40 Reasons Why Parents Are the Best People on Earth

Parents do so much more than just feed and clothe us. They teach us right from wrong and are there for us when we need them – whether it’s a bad day at school, a broken heart, or when we realize the struggles and stress of the real world.

When we think about all the things our parents have done for us over the years, all we can say is, “we may not always get what we want, but we know that our parents love us.” We suggest preparing a box of tissues because we are about to share with you 40 special reasons why parents are the best people on earth.

1. Parents Built Blockbuster Store for Their Autistic Son

It’s hard to imagine what it would be like if your kids had autism. As a parent, you want to do everything in your power to make sure they are happy. This story will show you how far some parents will go for their children.

These parents built their autistic son his very own Blockbuster store when the other Blockbuster stores closed down. They spent hours and hours making sure every detail was perfect – down to the last shelf. We bet this kid loves it! Who wouldn’t love this?


2. Daddy to the Rescue

We’ve all been embarrassed at school at some point along the way. We’ve experienced unexpected happenings that made it feel like everything had fallen apart. But this dad helped put things back together. This little girl immediately smiled when she saw what her dad had done for her.

Instead of just dropping off some clean clothes for his daughter to change into, this dad showed up with his own bathroom mistake. This dad took one for the team to make this daughter feel better. We salute you, dad!


3. Parents Offer Goodies as an Apology for Their Crying Daughter

The sound of a baby crying on an airplane is enough to make parents cringe and other passengers frown. However, these parents tried their luck and offered a bag of candy as an apology for their child’s weeping during the flight.

This sweet gesture gained mixed reactions from the passengers and plane crew. Some of them thought this was a kind thing to do, while others were vehemently against it. What do you think? Our hearts say that it’s better than no apology at all.


4. The Mushroom Trick for Getting Sons to Shower

This boy’s parents were so creative and told him that he had a brother who eventually turned into a mushroom because he didn’t want to take a shower. As you can see, they put a mushroom photo in an album with other family members for proof! 

We’re not sure what kind of sick joke they were playing here, but let’s hope these two have some explanations ready when their son grows up and realizes that it isn’t true. On the bright side, other parents now have a way to get their kids in the shower.


5. Dad Built Stage for His Daughter’s Pandemic Graduation

Although many of us are getting back to normal, the pandemic has caused suffering that ranges from grief over lost loved ones to missing out on important life events. Due to pandemic restrictions, the student below was unable to attend her once-in-a-lifetime school graduation.

Her dad wouldn’t let that happen, so he built a stage in the front yard and had everyone dress up for the ceremony. Dad made sure that she would get to experience her big day! He even invited a few friends to witness his daughter’s celebration.


6. Family’s Love and Support

This man’s son was born with an unusually shaped head, which means his son’s skull has little to no natural curves. The photo below can make us feel their pain. We bet these parents couldn’t take seeing him being left out because of his rare condition.

So to show support and solidarity, the whole family decided to wear headgear as well! Although we’re sure they’re great parents, we imagine the little guy in the back feels even more welcomed. Great work! 


7. Dad’s Childlike Happiness at Meeting an Alpaca

It’s hard to imagine how excited this man was when he met an Alpaca. His joy shines through in this photo and makes us wish our parents were as happy as this dad. What a cute alpaca – or dad?

This man’s daughter shared this photo and caption, “Dad is happy. He sent me a picture of him and his fluffy alpaca in Peru, which made my day!” We know it looks cliche, but it’s real – meeting something (or someone) new can simply make us happy.


8. Single Parent Dad Wears Dress at Mother’s Day

We were so moved by this single dad’s act of love for his son that we just had to share it. This father is an inspiration to all dads out there who’re trying to be both parents. Let’s face it – Mother’s Day can be tough if you are a single-parent dad.

However, this man found a way to make his son experience Mother’s Day. The photo here pictures the moment this father steps into the event wearing a dress. Everyone around him stops, gasps, and stares with delight. Kudos to you, dad!


9. Dad Got a Tattooed Hearing Aid to Support His Daughter

This little girl has been deaf since birth and needs to wear a hearing aid at all times. Her father found a way to ensure that his little girl wouldn’t feel different – by getting a tattooed hearing aid to match his daughter’s real one.

This touching story of love and commitment will make you feel all warm inside. It is clear that this father has no issue with making sacrifices for his family. It was so cool that this little girl has an understanding dad who loves her so much.


