Electrical Engineer Turns Boeing 727 Airliner to His Dream Home

Very High Imaginations are Literally Realized

Even though Bruce Campbell is a retired 64 years old, electrical engineer, he still uses his creative and energetic mind for his most imaginative pursuits. And thus, even an ordinary home is not enough for such a unique individual. 

He continues to fulfill his dreams by purchasing a 10-acre plot for $23,000 in the luxurious woods of Hillsboro, Oregon. And not only that, he has transformed this oasis with an airplane as his home.

A Dream Offer You Can't Resist

About two decades ago, Bruce discovered an inspirational story about Joanne Ussery, a Mississippi native hairdresser who purchased and transformed a Boeing 727 into an attractive home. Before this, she lived in a regular house that was totally destroyed. 

And as a result, she decided to create a wonderful abode out of an airplane along a tranquil lakeside. Bruce knew right away that this type of living is right up his alley. 


Destiny: He's Born for This

From a young child, Campbell utilized his zeal to transform scrapped objects and various resources to create novel creations. And with the use of freight vans, he was able to create the most adventurous kind of home, especially upon the discovery and inspiration of another person’s home. 

With his zest for life, an ordinary home will not work out for him.  


Making it Happen- Determined to buy his Plane

With the innovation, ingenuity, and determination of someone like Campbell, he kept his tenacity to conquer various costs and hurdles to make his dream become a reality. 

So, he purchased a worthwhile plane from the Athens Airport’s Olympic Airways for $100,000. He then had to find a way to relocate the plane from there to his tranquil forest in Hillsboro, Oregon. 


Pushing to the Limit Without Flying From Greece to Oregon

As the saying goes: “Anything worth having is worth fighting for”, and this was certainly the case for Campbell. He had to pay another $120,000 for transporting the plane to its destination and for other details. And with the money already spent in buying his forest, his total was $243,000.

Nevertheless, Campbell’s enthusiasm remained intact. Furthermore, he eventually discovered that his investments would pay off in ways beyond his wildest imaginations. 


Pursuing up & Beyond Humble Beginnings

Of course, even with his earnest determination, Bruce was primarily met with an obstacle: The purchasing and relocating of the plane from its original area to his Oregon property. 

Nevertheless, with being born for this and with countless experiences of turning nothing into something, he persevered with his pioneering effort to revamp freight vans, and he used this obstacle as an opportunity to utilize his recycling philosophy.


Building & Establishing His Dream on an Epic Scale

Bruce’s broad determination did not waver upon realizing how much effort was required to transform his Boeing into his prize possession of a home.

After getting over the hurdle of transforming the plane to his forest, he ran into another huge problem and even more problems. After getting the plane transferred, he discovered that he needed to position the airplane into the heart of the forest.


Molding to Perfection- Clipping the Wings Metamorphosis

So, he got a crew to remove the plane’s wings. From there, the team was able to beautifully position that plane among the trees. Then, they installed the wings accordingly for a perfect fit.

One can only imagine the tools and equipment required for such a daunting task. Nevertheless, they carried on the work until everything was properly set in place.


As the Song States: “This Land is My Land....”

By having the total ownership of the surface area where his aircraft is, Bruce made sure that there would be no qualms with law officials. The involved officials were unsurprisingly filled with amazement about his innovation and uniqueness. 

Perhaps, there may have been some envy as well, but they knew not to dare to question his right to unique homeownership there in the heart of the woods.


Life Worth Pursuing Ideas Accomplished

Besides his goal to transform the airplane into a standardized and luxurious lodging, Campbell initially considered the plane as a comfortable operation with no fixed outcome. 

He continues to think, however, that planes can easily be upcycled and not wastefully scrapped. And as a result, he constantly comes up with more innovative ways to create something worthwhile in his spectacular abode.


The Woods Await His Unique Paradise

This total project included a range from residing in a neighboring freight van to upcycling that took several years to complete. The move alone was challenging, but his strong determination to complete the mission remains intact.

This is not to say, however, that a plethora of challenges did not test his strong mindset. All-in-all, Bruce made his living vicinity work for him. And thus, he has achieved his paradise in the forest.  


Successfully Dealing with Blind Spots

Shortly after Campbell’s move, he faced a colony of mice in his freight van home. So, it+ forced him to stay in the Boeing even though it was yet to be transformed. 

Other than that, moving in the plane prematurely was a blessing in disguise because this ironically and properly enabled him to grasp the zone and determine what is required for a proper change.


The Colliding of Two Worlds

Bruce spoke of his goals with The Mirror, where he described how “transforming a beautiful and scintillating jetliner is wasteful and an extensive failure of human imagination.” 

