Creatively Posing With Statues Is A Whole New Art Form


Since the advent of the smartphone with cameras, nearly everyone in the world has become an expert at taking the perfect photos and selfies. Although we can all take photos, that doesn’t mean we are all great photographers.

In fact, most of us have to do the same poses over and over because we just aren’t that creative. But hey, if it works, it works. Let’s take a look at some of the most fun poses with sculptures we’ve found on the internet and social media.

1. The Most Helpful Little Man Ever

This photo of a little boy who seems to be helping a rabbit up with his brothers and sisters is the most adorable photo ever, isn’t it? This little man just wants to be of service and help in whatever way he can. We love that about him.

The little boy seems to really think he’s helping a brother out, and we are so happy his parents (or grandparents) were able to capture this photo. His family will cherish and remember it forever.


2. Here, Take a Bribe

This photo looks like it was taken in a political museum or state building, perhaps. These types of statues can be found in buildings around the world that are open to the public and show ancient statesmen standing around debating and making laws (presumably).

That’s one of the things that makes this photo so perfect. Politicians are known for taking bribes, so this young man slipping a statesman a monetary note behind his back is just a little too realistic for comfort. This is a photo for the ages.


3. The Expression on This Guy's Face. That Is All.

This man appears to be held hostage by this cute little cupid. It’s almost like the cupid is saying, “Give me back my bow and arrow or I will punch you out, dude!” Cupids are adorable, but it’s not a good idea to cross them, it seems.

We love this photo not just because it has an adorable baby cupid statue, but also because the expression on the man’s face is absolutely perfect for the photo he’s trying to pull off!


4. Let's Have a Shave, Shall We?

This beautiful sculpture shows what looks to be a man who is possibly bathing or posing nude. Back when this model posed for this sculpture, there probably weren’t disposable razors available, so the razor makes this even more interesting.

Have you ever wondered what people did for shaving back in the day? We know that men shaved, but women didn’t shave their armpits until recent decades. After all, how would they even do it? This is a hilarious prop for an old sculpture.


5. This Tornado Is Blowing Us Away!

This statue in Salt Lake City depicts a mother playing with her little girl by swinging her around. Or it could be a photo of a mother trying to keep her daughter from blowing away in a tornado. At any rate, that’s how the photo posers made it look when they grabbed on!

The helpers appear to be holding onto the little girl in an effort to help everyone from blowing away. So nice of them to drop in.


6. Because Clowns Are Terrifying, Right?

Did you know that the fear of clowns is actually a real phobia? That’s right. Coulrophobia is a debilitating fear of clowns. The fear of clowns is usually tied to a traumatizing event in a person’s past, and it is a powerful thing.

People who suffer from the fear of clowns have trouble maintaining calm when there are clowns around. It also doesn’t help if they reach out and slap you, of course, like this sculpture seems to be doing to this clever poser.


7. Can We Have a Showing of All the Single Ladies?

This sculpture was completed long before Queen Bey (Beyoncé) was even born, but the pose is just beautiful, even if it was a man. The man is standing with his head looking down, and wow, is he ever ripped! Look at that six-pack.

The woman stepping in and making this a feminist pose with their “Single Ladies” stance really brings life to an old sculpture. And these days, a lot of women have six-packs, too. Surely this statue is where Beyoncé got the idea for her video.


8. Hey, Dinosaur, You Shall Not Pass

This snowman will without a doubt melt in the following days since it looks like the snow in the area is rapidly fading away, but that’s not stopping the snowknight from asserting his power while he still has it. He’s holding up his sword and shield and trying his best to keep this terrifying prehistoric creature at bay.

We have to admire this snowman’s tenacity and courage. After all, the dinosaur (or whatever it is) could slice right through him with one big bite with those huge teeth.


9. Shall We Dance?

In this list, we have included some funny sculpture poses and some sweet sculpture poses, but this is perhaps the most adorable. The little girl appears to be joining a line of children who are following a lady playing the violin.

The children appear to be dancing, but this little girl looks like she is cutting in to ask the little boy sculpture to join her in a private dance. This is so adorable we can barely stand it!


10. Grab the Goods and Run!

We aren’t sure where this unique sculpture is, but it’s gorgeous, isn’t it? It appears to be a woman hugging a man and saying either hello to welcome him home or goodbye to bid him farewell. We know this because the suitcase is there beside them on the ground.

