 45 minutes untangling a single lock? That’s an amazing yet demanding job to do.

Staci was lucky, of course, because she had a crew of professional hairstylists to help her. However, because Staci’s hair had adapted to the locks, it matted up overnight. Due to this concern, she needed to continuously oil and braid her hair to keep it smooth.


The Result Was Incredible!

Staci was in a relaxed mode once she was done with the tiring process of unlocking her hair. She certainly deserves to indulge in some hair treatments to make her hair smooth and healthy again!

This is exactly what Staci did. She treated her hair to conditioning treatments and got a style cut that kept as much length as possible while doing away with the frizzy ends. Though she lost more than a foot of hair, the end result was still below shoulder length. Staci was thrilled.


Jordan’s Method

Unlike Staci, Jordan opted for the easier way out. He was not bothered about keeping his hair long. This is why Max used the fastest dread removal method available – simply cutting his son’s hair.

With the dreadlocks gone, Jordan only had a few inches of hair. This couldn’t have been more different from the hairstyle he’d been rocking for nine years. Finally, his dad finished the job by cleaning up the lower half. We are genuinely happy for Jordan. Though the dreadlocks looked amazing, we also love his new look!


A Surprise for Mom

Now, the only thing left on Jordan’s to-do list was to let his mom see his transformation. When Melanie returned home that day, she had no idea what her husband and son had done. She walked into the house like she would any other day, and one of Jordan’s siblings made sure that her reaction would be caught on video.

Once she got home and saw Jordan, she was surprised by his new look. She stopped walking as soon as he caught a glimpse of her son. She immediately burst into tears. It was indeed a memorable day for her!


Happy Tears from Melanie

Jordan hugged his mom, but Melanie was stunned for a moment, with no idea what to say or do. She burst into tears when the understanding sunk in that her son’s dreadlocks were nowhere in sight.

We can sympathize with Melanie’s tears. Jordan had been a dreadlocked kid for almost a decade. It was a shock to see her son looking almost like a stranger. On top of this, she secretly loved his natural hair. It’s always a delight to see moms happy for their children.


The Aftercare Starts Now!

Once the father and son had successfully removed the dreadlocks, they set their sights on their next target – the aftercare process. The following day, Jordan went to “the most amazing barber in town” for a professional haircut after so many years.

Old habits are hard to break. It did not take long before Jordan went back to his old hairstyle again. In February 2019, Max posted a video of Jordan demonstrating how to create dreads at home. Maybe Jordan realized that having dreadlocks was part of his identity. We cannot blame him  – the style certainly suits him. We just hope his mom was on board!


Switching Hairstyles

There are a lot of reasons why people decide to get their haircut. One of the most famous ones is the pain of a break-up. People often want to transform themselves to show that they are starting a new chapter in their lives. Trying a new hairstyle changes the way you look, and sometimes, you just feel like stepping out of your comfort zone.

There are no restrictions when it comes to the haircut or hairstyle you want. You do you. Whatever makes you happy, go for it! Step out with confidence, and you can rock any hairstyle you want. Jordan took the leap of faith in chopping off his decade long dreadlocks. Would you take a similar leap of faith?