He said that despite many individuals believing that residing inside an airplane deep inside a forest is a bizarre and lonesome existence, he sees it as quite appropriate. He considers his admiration for airplanes and their magnificent designs as “unmatched by other structures where people can reside”.


Another Level of Visualization & Pioneering

Bruce stated in his Business Insider interview that he was first ambiguous about how he was going to remodel inside his aircraft. His creative juices in the remodeling within his plane home instantly began when he started dwelling there. 

He started to visualize the passengers and seats disappearing. Then, he started visualizing his space as a living area. He also was able to see how amazing the overall atmosphere will be.


Revealing the Fruits of His Labor

Before he eventually revealed his revolutionary airplane abode, Bruce used a high-pressure water spray to wash the plane’s exterior. According to the “Daily Mail” report, Bruce said that cleaning the aircraft seems easy, but cleaning the shell takes about four days. 

All-in-all, anything worth having is worth pursuing, and it is not as if he must clean the exterior all the time.


Tying Up the Important Loose Ends

Even though Bruce is overjoyed with the accomplishments of his prized possession, he has also been worried about some risks. Bruce cleans his Boeing 727’s exterior once every two years as required, but it is a hazardous task. 

It’s hazardous due to the only way to reach the engines and the roof which is through the ladders. One can lose one’s grip or slip off on the high-pressure hose.


A Home Like No Other

As Bruce discussed his endeavors with The Daily Mail, he compared ordinary homes to airplanes. He stated that an airplane home is more like a novel Tesla, but ordinary homes are like classic cars. 

He continued to say that every abandoned airplane deserved to be remodeled into an “aerospace class castle,” which is excellent for both young people and the elderly.


Even Elon Musk Will Approve.

However, his fantasy of a castle did not magically emerge. The reason being is that according to Bruce the airplane is supported by concrete pillars. Also, the positioning within the is evident. 

As one tours the zone, one can see the level of the invested effort made into the airplane home. Thus, Bruce utilized his magic to make his dream come true.


Re-imagining, Preserving, & Remodeling the Plane 

With Campbell’s novel ideas of preservation and recycling, he wants to utilize most of the gear in the plane, and thus, he is dedicated to leaving most of the technology and equipment in the cockpit until he discovers what to do or make some creative inventions. 

So far, he utilized a lot of his creativity to reconstruct and change the structure inside the airplane for everyday living.


The Construction: Indefinite Amount of Development

Bruce stated that he simultaneously used an indefinite amount of development and resided in his all-purpose, livable plane. He built his own shower, and he has been focusing on constructing many built-in qualities of the airplane. 

He also reinstalled the classic airplane bathroom, LED lighting, numerous airplane seats, and the stairway accompanying the bathroom. His innovative creation has attracted many onlookers now.


Exclusively Inviting You to Check Out the Uniqueness

Individuals planning on touring Bruce’s abode can only go into the plane through its built-in stairway. You will do this as you would on a Boeing 727 back in the day when it was in operation. 

Individuals are typically taken away upon entering his revolutionary abode, and many of them may be motivated to follow suit on getting an airplane for their home.


Focusing on Details go a Long Way

Bruce has been taking great strides in transitioning every small feature. From hooking up and building a shower and sink to using a feature on the plane for a shoe rack, the sky is the limit with his innovative mind. 

In fact, he uses this shoe rack and makes sure tourists wear socks and slippers to keep his home polished. Not surprisingly, it is challenging to keep his spacious home clean and polished. 


The Mandate he set to Keep his Home Spotless

Once Campbell quickly realized how unclean the glass can get, he immediately became very protective of the unique home that he created. In addition to his thorough cleaning, he ensures the plane remains spotless by not letting anyone walk through his home with regular shoes.

It is challenging enough to ensure spotlessness due to the positioning of the plane in the woods. So, he is adamant that wearing slippers and socks is always mandatory.


Re-purposing the Jetliner to Meet all His Desires

Besides the hassle that comes with ensuring that his precious Plexiglass flooring is clean and respected, Campbell is enjoying his airplane castle to the fullest. 

As he goes through his phenomenon paradise, his home remains clean as he keeps his feet cozy by wearing socks. He also often discovers motivation for additional developments. So, it seems like he is never bored.


His Genius Mind & His Modesty

His re-purposed jetliner is fully spacious, but Bruce always maintains his humble way of life. This former electrical engineer sleeps on a futon, he eats mostly cereal and canned food, and his toaster and microwave are his primary cooking appliances. 

On the other hand, he, being an authentic tech junkie and former electrical engineer, still builds tons of personalized gadgets.