10. Father Wears His Son’s Handmade Necktie to Son’s Graduation

There are many things that dads do –  teaching us to ride a bike and play a sport are two that come to mind immediately. Another special dad moment is when they choose to wear our handmade stuff to special occasions. 

The son on the right made his dad the tie that he’s proudly wearing. It was an easy pattern with a Pikachu design, but it made such an impact on his son’s graduation day. You can really see the happiness on their faces.


11. Family Photos on the Bathroom Walls

Imagine going to the bathroom and seeing pictures of your family staring at you on the wall. Sounds a bit uncomfortable, right? Well, that’s how this family decided to decorate the walls of their bathroom. It definitely made our eyes widen. Seriously? 

These parents have a pretty unique sense of humor. We can imagine friends and relatives coming over to use the bathroom and feeling a bit creeped out by this interior design choice. Chances are they decide to hold it for a bit later.


12. Dad’s Photobombing Skills

If you’re not one for dressing up, then the rare times that you do (school dances, weddings, ceremonies, etc.) can be exciting. Many want to snap photos of themselves wearing that sharp suit or stunning gown, but watch out for photobombers!

The dad with the creepy look on his face showed his moral support for his children by photobombing their photos. Classic dad move – they’re incredible, aren’t they? Dads are such supportive people who want nothing more than to have fun and make sure we’re happy. 


13. Dad Studied Cosmetology for His Daughter

Many of us have been there – dad picks up a comb to fix our hair but then hands it off to mom because his skills aren’t what he thought they were. The little girl below doesn’t have to worry about that because her dad is well-equipped to do it all!

This dad’s commitment to getting better at fixing her little girl’s hair led him to take a cosmetology course. We hope this girl appreciates daddy’s dedication to making her look beautiful.


14. Family and Doggo Foot Portrait

Family photos are usually reserved for people only, but these parents included more than just humans – they had their dog too! It may seem absurd at first glance, but they shared this with their son, who was unable to be with them. 

This doesn’t mean they will replace their son. Rather, it’s a cute way to honor their dog for always staying with them. Let’s just hope this perfect weekend getaway won’t turn into a disaster when there is barking and running everywhere.


15. Dad Cheers Up His Daughter Using Photo Filters

These dads who send silly pictures to cheer us up are all we need. Their efforts are so amazing and thoughtful that their presence makes any day better just by being in it – even if only for a brief moment.

Using his mobile phone, this Dad sent his newly discovered filter to his daughter. If her day wasn’t going so well, we’re sure this brightened it up a bit. It’s nice when dads do silly things that let us appreciate their presence in our lives. 


16.  Mom’s Creativity Saves Her Son from Embarrassment

This little boy broke his arm in an accident, so he needed to wear a cast at school for a few months. To save her son from embarrassment, mom turned this simple cast into an extraordinary work of art.

With his mom’s creative abilities at hand, this little boy’s cast now is a stunning Pokemon design. Yep! It turns out that his momma is actually an incredible artist. Mom’s creative way instantly convinced her son to go to school.


17. Dad’s Stuck in the Computer Prank

After watching the movie Tron, this man’s daughter had a nightmare that her dad was trapped inside the computer. In the morning, dad decided to play a little prank. When his daughter went to turn on the computer, she saw a picture of her dad looking stuck inside the computer!

This prank is both messed up and hilarious. Although we feel bad for the girl, we can’t help but laugh at how goofy dad looks here. Hopefully, dad explained everything, and she won’t have any more nightmares. 


18. Dad’s Safety Tips for Driving

Dads are our greatest protectors, and that is why they want to ensure that we are safe at all times. The dad below wanted his daughter to feel as though he was always there for her.

To do that, he adjusted the speedometer on her new car to encourage safe driving skills. These added features show that he’s a great and protective father who wants his daughter to drive safely. It’s heart-warming to have a dad around who cares so much. 


19. Parent’s Impressive Parody Pose

What a cute picture of these two friends at Disney World! We can already tell that they had an amazing time together because their faces are all smiles. The parents on the right side want to share in that, so they made a parody of their son’s awesome pose.

These two oldies are so adorable. They recreated it as if they were back in the old days. Looking at this photo, we can surely tell that this family is full of love for each other.