This hilarious and creative poser appears to be trying to snatch the suitcase, making this one of the funniest sculpture poses on our list. He will need to make a run for it, though, but he won’t have trouble outrunning the lady in high heels.


11. Did Ben Franklin Secretly Invent the SmartPhone?

Ben Franklin is an early American who was one smart dude! Not only was he America’s first postmaster, but he was also one of the architects of our democracy, a writer, and a prolific inventor.

For one thing, he was the first man that we know of to harness the power of electricity, and he invented the bifocals, among other things. He was also known for having a super sharp and witty sense of humor, so he would have no doubt loved the irony of this hilarious photo.


12. Gimme a Kiss, Fellow

Could this be any more adorable? This little girl walked right up to a sculpture of a little boy and gave him a big old kiss right on the lips. These types of photos are all over the internet and they’re one of the things that make the internet such an amazing tool.

After all, if a tool like the internet can’t provide us with some cuteness now and again, what good is it? We love this cute little pair.


13. No, She's MINE!

This statue is apparently one that people love to pose with as we featured it before with the group of people who looked like they were trying to keep mama from flying away. However, in this post with this unique sculpture, the man appears to be trying to take the little girl for himself.

What’s happening with this pose? We may never know what scene the poser was attempting to create, but it’s still an interesting and creative pose nevertheless.


14. King Kong, but Grizzly Bear Version

One of the most iconic movie scenes of all time is when King Kong picks up the lady and gently cradles her as she trembles in fear. In this image, a clever lady riding a bicycle decided to recreate that scene with this sculpture of a mama grizzly bear.

It can be interpreted in a few different ways. For one, maybe the bear grabbed up the lady for dinner for her and her cubs. On the other hand, maybe she’s helping her get back onto her bicycle.


15. Get Back, Girl, He's All Mine

This is a powerful sculpture in its own right. Is it a little girl welcoming her father home from the war? It shows a man kneeling at the height of a child with his arms outstretched. The little girl is running into his arms.

It looks like a heartbreakingly bittersweet homecoming embrace, but this funny poser made it look like something much more hilarious. We give her props for being so creative with her pose. This is great!


16. Please Won't You Reconsider?

What did this guy do wrong that he’s having to fervently apologize for? This lady looks angry, for sure! Most likely, the lady is staring out to sea waiting for a beloved sailor to return home. Many sailors never made it back and many ladies spent their lives waiting for them.

However, this man in the yellow shirt sure did a great job of lightening up the beautiful sculpture. It has turned a perfect green patina with age, making us think it was made from copper.


17. This One Was Probably Very Difficult

When it comes to getting the perfect shot, timing is everything. We have a feeling it took several tries to get this perfect shot. The sculpture is located in Niigata City, Japan, and it celebrates a character named Taro Yamada from Dokaben, a popular manga comic.

The lady is jumping up in the air and throwing some papers up. It looks like the man with the bat struck her with his swing and caused her to jump up and drop all her papers.


18. Hey, Spidey, You're Not So Tough!

Spiderman is a tough dude and a true superhero. The great thing about him is that he’s just a teenager who loves science and technology and tries to use his newfound powers to fight evil. But is he a match for the average man?

We love this sculpture that shows an average man who has caught Spiderman himself. What did Spidey do to make him mad? Not sure, but it’s a beautiful sculpture, isn’t it? The bronze guy looks seriously mad.


19. Hey, Egg, Let Go of Me!

Most people like eggs in one form or another, whether it’s scrambled eggs, sunny-side-up eggs, or in an omelet. But what would happen if eggs could actually take a bit out of us? This funny post tackles this dilemma head-on (or foot on, as the case may be).

We don’t know where this unusual egg sculpture is, but it’s a weird one, for sure! This lady got super creative when she decided to lie down and stick her leg in the egghead’s mouth.


20. Kid, You're Coming With Me

Is this Ronald Regan? It looks like the former actor turned president. However, it could also be just any random businessman in a suit. It’s not clear where this sculpture is located, but it seems to be in a park or a parking lot somewhere. It’s an unusual place for a sculpture.

However, it’s really cool how this kid got the idea to lie down and make it seem like the man in the sculpture was dragging him. It’s almost like an errant kiddo being taken home.