Building up the Living Standards

In the lower-left corner, Campbell is reclining on his futon and putting his wonderful brain to work. Curious minds could only imagine what he is doing right here. 

Perhaps he is thinking about ways to improve his home, or maybe he is thinking of innovative ways to recycle some equipment in his home. Notice how he is surrounded by tons of his items for more functionality.


His Plane Home is Built for Life

The material of the airplane home is very sturdy. Even the plane’s built-in toilets and its functions are very sturdy. Having said this, this is one home that is built to last. 

However, the total water system and the shower are the most awesome hygiene installment. This total system is positioned near the toilet and the tail of the craft.


All the Essentials Linked & Ready

To make his plane home more livable and properly equip for proper hygiene, Bruce did the following: He linked an aged meter base to the original power cable. He then connected a circuit breaker cabinet onto the plane. 

He also added the following to comfortably maintain his hygiene: A telecom cable, a water-pipe for emergencies, and a PVC duct.  Further additions included a water-pipe for emergencies, a telecom cable, and a PVC duct.


The Power to be Right in the Pilot's Seat

Bruce continues to enjoy the full range of his plane home’s existing instruments of this magical airplane and its cockpit. However, he has turned the whole spot into an entertainment zone, within which he can enjoy reading. 

The cockpit also serves as his genius station, where his best thinking occurs along with having his collection of gizmos all over the place.


World Filled with Adventure and Fun

Bruce told Business Insider in an interview that he thinks of his plane home as one big toy with fancy hatches and trick doors that are almost like a movie set of Star Trek. 

And thus, this is like a perfect oasis for a tech geek like Bruce in having an exhilarating place that is surrounded by “toys enclosed in a very huge toy.”


Merging his Genius of Electronics Into His Work/Home Life

Inside Campbell’s marvel is where he spends most of his days. This area serves as his lab to create many mastermind projects for his home. He completes his assignments in this personalized workstation on his computer. 

This is also where he submerges into brainstorming for home improvement ideas. Campbell described his planning techniques as enjoyable to the Daily Mail and that most people, in some measure, are nerds which is the point to have fun.


Moving Forward: Everything is Coming Together

Obviously, an engineer would love to live in an intimate proximity, consisting of his passion projects. With such proximity of a workspace, one can obtain more passion and much better insight into the inner workings and how to improve them. 

With all the gadgets available, the sky is the limit to improve one’s home and possible ways to improve the environment worldwide.


Half the Time in the Boeing & Half in Japan

Even though Bruce is totally committed to his Boeing home, he only stays in it for approximately half a year. The other half of the year is spent in Japan.

While in Japan, Bruce is focused and thus works on a plethora of quests. Of course, he misses his baby (i.e., his Boeing) while away, but business is business especially when it comes to pursuing his next worthwhile goal.  Guess what that is!


Working with Japan for More Plane Homes

Looking at this picture should give you a clue. So, if you guessed that he is working on more planes for homes, you are correct! Japan is the lucky choice for his next airplane home which will be a bigger Boeing 747 plane.

Bruce has already chosen another rundown airliner to buy. He is planning to create what is trash to some people into treasure. This will be his home to reside in Japan. 


Broad Horizons: The Sky is Literally the Limit

Bruce is a real advocate for the environment, and thus, he believes that human ingenuity must be put towards aiding the environment. His former career as an electrical engineer has powered his innovation, and upcycling aircraft is inspiring for Bruce. 

With these characteristics and as he reclined against his palace, he stated that he desires to generally revolutionize home life.


He Inspired Others

The Daily Mail curiously asked Bruce how he feels about many onlookers he gets daily. He stated that he fosters frequent visitations. He is, in fact, happy to share his wonders and marvels that are crammed in his airplane. 

He also thinks that allowing this is the pinnacle of human ingenuity. This is due to his hopes to inspire others to follow suit as some actually do already. 


One of the Members of the Geniuses' League

Bruce is part of a small group of talented individuals across the globe in which he is proud of.  These members are located in the Netherlands, Texas, and Costa Rica. These like-minded geniuses have also re-purposed discarded planes into fully functional abodes. 

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association, as a group advocate, stated that his group loves seeing aircraft reused in imaginative ways. This group also wants to see more eco-friendly creations.


His Creativity Includes a Night Life

Bruce does not only take full advantage of his abode in the daytime. He also lives it up at night. He can easily deal with blackouts. He can also choose to indulge in reading a book, study something, or work throughout the night whenever he wants. 

Also, Bruce has replenished Boeing’s initial LED lights, so that his unique abode can maintain eco-friendly lighting.