20. Quirky Parents Fill the Fridge with Googly Eyes 

Parents are so cute – especially when tapping into their inner child by being playful and doing silly things. If you’re wondering what it feels like to have all eyes on you, check out this goofy fridge.

These quirky parents took the time to stick googly eyes on their milk bottles, salad dressings, apples, and more – nearly everything has a pair of eyes! Whenever you’re hungry or thirsty, you end up having a staring contest. What a fun new way to interact with food!


21. Mom Dressed as a Dad for Her Child’s School Program

It’s hard enough being the only parent at home, especially if you have little ones who need constant attention from mommy or daddy. What if your child needs a dad to attend a school program, but you’re a single mom?

We already had a dad dressed as a mom, so now we’ll balance it with a mom dressed as a dad. This mother loves to support her son and doesn’t hesitate to dress up like a dad when he tells her about his school programs. We love to see it.


22. The Best Gift Father Gives for Her Daughter’s Birthday 

Although 18 can be old, it’s not too old for fathers to show their daughters how much they care. That is why this dad decided to make his face a part of the gift he gave to his daughter at her birthday party.

The blanket came complete with her dad’s entire face printed on a comfy blanket. Now she will always have something that reminds her of her dad. We’re sure this one became her favorite gift. The dad’s confused stare is classic. 


23. Like Father, Like… Dog?

These two are the perfect representation of what it’s like to have an unexpectedly great bond. Sometimes getting a new dog can be difficult because they have behavioral issues. However, this little guy had no trouble with that at all. 

The daughter shared this photo of her father carrying around their pet dog. She stated that her dad didn’t want the dog initially but quickly warmed up when the doggo put on a face like that. It’s just too hard to resist. 


24. This Father Cherishing His Son’s Creative Work

Dads who care about their children’s creative endeavors are a dream combo for many of us. This father loves to display the meme his son sent to him. We bet he was touched by its message. Who wouldn’t be? 

He didn’t know that his son valued all of his sacrifices, but this piece of art let him know. We all want this sweet dad and son relationship – a dad who cherishes creative work and a son who values all the dad’s sacrifices.


25. Awesome Family Picture

Although family photos can be notoriously difficult with little kids, these parents managed to make it work. How? They donned stylish sunglasses and had everyone pose like a celebrity on the red carpet. Say cheese! 

We cannot help but smile when looking at this photo. It reminds us of how awesomely sweet life can be. When the young ones grow older, they will look back and appreciate how cool their family was back in the day. This family portrait shoot is going to be great for nostalgia.


26. Dad Making Fun of Himself at the Supermarket

It’s not unusual to find families looking through the market’s aisles together, picking out treats that will make their taste buds tingle with delight, but what happens when dad does this typical grocery shopping routine? Well, this is where some scenes get a little funnier.

He seems so much like your typical dad in a blue shirt who is just looking for food items at affordable prices. However, when he reaches the frozen section, he feels the need to strike a funny pose. LOL! I bet dad wants to bring his jacket next time.


27. Dad’s Pride and Joy

This dad asked his son if he wanted to see his pride and joy. When the son said yes, the dad showed him a picture with a furniture polish called Pride and a dishwashing detergent called Joy. He wasn’t lying! 

In many ways, it’s a classic dad joke that’s built around puns and clever wordplay. It’s sure to bring both pride and joy to his son’s heart. We imagine that dad carries the picture around to try it on unsuspecting people and watch them laugh.


28. Daughter’s Princess is Daddy

The number one thing needed when parenting an infant or young child (especially girls) is patience. Without it, parents would go crazy from frustration. You’ve got to take it in stride like this dad did when her daughter asked him to be a fairy.

The defeat is evident in this dad’s face. We’re sorry, dad, you can’t say no. Nevertheless, his patience with his daughter is remarkable, and we can’t help but feel the joy coming from them as they play together in this adorable photo. 


29. Dad’s Love for Plants

The daughter who captured this witnessed her dad watering the plants in the Walmart garden. He’s a perfect representation of doing what needs to be done. Just look at him watering those innocent flower bulbs. How cute!

There are lots of things you can learn just by looking at this lovely photo. He didn’t even have anything planned for that day, but when he saw all those thirsty pots waiting to be filled with water—well, you can see this man is so pure. 