21. Don't Ask Me!

The ancient man in this sculpture looks like he is in a museum somewhere. Judging from his hair, maybe he’s a sculpture from Ancient Greece, but it’s difficult to say. Regardless, he looks like he’s standing up lecturing someone. Maybe he’s giving a speech.

However, the way this lady posed for her iconic photo makes it look like the man in the sculpture is saying “How would I know???”. This is definitely one of the most creative uses of a sculpture photo opp.


22. Wanna See Pics of My Kids?

This is a gorgeous sculpture of someone who looks to be meditating or in prayer. Maybe he’s reading or just contemplating the meaning of life. However, one thing is certain: whenever he actually lived, he probably didn’t have a smartphone.

Imagine if he did. What sort of photos would he have on it? Would he be playing Words with Friends or perhaps using the Headspace app to meditate? The guy in the photo is showing him something. Let’s assume it’s pics of his kids or a kitten video.


23. Save Me From the Giant Pigeon

Keeping pigeons (also called pigeon husbandry) is a popular activity among men in California, so this huge pigeon sculpture may be there. At any rate, this is one big bird, for sure. Maybe it’s going to be part of a movie. It certainly makes The Birds have a new meaning.

However, the way this person is posed makes it look like the pigeon is about to enjoy a yummy lunch of a person in a yellow shirt. That’s a lot of food for mama pigeon and her babies.


24. Making a Political Statement with a Police Statue

It’s no secret that there is a big problem in the United States with how the police handle some issues and even mishandle arrests in many cases. This is a beautiful police sculpture, but these young men used it as a good chance to make a point, and it’s very effective.

Notice how the two young men are lying on the ground with their hands behind their backs. This is like a kind of performance and it’s powerful and impactful. Good job!


25. Knocking Out the Gangsters

Something that makes this sculpture of two men interesting is that it shows two men who are quite rotund. You don’t usually see photos of fat guys. More typically, the people who modeled for ancient sculptures were god-like models with curly hair and a six-pack.

So we’re not sure what this sculpture conveys. Is it gangsters? The guys look kinda secretive. Whatever they’re up to, the young man on top is obviously knocking them out. So if they’re bad guys, they’re being dealt some justice.


26. Can You Hear Me Now?

We don’t know what the lady is doing in this sculpture. Maybe combing her hair? Or just pushing her hair out of her face. Whatever she’s up to, she’s absolutely breathtaking and elegant. The man seems to be whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

What do you imagine he’s saying to her? Is he telling her she’s beautiful or suggesting she cover herself up? Whatever it is, we hope he gets his point across because he seems very sincere and genuine.


27. Kiss Me, Handsome

What’s going on here, 50 Shades of Bronze? Whatever it is, we love it. The young woman took advantage of the pose that the sculpture is in to lay back and pretend to be getting a kiss from the bronze man. But there is a more pressing question.

What is the sculpture supposed to be symbolizing? It’s almost as if the man is giving an invisible woman a kiss, or maybe he was put there for the purpose that he’s being used in this way. Also, what is he wearing?


28. Let Me Give You a Lift

These young ladies weren’t deliberately posing with this sculpture, but someone captures a cool moment perfectly. The sculpture shows an ancient warrior seated with his spear in the ground. His arm is thrown over the back of the chair.

However, what makes it so perfect is the women walking by in the background. We always wonder if people who are accidentally caught in photos like this ever end up seeing the photos. Do they even know they went viral? It’s fun to think about.


29. Stick 'Em Up Cowboy

Here is another example of a sculpture that is in an interesting and unusual pose. What is the point of the man standing there in bronze with his hand down like that? We aren’t sure what the artist intended, but it seems perfect for the pose this guy came along and did.

Cowboys are known for being frank and honest, and we have to wonder what he would be saying if he could really see into this guy’s blue jeans. Maybe he’s criticizing his choice of underwear. Boxers or briefs?


30. Ouch, That Got Me Right in the Gut!

This is the same sculpture in Japan that we showed another person posing with. Apparently, this is a very popular sculpture to take photos with and there are countless ways to make them funny and cool. When you can capture a memory like this from a museum or place you visit, it helps you to remember the occasion forever.

Now seeing this, we’re ready to take a trip to Japan so that we can create our own memories with this beautiful sculpture as well. How would you pose with this character in the middle of his baseball swing?