Residing in the Lofty Hillsboro Woods in Oregon

Bruce encountered several motivations for him to select the woods in Hillsboro, Oregon to build his airplane home. The first one occurred at his graduation in the 1970s. Around that time, he found a job in the county. 

He fell in love with the beauty of this rural area as well as the forward-thinking residents in Oregon.  Further, the rural beauty of this land took his heart, not to mention how forward-thinking the people in Oregon are. He also saw that the woods a plethora of space for his massive project.


Going Beyond the Ordinary Home

Bruce encountered several motivations for him to select the woods in Hillsboro, Oregon to build his airplane home. The first one occurred at his graduation in the 1970s. Around that time, he found a job in the county.

He fell in love with the beauty of this rural area and the forward-thinking residents in Oregon. Further, the rural beauty of this land took his heart, not to mention how forward-thinking the people in Oregon are.


The Restraints of the Ordinary Home

According to Bruce when he talked to The Daily Mail, he never desired to buy a home until he was much older. He believed that he would be economically restrained if he applied for a mortgage. 

Once he saved enough money to buy a home, his desires significantly drifted from traditional floors and walls. He stated that instead of thinking in provincial terms, he thought as a free bird engineer. 


Yet, Sometimes the Awkward & Unexpected Occurs

Even though he enjoys hosting normal, booked tours, there have been times when uninvited guests have come. Times like this are, at least, awkward. One time, an intrepid explorer walked into his abode while Bruce was taking a shower.  

One can only imagine how horrendously surprised Bruce was in cleaning and relaxing paradise within his plane paradise- his shower when this incident occurred. 


Always Welcoming of New Tourists

Bruce said that formally arranged visitations are 75% of visitors, and 25% of visitors are bold intruders. Nevertheless, he informed The Daily Mail that he really does not mind any of the unwarranted visitation. 

His home is transparent in various ways. And therefore, He proceeds on with business as usual and simultaneously interacts with tourists. He wants others to be encouraged in getting an airplane home.


He's the G.O.A.T of Unique Home Showcasing

Bruce also lends his aircraft home to various open and exclusive events throughout the year. He recently held an incredible concert from June 30th to July 3rd, 2018. A singer from Japan, named Pomily, and other wonderful entertainers performed.

Bruce advertised this event on his website. He was also accommodating by allowing visitors to go inside his aircraft. However, they had to wear slippers if they were going indoors.


More Partying at the Airplane Home

Those who missed this event had another chance to go to the next event. This event occurred from September 7th through September 9th, 2018. Bruce announced this event on his site as well. The party reportedly was much more exhilarating and larger.

This event was called “Turbulence: A Dance Party at a 727 in the Woods”. Bruce hosted this party on a wing on his airplane. Also, attendees were allowed to walk through his home as before.


His Happiness in Unique Solitude

Being a lifelong bachelor, Bruce told The Daily Mail that he will not marry and have kids. And at the age of 68, he said that it is too late anyway. He never wanted a wife or kids. 

He does enjoy romance and wants to indulge in it as much as possible, but he is satisfied with his humble life in his customized bachelor’s pad.


The Second Airplane Home: A Larger Boeing 747-400

As previously mentioned, Bruce spends half of his year in his Boeing 727 in the Oregon forests, and the other half is spent in his Japanese and buying properties.  In doing this, he is facilitating his second airplane home’s construction for the larger Boeing 747-400.

Bruce’s website displays his hopes to start a revolution for practicality and to encourage others to think about the incredible resource. He also gives tours in hopes to inspire others.


A Bigger Vision to Meet His Needs

The amazing inventor invests his time into his next bigger airplane home, starting from the beginning of 2018 and onwards within the Japanese island of Kyushu. 

The Japanese island is often prone to be hit by tsunamis, and so Campbell believes that his airplane base can be transformed into a sturdy shelter for the locals. Through this effort, he hopes that people will come to sympathize with the many uses of turning airplanes into bunkers.


The Sophisticated Design of the Aircraft

Campbell’s airplane was made from Boeing 727-200, and that company maintained it from the 1960s to 1984. This model was designed for proximal and moderately lengthy trips due to its ability to land inside smaller airports that have sharper runways.

This model was the only design from Boeing with triple engines, and it can house between 149 and 189 people. The final Boeing 727 was decommissioned in April 2003.


Once a sad Story, Now Beauty for Ashes

Bruce’s Boeing 727 served in the past for mundane and solemn usage. It, of course, took passengers around the world, but it was also an aerial hearse. It took a public figure’s body, named Aristotle Onassis, to Greece in 1975. 

His widower was Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the ex-wife of former President John F. Kennedy, who also rode in the plane.