30. Mom Encouraging Her Son with Notes in His Lunchbox

Remember those special notes you would get from your parents? That is exactly what happened to this little boy who received hand-written messages with a cute character in his lunchbox every day.

Mom knows this little boy loves hearing about how much they care about him. Who wouldn’t? It’s important to feel loved. Many children are happy to know that their parents feel this way towards them. We think she deserves an award just for being such an amazing mom.


31. Super Supportive Mom and Dad

The photo of this girl on her parent’s shirt is so adorable! As you can see in the image, this girl celebrated her first medal with dad and mom wearing a printed shirts with her face. Though she looks so embarrassed, we know she’s happy on the inside.

Her parents went to every match and were there in person when she won her first medal! Now for all the matches they can’t attend, at least they could share this moment through these printed pictures and their loving presence. 


32. Dad Being Grateful for Having His Wife and Daughter

This girl who shared this post must have been so grateful for having these lovely parents. She stated that every year on her birthday, her dad gives her mom a flower with a letter thanking her for giving birth to their daughter.

Well, dad’s right. It’s an amazing gift they will never forget – even after many years have passed. This special moment touched our hearts, and we’re sure it did for this daughter too. What lucky girls. Wouldn’t everyone like a dad like this? 


33. Extraordinary Care from an Extraordinary Mom

Moms have a great ability to be there for their kids when they need it the most. For example, when they’re sick. The thirty-year-old man behind this photo told his mom that he was sick, and shortly thereafter, this is what he received.

It doesn’t matter how old someone might seem – if there’s a problem at hand, moms are always to the rescue. This mix of comfort food and medicine is sure to make him feel better. Great going, mom! 


34. Mother Knows How to Be Resourceful

This mom wanted to make a birthday cake for her daughter. Unfortunately, their mixer broke – but that didn’t stop mom! She wasn’t going to let her daughter’s birthday go by without a cake, so she created her own mixer.

This mom didn’t want to waste her time looking around stores trying to find a mixer, so she used a power drill to mix the batter together. The cake was made on time! Moms always seem to have these marvelous skills when needed most, don’t they?


35. Mothers Always Love to Feed Us

Every daughter needs a parent who never stops showing their love. A lot of mothers show their love by cooking for their children. This mom did that and more – she cooked food for all the workers at her daughter’s job. 

Not only does this mom show love for her daughter, but she also spreads kindness in her daughter’s workplace. It makes us smile from ear to ear, knowing just how lucky she is to have a mom like this.


36. A Mom’s Support for Her Child’s Passion

From childhood to adulthood, our parents love us unconditionally. No matter what we do or want, they always have our backs. To show you the epitome of love, here’s a mom who is helping her son play his favorite game.

Ever since he started playing video games, mom has been there to help. First, she was just there to cheer him along, but now, she allows her son to stand on her lap to see the screen better. She’ll do anything to support his passion for gaming!


37. Mom Providing Some Shade

We can all relate to this mother’s love.  We are grateful to see moms taking care of their children. Though overprotective moms may seem over-the-top at times, we can’t deny the fact that all they want is to ensure the safety of their kids.

This mom is not only here to watch her little boy’s soccer game but also to protect him from the intense heat of the sun. She stood in the hot field carrying an umbrella to shield her son. Great job, mom!


38. Mom Sends Gifts from Home

When you think about it, sending your child across the world is a big decision. And while most parents are counting down the days until they can see them again, some are making scarves to send to their children who’re away. 

This mom wanted something special to help keep her daughter warm during the cold winters, so she knitted this pencil scarf and sent it to her – what a great way to show your love when your daughter is so far away. 


39. Parent’s Unexpected Revenge

Many people love their phones and feel frustrated when they’re taken away – especially when you’re a teenager and your parents take the phone away! The girl who shared the photo below knows exactly how that feels because her parents confiscated her phone. 

After doing that, they dressed up in matching jackets, went out in public, and took a bunch of goofy selfies that surely embarrassed her daughter. They posted some of them on their daughter’s Facebook and then gave back the phone. 


40. Selfie Reenactments with Dad and Sons 

The man on the upper left side wanted to take a mirror selfie – by himself. However, his dad interrupted him and brought in his two brothers. Soon all three posed for the same mirror selfie that the youngest son wanted to do alone. 

All four family members had their own unique input for this one photo session. What do you think? Who recreates it best? Although it might have been annoying at first, it ended up being a fun time with the family.