31. Hey, Lady, Have You Got a Light?

The Statue of Liberty is one of America’s most iconic symbols. She stands proudly in the New York harbor and welcomes visitors and immigrants to our land. Tons of people have done photos like this to create funny poses with her, but this is one of the best we’ve seen.

Smoking is really bad for you, of course, but even if you don’t smoke, it may be tempting to capture an amazing photo like this. After all, it’s the land of the free, supposedly, so you have the right to light up if you want!


32. Excuse Me, Can I Cut in Line?

We also already featured this sculpture of a lady playing the violin and being followed by several children. However, it seems that there are endless ways to be creative with your children with this sculpture. In this pose, the little boy just got himself in line right behind the little girl.

It makes us wonder more about this sculpture. Why is there a break in the line? What does that symbolize? This would be another interesting sculpture to visit (and pose with, of course).


33. Off You Go, Dude!

This guy looks like he’s about to dive. Maybe this is a sculpture of a famous diver, although they’re not usually naked (famous divers, that is). Or is it a sculpture of someone who is just jumping off the bridge? Either way, it’s probably something with a historical significance.

However, the lady kicking him obviously has some serious martial arts skills, or else she’s just very limber. Regardless, this is a super creative pose. It would be tempting to visit this sculpture and try some more creative poses.


34. I'm Lovin' It

Ronald McDonald is one of the most enduring icons of advertisement, marketing, and fast food in the world. When a brand can make a part of their advertising a beloved character in any country, they’re doing something right. McDonald’s is famous for unhealthy fast food (they’re trying to do better) but they’re also known as a place that kids love.

A lot of that has to do with Ronald McDonald and how much he is loved by kids and adults alike. This guy decided to have some fun with this Ronald McDonald figure and we’re loving it.


35. Did This Man Trip This Little Girl? Rude!

In some of these funny sculpture poses, we have to wonder how the people posing got their ideas. This one is very unique and unusual and this guy had a lot of fun with it. The children seem to be playing some version of ring-around-the-rosy, although, like many of these sculptures, there is probably a historical significance.

Maybe the boys are pulling the other children along to save them from some evil, which is a common theme in memorial sculptures. The man tripping the little girl looks mean but it was done in good fun.


36. Coolest President Ever Enjoying Some Brewskies

Whatever your politics, most people agree that former President Barack Obama is a cool dude. Even people who don’t like his politics have been known to play golf or basketball with him. This sculpture shows him sitting on a picnic table park bench enjoying some drinks.

Someone was probably poking fun at him by orchestrating this comical scene. But who wouldn’t want to sit down right next to the former president and join in on the fun?


37. Attack on Titan in Japan

In Japan, Universal Studios constructed this sculpture that serves as an Attack on Titan experience. This allows people who visit the area to have all types of fun with this sculpture. You can imagine just how much fun it is to crawl into the big guy’s mouth or do what these ladies did, and pose in his hand.

This photo looks a bit like a nightmare and it’s possible these women had some bad dreams about being eaten by this monster. It’s so silly and funny.


38. Can You Pick My Nose for Me, Please?

Now, this is an interesting sculpture. It looks like the bust of a man is sitting there with his finger pointing as if he’s delivering a speech. What’s going on in this guy’s mind, and what did the artist have in mind? It’s hard to say without knowing where it is and what the sculpture signifies.

However, what we do know is that the guy in the photo is very silly and probably an all-around fun guy. It looks like the sculpture is picking his nose. He could have handed him a tissue.


39. Um, Nice Cheeks You Have There...

This is slightly inappropriate, but oh so hilarious. These sculptures that were created centuries ago are always showing super-fit men, it seems, and this one is no exception. Who can blame the lady for not being able to resist this funny pose? It would be hard to resist the temptation to create something memorable like this.

The lady’s mock-evil smile says everything and we love how much fun she made this. Also, who is the guy in the statue? He was seriously ripped.


40. Here, Buddy, I'll Help You

Everyone loves beer, right? OK, so not everyone. However, the guy in the shades obviously does, and he’s helping this funny-headed man enjoy some brew, too. Why not? Chug away, he seems to be saying.

This guy and his friends created a great memory with this funny photo. Hopefully, they took some with everyone in the group.